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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 4, 2010


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I was so pleased to see my dear friend Sarah Palin on the now defunct, “Tonight Show, with Jay Leno”, formally the “Tonight Show, with Conan O’Brien” (God Bless Coco).  Her quick wit and obvious sincerity warmed the heart, as she spoke of her “fair and balanced” approach to the TRUTH.  I’m curious, however, as to what her definition of the truth “truly” is?  Is there a new definition in the King James Bible that speaks to an undiscovered cosmic barbarian truth?  The American public would be in your debt, forever, if you enlightened us to a truth beyond truth.  A “super truth”, that acts as a catalyst to spark the very hypocrisy upon which dictators, like Stalin and Hitler, based their own successes upon.  I am so impressed with the GOP, or garbage pail party, and the highly paid strategists who have hood-winked the entire nation into believing that the sky is green.  When, after all, we all know that green is a color best known for jealousy, envy, and the greed living well on the lower part of Manhattan.  Again, my hats off to the pond scum who, will be here-to-for known as, the “Carl Rove Strategists” (brought to you by Exxon Mobile, Goldman Sachs and Aetna) who know only the glee they glean from other people’s suffering–the definition of sadism.

God Bless everyone else from the sand of Cape Cod!  Peace~ M

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