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December 1, 2022

Farwell Frankenstein Fauci!

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Greetings and sunny, saucy, salty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and said azure chilled, windy, wild and quite wonderful island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE from beautiful Centerville, Massachusetts, right on Nantucket Sound, mid-Cape if you please, so come on down and pay US a visit! While you still can, you know, roadblocks and check points, the usual Gestapo stuff Matey!



If one pursues my archives to the Starboard side of the website, click on December 19th, 2020, and you will hear a rendition of our favorite ‘virologist’, a murdering monster, Father Anthony Fauci, W.H.O. is retiring to kill other people and Beagles no doubt….

Burn in hell a$$hole!

Because that’s where you are headed!

But today, this glorious First Day of December 2022, a cold Thursday morning, seacapecod.net has a brand-new song, entitled,

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Genocide.”

And a one, and a two, and a three…

“It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide, everywhere you go. Listen to what they said, the government wants you dead, with boosters’ shots for evermore…

It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide, with every ‘jab’ you take. But the only thing you’ll SEA when watching BBC is the shit’s all really fake.

For they wish you all dead, so don’t let it go to your head, because if you’re not a big Pharma fan, they’ll give you a hefty fine and drag your ass away in an unmarked van.
And he’ll make sure you don’t spend Christmas with ‘ole auntie ‘Nan!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide, in every hospital. But the nurses murder and dance all day, while doctors count their pay, and there’s no one to answer your call…

“It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide, they are jabbing KIDS in schools, but if your out of luck, BIG PHARMA doesn’t give a FUCK!

So, please, have some dignity and don’t ever say halt, for it truly is all your FAULT!

Billy has said he all want’s you dead, by jabbing the $hit in your arm!

So be a good lad or lass and roll up that sleave, and we will program you to believe, that the shots would never do you harm!


Fret not peasants, we’ll be making booster shots ’till you all buy the bloody farm!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Genocide!”, when you turn on ‘TV”, their dropping like flies, because the government LIES, and we all have our spies!”

However, perhaps one day WE will SEA these bastards swing,

NOW doesn’t that have a nice ring?”


November 30, 2022

Wicked windy!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gloomy, cool, windy, wild, wacky island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this wicked Wednesday, The Thirtieth Day of November 2022, anticipating said wind to reach 50 m.p.h. by dinner, with heavy rain and thunder…, “did you want to talk about the weather or just chit chat?”

(Please credit Bill Murray from the classic 1993 film, “Groundhog Day”, also starring the goof ball, funny man Chris Elliot and that beautiful producer Andie MacDowell).

History repeats itself because no one paid attention to begin with.


OK, that’s what we will do, how ’bout them folks in China eh? Think it won’t happen here, don’t bet on it! “

“You have to ask yourself a question, do you feel lucky?   Well do you, punk?”

(Credit: Clint Eastwood in the classic 1971 film, “Dirty Harry”),

Unless you bet with crypto coins that will be monitored and controlled soon enough, get ready for them digital wallets you morons!  No jab, no money! Sorry jeff Berwick, of the ‘Dollar Vigilante”. Com, you may just be wrong, but give Lucy and Lucky my love any hoot ski!

Lots of tacos and kisses!

Indeed, the world is about to undergo a massive change, i.e., Satan Klaus and the WEF’s ‘Great Re$hit”, that has been in the works for over a century, and make no mistake about it, as 5G soon to be 6G, kills billions along with the killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelope/self-assembling nanobot operating systems in the body.  So, buckle up cowboy and cowgirl, it is about to get ugly.

I sure hope them White Hats show up soon or the Terra forming of OUR blessed Earth will be a fait accompli, a Satan inspired plan so as to make it uninhabitable, soon killing off 90 percent of the useless eaters, i.e., the ‘humans’, most animals and plants so the new overlords, the lizard people, will feel more comfortable without golden sun light, towering trees, beautiful rivers, streams, waterfalls, glaciers, oceans and lakes, yes, they will turn this God created paradise into a sewer just for the fun of it, for they know only one thing, hate, death and murder.

All on in the same.

I wish and pray for those people in China, and to you my brothers and sisters, that someday soon we wake up and take back what God clearly gave us to begin with, namely a sovereign soul, body and mind.

You are the savior you have been waiting for, stand up and FIGHT!

I will die on my feet, not on my knees.

Have a great day everybody and keep the FAITH, for there WILL be a RECKONING soon!


November 22, 2022

MK Ultra Fog!

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and azure sky chilled, serendipitous, seductive, sexy island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Tuesday morning, The Twenty-Second Day of November, 2022, a cold still upon the land as the dim hold on to the slim, hoping against all hope this world we live in today is not just another one of many ‘SCIENCE!’ fiction movie(s) that have effectively MK Ultra fogged/predictably programmed the masses to take these killer mRNA Lucifer race/pathogen delivery envelopes/nanobot graphene based computerized operating systems, patented, to turn you and yours into a bloody newt. Ever enslaved within the mainframe, the ‘internet of bodies’, i.e., 6G baby!

To wit, you may spend the rest of your days embracing this sick, perverted, inverted, adulterated, God damned New World Order no one voted for, but why would you care?  You joined the bloody cult mate! And, per your coveted ego, never willing to admit you are wrong, way wrong, like Mark Twain said long ago, ’tis easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled’, went ahead and got the ‘jab’ any hoot ski, a death intended poison that will eventually catch up with you, dubbed ’sudden adult death syndrome’ and you will be a memory of perhaps no one, gone forever,


This is all so obvious and avoidable, yet allowed via our collective sloth, cowardice, lack of knowledge/compassion/awareness/consciousness and stupidity, moreover, our acquiescence, putting most under the spell of the powerful propaganda ‘broad’ ‘casting’ of said SPELLS, and suffering from mass Stockholm Syndrome, wherein the captives fall in love and feel loyalty and empathy for their captors, their slave masters….


Happy Thanksgiving!

The flip side of that coin is gratitude, for if you are reading this now, be assured, the end is not here yet and the best is yet to come!  Get to work man, there is plenty left to do, many hurdles, many small or great victories, deeply fulfilling, lasting joys, producing a rare gift these days, love.

A much more potent power than hate, greed, murder and mayhem, conspiracy, death and destruction, much greater than anything known in the Universe.

For it will propel one into greatness, devoid of ’self’, and with enough same minded souls doing the same, evil will eventually destroy itself, like a snake eating its tail, stop that CNN’s Anderson Cooper! you freak!  Thus, leaving a golden age of Aquarius behind in its dying wake…

It is by prayer, going within, for it truly is an ‘inside job’, followed by ACTION that will SEA us through this storm, a point in history that cannot be changed,

…for it has been written.

‘Grateful people are happy people, those W.H.O.

aren’t, aren’t.’


November 16, 2022

Pure Energy

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Greetings and raw, salty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sloppy, breezy, misting, mysterious, magical island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you and yours on this active weather Wednesday, The Sixteenth Day of November 2022, a good day to just laze about and watch “Netflix“, a fine company from my old hometown of Los Gatos, California, a small ocean hilled village in the lush Northern California countryside, far, far away from little ‘ole Cape Cod!


By now anyone left with a mind, i.e., a non-zombie, must SEA the fact that, like the 2018, 2020 and now 2022 ‘elections’, ‘democracy died’, rather our democratic illusion of a Republic kicked the bucket, as elections have been so obviously rigged, with most never even questioning that fact, leaving this fascist Biden regime to run things for their overlords, the Oligarchies W.H.O. do the Devil’s bidding.

If any one state made the grade to be the poster child for this truism, it would have to be Arizona, as the ‘counting’ of ballots, not votes, continues on ad naseum.

Conduct with powerful, electric energy, pure energy, a new election in that great ’state’ of Arizona…
a) In person voting
b) Paper ballots
c) ID required
d) Precinct level hand counting of ballots
e) Ballots counted at the precinct to be sealed and transported by the country Sheriff, to a secure location
f) Complete election transparency

Fresh Air!

How about that?

However, ‘The American People’ are dumb as a box of rocks these DAZE, indeed, these pampered, dependent, detached NPC morons for the most part view (s)elections as real illusions on the dark, spell bound walls of Plato’s epic cave.

Their bloody black mirrored surveillance/entertainment devices they are so hopelessly addicted to.

Treason at the highest level is selling out your fellow countrymen for 30 pieces of William DeVane’s gold, borrowed at a high interest rate from them greedy little lizard like Jewish banking cartels scattered about the Earth, ‘established’ to enslave Man in their perverted, Satanic, inverted, adulterated Matrix, just like they have doing for millennia now!

“Burt Johnson? He’s a criminal! Father!”

“We’re all criminals Arthur.

And we usually get what we want.”

(Credit: the fine American film, “Arthur”, starring Dudley Moore and Sir John Gielgud)

Have a wonderful day folks, keep smiling and loving, for

…the best is yet to come!


November 3, 2022

‘Old School’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun risen, cool, casual, cocooned, 24 karat gold island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this glorious Thursday morning, The Third Day of November 2022, coming atcha’ LIVE like a radioactive Jelly Fish, writing on this ‘message in a bottle’ from beautiful Centerville, Massachusetts, as ‘Old School American’ as it gets.

“Can you say Guillotine? Sure, Tony Fauci, I knew that you could.”

Yet the masses keep on taking it and digging their heads in the sand, pretending the madness isn’t real, all the hor$h$hit of late the corporate media propaganda machine can serve up in a 24 hour news cycle, with meaningless debates, deceptions and distractions, an upcoming ‘(s)election’ that will be stolen once again because Nancy, “90 Proof” Pelosi’s husband is a raging, flaming fag, and had a lovers spat with one of his many male homosexual lovers while she was in Washington slurring her words and trying to keep a handle on her four eye brows…


Meanwhile, left wing rag called The “Atlantic” Magazine, authored by Natalie Winters, offered a pathetic plea to the public in her article entitled, “Let’s declare a pandemic amnesty”, implying we should just let by Gones be Gones, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” peasants, slaves, dopes, and just chalk up all those babies W.H.O. died or were aborted to, oopsy, a massive failure in the corrupt,
Satanic, A.M.A. (another murder accepted), the corporate Rockefeller fake ‘SCIENCE’!

Indeed, to forgive all those involved because they didn’t know what this killer mRNA bioweapon was all about, never bothering to look at the 10 pages, the thousands of deadly effects they reap upon the human body, mind and soul. To wit I won’t even lend a Christian break to the horrible author promoting “Amnesty” for crimes against humanity…


Indeed, the whore media wishes for ‘forgiveness’ for killing millions soon to be billions with their killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes/nanobot operating systems, effectively turning humans into a new species, homo borgs, patented and owned like cattle, that will eventually die or turn into zombies.

These people will get no forgiveness from mothers W.H.O. were duped into giving their children a ‘vaccine’ that maimed, sterilized or killed them, not to mention their parents in old folks’ homes, their neighbors, their friends, their coworkers, their lovers, husbands and wives. The gig is up, and the war is raging.

WWIII is a spiritual battle for the ages, a war that uses snake like stealth and “Silent weapons for said QUIET War.”  Look it up in an old NASA leaked document, great read and insight.  Nothing to SEA here folks as people spin about look up at something we can’t SEA, i.e., extremely low frequencies emanating from the deadly 5G towers that create an electromagnetic soup we all swim in, and then suddenly die, neatly dubbed, ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ code for ‘vaccine’ homicide.

However, for those poor souls W.H.O. opted for ‘the jab’ my heart goes out to you, and most will be affected soon, and will be the quickest to die, as the death rates worldwide continue to spike out of control. And, per the concept of ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’, the masses will forgive their favorite ‘friends’ on ‘TV’, hellavision, and chalk it up to some big ‘conspiracy theory’, or just plain old ‘coincidence’, bowing down to the ‘mighty’ MAGGOTS in charge.

And loving their masters W.H.O. want them dead as a doorknob.

Just give me one hour alone with Herr Klaus Schwab, mono e mono, and he will be no more.

Forgiveness is something Jesus spoke of in the Book of Luke, ‘forgive thine enemies’, well, Jesus was and IS a better man than “I”…

Prosecute these fuckers and hang them all!


October 30, 2022


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Greetings and again sunny, spooky salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, crisp, calculated island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this chilly Sunday morning, The Thirtieth Day of October 2022, quiet clear azure skies and brilliantly falling leaves offer another glimpse into just how miraculous this world really is, clarity and peace of mind follow, when one takes a quantum leap forward and upward, out of the filthy New World Order hor$e$hit most sadly are injecting daily, along with maggots of all shapes and sizes.


Yes, it’s almost ‘time’ for the Illuminates’ favorite holiday, ‘Halloween’, wherein, in the days of ‘yore, kids like you and me would scamper through the neighborhood, lit up with Jack-O-Lanterns and such, ringing the non-surveilled doors and scream out ‘trick or treat’, dawning our favorite batman or witch costumes, never worrying about a thing, except how to hide as much candy as possible from my mother W.H.O. was always looking out for my best interests, even if it appeared to be the polar opposite of that fact.

Flash forward to the year 2022, and kids are ducking Fentanyl, colorful Fentanyl at that, hoping to God they don’t run into some creepy drag queen or pedophile, kidnapping them for child sacrifice for their favorite drug, Adrenochrome, all one in the same, or a razor blade, gunshot wound or head trauma, as they thankfully make their way home with their stash of goodies, which are also poisoned, but that’s OK, it’s the Federal Government that is allowing that tragedy of GMO’s to go on unabated, another FACT that is sadly understated…

The World Health Organization, “The W.H.O”., is about to take over all sovereignty, individually and collectively, with what is known as a ‘Framework Convention”. A murderous mission of euthanasia on steroids that will act as a worldwide treaty to bind every insane whim these powers that should not be (Lucifer/AI controlled said W.H.O.) wish upon humanity. In short, the end is near, and no one seems to care or even know it’s happening.

Trick or “CON”VID 19(84) ‘Treat’(ment) indeed.

Just some Halloween tainted poisonous candy for your digestive system, perhaps it will leak out into your brain before the Zombies come to eat it!


Have a nice day!


October 28, 2022

Under a spell!

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that golden sun lit, breezy, exfiltrating, exquisite, equine friendly island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this windy Friday morning, The Twenty-Eighth Day of October 2022, another beautiful Fall Day here in Centerville, the leaves slowly falling from the colorful, majestic, magnificent, massive Oaks, Maples, Elms, Beeches, Birch, White Pine, Bull Pine.

… filtered light through said living miracles lends grace and truth, proving it is the sign…


It’s difficult to keep ‘ahead’ of the curve if you will, keeping one’s own true, hopefully moral, compass aligned with source, i.e., light, love and frogs. What with all the barrage of media/entertainment one could choose from in this Biblical day and age, it’s hard to find a sage. Many led astray via technology that has hijacked the senses, the mind, body and soul, immersed in some ‘Meta’ verse, the Matrix, the Borg, taking one further and further away from the natural world from whence we came, replaced by synthetic propaganda designed to blame, game and shame.

Watching meaningless “TV” of late, oy vey!

Indeed, ye ‘ole ‘republican v. democrat’ political theater on FOX’s “The Five”, starring Greg “Gutfeld!” (11p.m. Eastern), Dana Perino, jesse Watters, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and a mystery cohost that may or may not have a long, distinguished, deliberate, devilish mustache, a man W.H.O. brings such self-serving photos of himself to a world on fire, you Betcha!  If one is not careful, consuming these shows actually does put one in a trance, under a spell, listening day in and day out to the BROAD cast of spells, ‘witch’ are merely words, a.k.a. spells strung and spun together in a set philosophy, or narrative, offering an explanation for why this nation is doomed.

Wait for the blue hats of the “UN”, they are living in U.S. hotel rooms and eating a hearty breakfast as these words are written.

Doomed you say?

Not the greatest country in the world!

Shame on you for uttering such blasphemy!

Like Harry Vox stated recently on a podcast, this world is run by the Jewish monied mob.

At the top you have the ‘EL-ite’ (obsolete), Jewish Banking Cartels, The Rothschilds of the very small world, under them the monied index corporations W.H.O. own everything ‘under the sun’, i.e. Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, then you have the shadow government, under that the ‘Foundations’ that funnel money, tax free, to the talking head media, a.k.a. Project Mockingbird, under those corrupt “Foundations” are the think tanks such as ‘The Brookings Institute, who again steer Reuters and AP to feed the likes of say an MSLSD or CNN, communist news network.

Going deeper under that umbrella are the sad, pathetic, puppets ‘in charge’, illegally voted into office per stolen ‘elections’, with virtual and real masks, i.e., “Bumbling Biden”, ‘men’ and ‘women’ called politicians, W.H.O. are bought and paid for like a whore on 42nd street, ever ducking Disney’s new pedophile store front that was looted last night in a fiery, yet peaceful protest, nothing so SEA here folks! Under that are the big box stores that killed small business worldwide, like Walmart, Amazon and the bloody Internet. Controlled opposition and controlled platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and such that ban free speech, censored to the hilt, all directing the masses to commit suicide via their powerful pharmaceutical industry that has set up shop to whack 7 billion souls by 2030, per the killer mRNA pathogen delivery/nanobot operating systems controlled by 5,6,7,8 G technology designed to kill all life on this Terra formed plane.

The stated goal of 500 million humans left per the now gone “George Guidestones’, is well under way, Mostly Chinese and Japanese peoples will remain if they have their way, ‘citizens’ who are already trained to be compliant, compartmentalized, castrated, cocooned and CONTROLLED. Ever living for a ’social credit score’, tracked, traced and tainted by the “Crown’s Poison”, i.e., ‘Corona vaccine’ needles, so they can spend their pittance of pre-programmed digital currency on maggot protein bars, a Orwellian intrusion that acts as a virtual, yet very real prison, as said powers that ought not be take more and more freedom and land from the human being while they forcibly put them in some FEMA like death camp,

destined to die alone and afraid…

Is that the way you want to live? Bowing down to these monsters?

I would rather die and my feet than beg, plead ‘ore acquiesce on my knees.

There is, and always will. be a better way.

What’s that you say?

Divine light and the eternal brilliant benevolence of love will someday rule the day, offering the spirit of hope, stronger than fear, as more and more souls wake to these ugly truths that have been going on for millennia now,

many a many year…

The tide is turning and said light will prevail.

So don’t run away and turn tail!

Visit Cape Cod and the Islands, you might just SEA a whale!

Have a nice weekend folks!

Keep the FAITH!

Don’t be afraid of anything, any falsa flag that may rear its ugly Illuminate head again, e.g. the inside job of 9/11! Indeed, go within, for there are all the answers.  Continue to focus on courage and conviction, as Max Igan of ‘The Crowhouse’.com has stated, “…face infinity without flinching”.

For all we really have is right NOW. Keeping in mind we are here for only a short while, a blink of an EYE, so why not enjoy the ride? Offering acts of kindness along the way without need for acknowledgement, in lieu of anger, hate, jealousy, or fear, the very emotional ‘deep states’ these a$$hole$ want you to be in 24/7.


October 23, 2022

Mind Control (2.0)

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Greetings and salty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey skied, mild, soon to be raining island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Sunday morning, The Twenty-Third Day of October, 2022, broadcasting LIVE from lovely Centerville, where one can enjoy long, silent, solitary, Non-binary walks along the Main Street lined with towering Oaks, Elms, Beeches, Maples, White Pines, Bull Pines, filled with Cardinals, Blue Jays, Red Tail Hawks and Gold Finches, amongst many others, bringing one close to source, your source.

Devoid of ‘the Things of Man’–i.e. a bloody ‘S.M.A.R.T. phone, or deep state surveillance/radiation delivery device, ever coercing one to commit suicide with another “vaccine” or a deadly mRNA pathogen delivery envelope/nanobot operating system–thus proving you are part, an important part of the bigger Divine plan, as the evil doers of this world are exposed and eventually tooted out for being the greedy, sick, pedophilias they are, murderous mad ’scientists’ and bought and paid for media whores, politicians, ‘doctors’ and the like, all working for Satan himself, stealing souls and committing mass democide, or mass murder via your beautiful, corrupt government, Latin translated into English, or ‘mind’ (mentis), ‘control’, (govern).

And they are doing a bang-up job so far don’t you think?

I would highly recommend checking out the great Max Igan, ‘The Crowhouse.com’, wherein he does his fantastic ‘walkabouts’, Max a political refugee from Australia now living in Mexico, exposing what these sick OBSOLITTE power vultures are up to, moreover, how one can stop the madness by simply not complying.

Great stuff, you can find him as well on BITCHUTE.COM, be careful though, truth is now considered in the realm of right-wing extremism! Indeed, looking and then thinking outside of the box, checking out some great real reporters, W.H.O. are mostly only there to help humanity, not hurt it.

Do no harm.

Have a great day everybody!

So long and ’til next ‘time’, stay safe, stay sane, stay sanitized?


October 12, 2022

Grace defined.

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Greenings and sunny valuations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard (devoid of ‘immigrants’), and said azure sky led, aspiring, awesome, authentic, articulate island of Nantucket!

IT is truly great to be back with you on this Wednesday morning, a glorious dawn and atmosphere in Centerville, Massachusetts, The Twelfth Day of October 2022, wishing,d upon HIGH! ~
You and yours a great day ahead! For that is ALL we truly have, the present MOMENT! And the LOVE WE GIVE to one another…

That is YOUR life FORCE!

You are much more powerful than you give credit too!

That is precisely what ‘they’ wish to take, the GOD gene sovereign in ALL! Pure bloods rise up and fight the good fight!

Don’t be a shrinking violent!


October 6, 2022

‘Off Script!’

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‘ORE ‘die’ diagnosis!)

Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the stunning, seven Karat diamond, sexy, seductive and quite corrupt island of Nantucket!1 Great to be be with you before the ‘Inter-NET’ is married like a Black LIves Matter Widow spider sneaks into your life and into to your DNA/BLOOD and SOUL, don’t think Karin M. from Denver? Think again, you bet jackass!  Keep on getting them boosters; pure devil mRNA poison from the pits of hell, and by all means, my “‘liberal” friends, ‘listen to Satanic ‘authority’ that has hijacked God given Humanity…

Indeed, stolen OUR HARMONY!

This is Armageddon, make no mistake about it!

Enjoy the podcast ‘above deck as it were, a little off script of a change…

All the BEST! …,



October 3, 2022

Pumpkin promises

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the overcast, gloomy, breezy, bouncy, beautiful island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this chilly Monday morning, The Third Day of October 2022, gathering the last of the real food grown right here in gorgeous, UN-tainted Centerville.  Ah, yes, the country roads quiet as the tourists have all left ‘the building’ by now, going back to a world that is seemingly lost ‘in space’, CYBERSPACE, destroying what is still left of humanity, namely love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, patience, freedom, creativity, sovereignty, rugged individualism, courage, strength, power….


Take heart however, ‘fore even though the ’storm’ is upon US ALL, i.e. the parasites W.H.O. call themselves ‘EL’-ites attempting the cull 90 percent of the natural pure blooded human being, a part of God, indeed, attempting to CONTROL every living, breathing creature upon Earth with this sophisticated demonic technology from another dimension, yes, these monsters will will someday fail, but will still stop at nothing to accomplish singularity, i.e. human like ‘borgs, incapable of original, critical thinking, by the year 2030 and beyond.

The newest very real threat to their plans is the ‘tin foil wearing conspiracy theory nut jobs’ W.H.O. are exposing their dastardly plans en masse, growing, exponentially daily, hastening the ‘great awakening’, that, if successful will quash this evil forever…

Pumpkin promises…

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for those brave enough to tell you in plain English that these bioweapons, these pathogen delivery envelopes/nanobot operating systems, incorrectly called ‘vaccines’. are killing people by the millions, soon to be billions, all while they are destroying the food supply chain, setting up for mass starvation and F.E.M.A. food camps/death camps to wit you will need to be chipped in order to eat and participate in the new global digital block chain currency tied into your social credit score. In short, you will be a slave to the system and become part of the borg, thus, you will not die, rather be trapped in eternity to this Luciferace prison planet…

All those W.H.O. now stand against this unprecedented democide/mass suicide will be deemed, condemned as dangerous, ‘violent’ ‘disinformation’ ‘terrorists’ and will be dealt with by either the guillotine, the bullet or a directed energy weapon/drone that will kill without mercy.

After the ironically dubbed ‘disinformation’ terrorists are eliminated, the plan will go on as scheduled, and humanity as we once knew it, just like the beauty of the natural world will fade into the akashic records notably possessed by our fellow friends of the SEA, the whales, and on land by the ancient Red Woods, until the pendulum swings back by the unseen forces of LIGHT, LOVE and FROGS,

i.e., this blessed plane called Terra…

And Heaven rain down on the righteous.

Say some prayers to our unseen friends, for the power of said prayer is for more potent than the lies spread by the scripted, ‘broad’ (SPELL) casting of the witches, warlocks and magicians known to you all on your black mirror devices; deceiving and manipulating you and yours since its inception in the late 1940’s…

Have a super week ahead folks, stay strong, stay in the NOW and love on another as He has loved you.

All is not lost, it’s time to stand up and FIGHT!


September 29, 2022

“Fall”-in love.

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dashing, delightful, dubious, diabolical, demeaning, I mean Dynomite island of Nantucket! Great to be back in the saddle with you and yours on a glorious late Fall Day, The September 29th, 2022, coming atcha’ LIVE on a late Thursday afternoon, taking in the beauty that is Nantucket Sound, had the place to myself, as I prefer…., indeed, like an mRNA pathogen delivery envelope disguised as a friendly cute poison free? Cape Cod Jubail,

Saudi King fish.

Is human flesh on your list?

a Deady, deceiving Jelly MRNA filled killer, wrapped in very expensive Neiman Marcus Lucifer race Hydrogel, that carries it’s poisonous bombs to its unsuspecting victims all while the major football games on the NFL network, SEIG HEI!L Mocker Fucker!, yeah those guys, keep promoting these boosters to the masses as they blame all the heart attacks on everything from raking your lawn, watching TV, or just thinking negatively about the mafia killing the human race, chalk full of graphene oxide, and that ’special sauce’, a Frankenstein, I mean Frankensteen (Please credit:  Cloris Leachman and Gene Wilder from that  0rophetic, profound, classic circa 1974, a one in a century film “Young Frankenstein”… “I suggest you put on a tie!”, , a real icky stew, the Jim Jones of the 21st Century death cult mass suicide would be proud of, if they were here to say something that is….

Conflate that with the killer 5G ‘signals’ and FREQUENCES that will be turning these now questionable human beings into lateral zombies, as the nanobots, tubes, operating systems take hold, replicate on their bloody own and make you no longer you. In fact, you are now OWNED by the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros and Co., new the ‘vaccine’ altered genes you possess in your body, mind and soul, that are no longer your own.

You are well on your way to transhumanism and yet, you yawn and watch some PROGRAMED hor$e$hit on the brainwashing/MK Ultra/lobotomy inducing black mirror you call you best friend, the ‘TV’,

or the dreaded, bloody, CIA 24/7 surveillance smart phone.

A demonic device killed your marriage with all that porn!

The S.M.A.R.T acronym, oh yeah,

It will be your end.

Remember the original film, starring Gregory Peck, “The Exorcist”, circa 1973, a must SEA to real eyes what is about to really transpire in the next little while, for the wicked has been born, the sun of Satan as it were, or is, and said, the advent of ‘the Anti-Chrst, a real man with the power of the DRAGON-Satan and all fallen Angels combined, will reign on Earth for 3.5 years…

Good Times!

Indeed folks, these are the End Times and do not look to Earth and this 3D low frequency/vibration of this ruling, pedophile, blood drinking lizard orgy from the pits of hell, no sir! Stay alert, sober, loving and courageous, looking out for your fellow man and this journey will someday come to an end, your experience here as one’s final ‘destination’…


‘fFore there are worse things than death, like being trapped in a satanic, dark, wicked Matrix called the Metaverse, wherein you will be a slave forever; your only purpose is akin to an Energizer Bunny, i.e., you be a battery fool!

Keep in mind we are merely spirits having a brief, wonderful, sometimes challenging physical, spiritual and amnesiac experience for a very short ‘time’ on this plane of existence, a prison for the mind, body and soul, so make the most of it! Devoid of fear, ignoring the satanic black mirror devices, a bane to this, of this era and mocking it, laughing at it, spitting on it, exposing it, thus killing it!

Like a fucking cock-a-roach-a!

Connect with Mother Nature, listen to beautiful music of her casual reply of the never-ending whispers, whines and winds.

And above all, be true to thine known self.

Love others and be a friend you would like as one...

Play, laugh, love, live, breed, sing, dance, make love, fly a kite, learn to surf, bike, run, but above all love,

Trust your intuition!

Not your institution(s)!

know and respect yourself,

for you are part of God.

KNOW this,

and then everything else will fall into place.,


PS: I hope you have a nice evening, it is gorgeous here in lovely Centerville, where the coyotes cry and the Marsh Hawk does fly!

If anybody didn’t tell you, that they, they, they truly love you today

, I just did!

Again, please, for the love of God,


September 20, 2022

Planned Illusion

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(Please click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and high-flying salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the migrant free, fun filled, fantastic island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you, broadcasting LIVE from lovely Centerville, Massachusetts, on this Twentieth Day of September 2022. A gray Tuesday morning indeed, as the world ’spins’ off it’s ‘axis’, ‘orbiting’ the sun at a blistering 66,616 m.p.h., while the powers that should not be continue to geoengineer OUR beautiful, lush, living, free environment, with chemtrails raining down literal graphene, directing storms to move Man from land, something in those eyes, tasting like saline…


Keep in mind that YOUR spirit is pure, however, if one makes the UN-conscious choice to take the Devil’s brew in the form of a syringe filled with Frankenstein’s deadly mRNA stew, what more can I still say? But, have a nice day!

You made a bad choice,

what more can one display?


(Sudden adult death syndrome?)

There’s a lot of that going around today, mass psychosis, cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, as the New World Order’s move on humanity’s end continues on UN-abated.

C.E.R.N. has opened portals from higher, or lower dimensions, wherein demonic entities have arrived en masse, hence all of the upside-down insanity one witnesses today, afraid of their own shadow are most, sadly, as the World Economic Forum, alongside the World Health Organization, tells them in plane, clear, simple English, ‘…by the year 2030 you will own ‘nussing und be happy!’, (Please credit: Herr Klaus, “Davos, Switzerland’s Man About Town”, Schwab),…, crickets! Literally man! crops being deliberately destroyed while Greta, ‘how dare you!’, Thunberg holds a loaded nine-millimeter to your head and screams in a loud, obnoxious, German upper-class voice to ‘eat zee bugs!’,

don’t be shy, ’cause you ain’t that kind of guy!

As the great Max Igan, of ‘The Crow House.com’ fame has stated many times in his must SEA podcasts, ‘if you throw yourself to the wind, you can ride it…’, but only if you truly know and love yourself in a non-narcissistic fashion…

walk your talk and live in INTEGRITY, a trait the enemy hath not, thus, the light will shine through, exposing the dark Agenda (2030) and change the world in a day, or two, depending on the weather!

A Choo!

May you ALL have a splendid week ahead, this last day or two of summer 2022, hopefully yielding some
tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots or peas, and may your days ahead,

be filled with ease.

And elegance!

YOU are no less than the trees or the stars, you have a Divine RIGHT to be here!

After all is said and done, it’s just another planned illusion, done just for fun!


September 17, 2022


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(Please click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and said deep azure sky, brilliantly sun lit, crisp, cool, celebrated island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Seventeenth Day of September 2022, a quiet Saturday morning in Centerville, abundant with Cardinals, Blue Jays, Morning Doves, Falcons, Red Tail Hawks, Marsh Hawks, and the Osprey, who will be flying south for winter’s warmth as far as Peru or Tim buck too!


Aside from Satan having a field day with the masses, not much has changed in the past week or so, save Lucifer’s puppet’s ‘in charge’ taking even more dramatic, draconian actions to cull as many humans as possible by the year 2025.

Shining a light into these dark realities presently, along with non-compliance to any and all of their sick mandates, i.e., ‘climate lockdowns’, combined with a whole lot of positive prayer will SEA us through to the other side, where Man is free again and knows it is he or she that is the ’savior’ you have been waiting for, per the great Max Igan of the Crow House.com.

May you have a spectacular weekend and please get out there where the Cardinals live and touch base with your true nature….,

the way God intended.



September 12, 2022

Miracles do happen…

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Greetings and soggy salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again damp, drizzly, dreary, yet quite delightful island of Nantucket! Great to be back with on a gray Monday, taking a ‘mental’ break from the madness all about US. Swimming with the sharks as it were, or is,  in and about this wonderful peninsula extending far out into the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, coming ‘atcha LIVE, like an mRNA laced jelly fish, The Twelfth Day of September 2022, holding back the tears of the sudden departure of ‘OUR’ dear Queen of England, sadly passing at the tender age of 96, yes, it has been quite a blow for the world, seeking solace during these sad dimes, I mean ‘times’, indeed, yes, a somber few days knowing such as great Monarch has passed this mortal coil, leaving the helm to William, I mean, Charles, King Charles, III! I’m sure he will do a bang-up job with ‘Build Back Better’, 666, as he and his ilk continue with the Satanic UN’s/WEF/W,H,O./and Co.’s Agenda 2030; plan to reduce the current population of 8 billion plus down to a reasonable 500 million, transhuman of course, controlled, compartmentalized, comprised, calcified and cocooned in an island of isolation and despair, turning to the coming ‘new world order’ leader W.H.O. will ’save humanity’ by destroying/enslaving it….


May your week ahead be filled with the things of God, such as LOVE, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, grace, compassion, empathy and generosity, bringing much JOY and perhaps a MIRACLE or two!

‘Fore said Miracles do happen!


August 25, 2022

Love’s Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the early dawning, delightful, delicious, delectable island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Thursday morning, The Twenty-Fifth Day of August 2022, with mostly clear, hot, sunny non-drought like weather expected until hell freezes over, which could be any day now!


Speaking of hell, that is where most W.H.O. had anything to do with this mass worldwide genocide (via the killer mRNA bioweapon/operating system), Oare headed, like your local hospital, where ‘CON’VID-19(84) ‘official’ deaths, if all “Brothers’ Grimm’ protocols are met, will bring a windfall of at least 100,000 dollars, American, per dead ‘patient’,

isn’t that nice?

While the whore corporate media continues to push propaganda, distractions and blatant lies your way daily, it’s hard to grasp the full extent of the EVIL being perpetrated upon Humanity worldwide unless you have a box of Kleenex tissues handy and, of course, have a heart worth breaking to begin with.

SHAME of ALL of you monsters!

You make Dr. Frankenstein look like an altar boy!

May God Himself strike down these hideous creatures known by all sorts of names, e.g. ‘The Cabal’, led by Satan himself.

The only real remedy is Love’s Light!

Have a nice day folks and keep the FAITH!

It’s always darkest right before the DAWN!


August 9, 2022

Conspiracy Theories, oh my!

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Greetings and sizzling salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and said wicked hot, humid, sunny, still, serendipitous island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this quiet Tuesday morning, The Ninth Day of August, 2022, still sweltering as is most of the world it seems, the powers that be controlling the weather as they have for decades now, forcing the ‘common’ man or woman from the land, herding them like the sheep they are into what will be known in history books years from now as modern day radiation S.M.A.R.T. cities and death camps, especially for those W.H.O. dare to question the morality, hell fire, the satanic, demonic, blood thirsty nature of these murderous beasts from the pits of hell.


Below deck is a public service announcement, a real one, explaining what these ‘dangerous’ conspiracy ‘theories’ are, how to avoid them, report them and destroy them so WE can ’save’ demon-acracy’, (communism!), rule by the mob, steered and CONTROLLED by the mobsters….


And have a good, wholesome, loving week ahead folks; forgive above all,

even those idiots in your own family!

(Please credit the great Max Igan, or ‘The Crow House’.com for some this ‘educational’ material!)

Conspiracy theories!

Oh my!

What do they all have in common?
1.an alleged secret plot
2. A group of conspirators
3.”Evidence” that seems to support the conspiracy theory (like an empty bullet casing).
4. They falsely suggest that nothing happens by accident and that there are no coincidences; nothing is as it appears…
5. They divide the world into good and bad.

Why do they flourish?
-They offer an explanation of events or situations which are difficult to understand and bring a false sense of control and urgency.
-This need is heightened in uncertainty like the ‘CON’VID 19(84) plandemic…

How do they take root?

-Conspiracy Theories often start as suspicion. They ask W.H.O. is benefiting from the situation (Big Pharma!), or event (WEF/UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals designed to cull the current 8 billion down to 500 million!), and thus identify conspirators (Herr/Homo Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Co.); any evidence is then forced to fit the theory (like millions now dying from the killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes/nano tech operation systems/Mark of the BEAST!).

-Once they have taken root, conspiracy theories can grow quickly, they are hard to refute (because the TRUTH always finds its way through the Hor$e$hit), because any person W.H.O. tries is seen as part of the conspiracy.

Double your pleasure with Double Speak my boy!

Inflation good, conspiracy theory bad.

Why do people spread them?

-There are different reasons; most believe they are true. Others deliberately want to provoke, manipulate, or target people for political or financial reasons. BEWARE! They can come from many sources, e.g., friends, internet, relatives!

(Concrete counter actions!)
Be Warned dear slave citizen, the “CON”VID-19(84) hoax, psychological operation/plandemic has seen a rise in harmful and misleading conspiracy theories (like the ‘jab’ will kill ya!), indeed, REACT rather than ignore. Here are some concrete ways…

On social media: comment with verified (Soros) information
e.g. the corporate owned Zionist bankers network written by SATAN himself!
Do not share the past…we want to eliminate all that was, hence, our New World Order!

On websites (e.g. seacapecod.net)
or ‘blogs’….

contact the author of the web manager with said ‘verified’ STATE information (propaganda on steroids!)
and politely, with a sub machine gun, ask the author to make the appropriate CORRECTIONS! Also shame the website and author.

On media outlets

-contact the editorial board
-contact your local/national press (like that will do ANYTHING!)
-Do not share or promote the material
-rely on verifiable information (per orders from your overlord lizard creatures from deep within ‘The Black Lagoon!)

Such as MSLSD!
-Counter false information by lethargic habits such as watching the black mirror known as ‘TV’, your surveillance CIA ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ phones, rendering you nothing more than a drooling, mindless, robotic SLAVE to the SYSTEM, wherein you provide energy with your ‘outrage’ and ‘anger’ and moreover, ‘FEAR’, rendering you nothing more than a battery to these monsters W.H.O. have hijacked humanity!

Indeed, we ‘patriots’ must stop the spread via our continued zombie like state of compliance, acquiescence, sloth, cowardice, ignorance, willful or otherwise, indeed, a bunch of brain-dead zombies bowing down to the parasitic class from another dimension W.H.O. only wishes for your DEATH and/or complete obedience to every insane, inhumane, intolerable mandate handed down from Satan and his minions here on Earth.

The number one killer in America is “Unknown Cause”, let that sink in!


Large and small (e.g. 9/11, fake moon landing, every false flag war ever fought in modern ‘time’...JFK’s assassination coverup). They are more often centered on single, self-contained events or and individual life, like an assassination or coup-de-tat. They, the real journalists, a real media worth its salt, provide UN-adulterated, verifiable, FACTS and EVIDENCE that, in its core nature,

is empirical.

Say it with me FOX’s GUTFELD!, you late night comic you, “this hijacking of our media is extremely dangerous to our ‘democracy’, The ‘New Normal’, dictated by sociopaths, one that has put most into a deep, malicious spell, cast by none other than Nancy, “90 prooof”, Pelosi herself, with some help from Lucifer, the majority in a never ending Stockholm Syndrome, where they fall in love and feel ’sorry’ for their captors, ALL accepting the Jim Jones Kool-Aid coming in the form of a deadly needle, W.H.O.’s ingredients are designed to kill and maim en masse.

Brought to you by the good folks at Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and of course Astra-Zeneca, not to mention their bosses the global Elite. A satanic cult, mafia/drug cartel/ pedophilia/child sacrificing sicko organization that takes no prisoners, only buries its victims.

Two polarities, love and fear.

Choose the latter!


August 1, 2022

The Line

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(Please click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, sultry, sexy, seductive island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on The First Day of August 2022, a quiet Monday morning here in lovely Centerville, where the bunnies hop, and the Osprey remain on top!


Such is the world today, upside down and out of focus, or perfectly clear, depending on one’s affiliation with the grand illusion being peddled as truth.

For it does not take a sleuth to real eyes what, W.H.O. and why these monsters are doing what they are doing to Man, like a flash in a pan.

Ever documenting what these so-called Elites ruling the world presently are up to collectively and individually, rock solid evidence for future reference in the Nuremberg 2.0 trials to come. Moreover, why they have been so successful, thus far, in pulling the proverbial wool over the common man’s eyes, culminating in the psychosis of a satanic death cult, complete with mass suicides…

Think Jim Jones and Kool-Aid on wicked steroids, coming in the form of a deadly mRNA Frankenstein injection, culling the herd by 90 percent at last recollection…

Take a break folks!

UN-plug for a week or two, immersing oneself in natural reality, OUR birthright, condemning the ‘things of man’ such as the latest, ‘The Line’, wherein one would live in a ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ prison where all are tagged and tarried by waves of electronic frequencies designed to strip the sovereign self and replace it with the ‘natural selection’, a damaged, brainwashed, ‘vaccine’ injured pawn, slave, peasant, with no future, save his/her digital I.D. and a virtual ‘reality’, imprisoning them for all of eternity…,

with no objection?

These simple words of fate, destiny, prophesy will most likely fall on deaf ears and melt away like tear drops in the rain.

For if you are not angry at what the likes of Bill Gates, Herr Klaus Schwab and Co., via the WEF, WHO, UN and all the other interconnected secret societies, have done to humanity already, i.e. killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes/operating systems, and what they plan to do, e.g., mass famines, more bioweapons, ‘climate’ lockdowns, then you are already a goner.

Embrace cannibalism world ‘leaders’ decry, like a doomed member of ‘The Donner’.

It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled, Mark Twain once said, to wit, bring on the bread, bugs and circuses, for this ‘ride’ is just getting warmed up!

Have a super week ahead folks, keep joyfully holding the light, because ‘at the end of the day’, or age, there will be a RECKONING! ~


July 19, 2022


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(Please click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that said golden sun led, azure sky, quite warm, wicked and wild island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you and yours on this “Tuesday Afternoon”, broadcasting LIVE from beautiful Centerville, The Nineteenth Day of July 2022, completing a long swim in Nantucket Sound with bike pedals going round and round, the wave of the SEA is all “I” need for me!


A quick shout out to Max Igan, of “The Crow House.com”, author, musician, artist, political refugee from ‘down undah’, now residing in Mexico, where the cartels, not the ‘government’, run the show… A terrific look SEA at his most recent work, only on BitChute.com, wherein one may gain some knowledge and sage advice for some interesting ‘times’ ahead.

While we are on the subject of interesting, make sure to tune into “The Five”, on FOX, with cohosts Greg “Gutfeld!”, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and occasionally Geraldo Rivera, W.H.O. never disappoints as we all go ‘Back to the Future!’, with some of his stunning work over the years, this crew is true blue!  Even if they occasionally lie to you.

Kudos Kids, keep up the good work!

So as the old saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, well, one could ask some fundamental questions regarding the Trojan Horse called ‘CON’VID-19(84), the genocidal/suicidal ‘jabs’, and the ‘green agenda’ of those powers that be, at the moment, conflating and “combatting” manmade ‘climate change’, all done for the express purposes of achieving the UN’s ‘17 Sustainable Development Goals’, i.e. Agenda 2030 and beyond. Mixing man with machine, phasing out the old and ushering in ‘the new global order’, mocking God and all His sacred porter, most oblivious and blind to what is right in front of their very eyes…

Put a beach ball too close to your face and you don’t know what it is, until one takes that fertile step back without fear or tear, becoming a real seer.

Have a great rest of the week folks, ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’;

Illegitimi Non Carborundum!


July 17, 2022

‘Stay Tuned!’

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Greetings on this Sunnday morning, 17th day of July 2022, and salty salutations indeed to all of you dirty, filthy, serfs, slabs, slobs, peasants, pawns, peons, zombies, ‘woke’ idiots of the world! ‘Tis “I”, Lord William Montague III, high jacking once again that conspiracy ‘theory’ nut job Mike Mosier and his dreadful platform called ’seacapecod.net’, gleefully about to tell ‘Ya’ll’ what’s to come!


I always liked that one, anyway, the truth is the $hit is about to hit the proverbial fan and we, those in POWER, the WHO, WEF and such, like myself, have already won, for most have fallen for the killer mRNA ‘jab’, and thus soon will be controlled remotely via their precious ’smart phone’ and 5G technology, and yet our ‘Mark’ of the BEAST is yet to come.

We will scare you with more ‘variants and the false flag nuclear attack on New York City, via the Ads currently being played on “TV” regarding said ‘attack’, hence new lock downs ’cause we care about you and we don’t want to you to get all that radiation and it would be best to just starve to death in your home rather than risking your health and safety that we care so deeply for, especially the ‘children’…

‘Fore you SEA?

We don’t care! Like the corporate media we own or the phone company, ‘we don’t have to’! We are pure evil with malice intent and will make damn sure Agenda 2030 goes off without a hitch. Oh, you don’t know the Devil’s details? The fine print, the contract you blindly signed, our ‘terms and conditions’ of zee world wide web, 666?

You know nothing of our plans, HA!

Our plan exactly! You are all lazy, useless eaters with nothing to offer the Dark Lord to come. So, as the nice lady of that public address announcement in New York stated so eloquently, on point three, after, ’stay inside’;

‘Stay tuned’, to your “TV” for further instructions and WE will tell you what to think and do, what to dream and aspire to.

Just OBEY and all will be OK!

Love and Kisses from my Mansion on the mysterious, magical, magnificent island of Nantucket, an island you and yours will never be a member of!

Ta Ta!


Lord William Montague III
(Country gentleman)

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