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January 31, 2019

You? Tube?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the frigid, windy, golden sun laden island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this very cold Thursday afternoon, the last day, The 31st day, of January, 2019;


Nepotism has replaced meritocracy in a big way on the world’s second largest website YouTube.  Or should we say You?  Tube?

Devolving quickly into an evil Kakistocracy; definition: government by the least suitable or competent citizens of the state, a form of government where the worst people are in power.  Google of course, being a quasi-governmental entity…

“YouTube moves to make conspiracy videos harder to find”

The New York Times

Recently YouTube launched a 25 million dollar crackdown on ‘fake news’ (a.k.a. real news powers that be presently wish you would not SEA!), Google (YouTube’s parent company), pledged it would make ‘authoritative’ (Sieg Heil!) news sources more prominent, check.  10,000 human reviewers at Google are helping determine what will count as authoritative news sources and news stories.  Goal is to counter the ‘fake’ videos (what happened), that can proliferate immediately after shootings, natural disasters and other major happenings.  Type in either YouTube or Google ‘news’ and SEA what you get.  The “Usual Suspects”, i.e. ABC, CNN, CBS, Sky News, RT, MSNBC, Fox, NBC, Reuters, AP, UPI, etc…

This is usually not what the person is searching for, yet the media moguls of this early 21st Century are well aware of just how fat, drunk and stupid these moronic, mind controlled American sheep really ARE!

Meritocracy is widely defined as “…everyone with skill and imagination may aspire to reach the highest level.”  This was how many once viewed this amazing platform.  With reverence, gratitude and a way to make a buck or two due to good old fashioned hard, honest work, research, writing, and, for the most part, high integrity, e.g., You Tube channel, “SGTreport” whose work inspired this blog…

Check ‘em out!

Sadly, yet predictably, nepotism has, as already stated, hijacked this high ideal.  Alphabet, Inc. the spider itself, owner of Google and all the other companies therein, and it’s CEO (CEO of Google 2001-2015). Eric Schmidt and his ilk, hire family and friends, keeping it all in a controlled setting, where no rogue actor could upset the Apple cart…

New Algorithms have been put in place so as to prevent YOU from finding out the TRUTH.

YouTube wants to deny you the ability to watch what your’re interested in.  Think about that.  What YouTube is saying is that we are going to change the algorithms to prevent you from finding out what you’re looking  for;

…if it’s not in agreement with the narrative ‘WE’ want you to BELIEVE.

Our friend Mr. Schmidt was asked once by a reporter, ‘…why do you get more than one answer when you ‘google’ something?’  His response, “…that’s a bug.”


This is a movement towards one choice.


Eric believes there should be only one answer to every question:


Were the Apollo missions to the Moon faked?

One answer.

The 9/11 attacks…

One answer.

Is the Earth Flat?

One answer.

Anything other than one ‘correct’ answer, constitutes are ‘war on “science”‘.  Give some ‘dat sweet love Bill Nye, “The science guy”!  Gee, I should think just his scary colored bow ties alone ‘be a giant red flag y’all, you sell out cosmic,


Thus, that aforementioned magazine, this humble ‘reporter’ once grew up with, loved and cherished, has been lying to me all these years, that’s it, I am cancelling my subscription, yes, sadly, this once proud beacon of the world we live in concludes these statements to be true and undeniable, scripture handed down from ON HIGH:

1. evolution happened

2. Moon landing real

3. vaccines cannot cause autism

4. genetically modified food is good

There you have it folks, George Orwell’s famous book, “1984″ is alive, well and kickin’, ready for action!  The “Ministry of Truth”; where it’s polar opposite is, in fact,

said truth.

Any questions, research, or narrative counter to these established ‘facts’ according to National Geographic, constitutes a war on ’science’, never mind that the IPCC fixed mountains of data to fit said narrative…

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

(credit: 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz”)

Have a pleasant evening folks!

Be well, safe and awake!


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