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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 30, 2012

Yellow Iris reflection…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rather cloudy, mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the 30th day of May, 2012, a nice, calm, dry start to the seven a.m. hour on this little sand bar, yes, as we all know, created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago…many ask, ‘…hey, Michael, why do you keep bringing up the Last Great Ice Age?’, to wit I normally respond, ‘none of your damn business…’.  I’m just kidding of course, it is because WE, as a species, better enjoy these last few years of ice and snow, for it won’t be long before our planet no longer has any ice left at all, a scary thought, and the energy companies, like Exxon-Mobile, would like ‘you and yours’ to never think about that FACT–’for carbon dioxide is our friend, especially when we spew tens of millions of tons of that crap into our blessed atmosphere DAILY, creating the greenhouse effect of warming the earth’s atmosphere which is causing severe droughts, record heat, massive, much stronger storms and well, to quote our pal Bill Murray from the great 1984 film, “Ghostbusters”, “mass hysteria!!!”…or at least it will in the very near future.  Perhaps, some bright kids like one 17 year old from I believe it is California (kids vs. global warming.com–Alec Loorz; please Google!), can turn on the light in these knucklehead’s collective minds before it is too late.  Such as the much maligned Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker (a hand puppet for “the brothers KOCH”!), who will, god willing, be recalled as the governor of that fine state.  Our prayers at seacapecod.net are with Walker’s opponent in that June 5th special election, where Tom Barrett, a father of four and all round HONEST man going up as the alternative to the clown that IS Walker, is being out spent 25 to one, via the dirty KOCH cash, but, as Marty Beil of Wisconsin stated on some MSNBC show last night, sorry, I was too tired to write it down, “recall the corporate stooge that IS Scott Walker, who cares nothing for the people of Wisconsin, no sir, his interests lie with the bullies of the playground, the big polluters, take a bow David and Charles Koch, for your interference in real people’s lives is someday going to come back to haunt you, trust me,” of course, those are MY words, not Marty’s, but he basically stated the same sentiments as every other person in this country who is fed up with corporate raiders who are not only poisoning our environment forever for their OWN personal wealth, or gain, but are taking away true American rights. Rights and values WE hold dear, such as the right to collectively bargain and have our voices heard, knowing that in the end, that American spirit will out live even the likes of my neighbors here on Cape Cod, right down the street in Osterville, the Koch Brothers, who continue to secretly, although not so secret any more eh boys?, secretly attempt to hijack this nation’s overall cornerstone–the right to VOTE!!!  Shame on YOU!!! For that is what Romney and the rest of the crew over at the ‘office’ hope will happen come November– they hope that people will simply either not turn out at the polls, or, in the case of many minority voters, poor voters, elderly voters and younger voters (students), that their tactic of suppression, under the guise of “voter fraud”, will steal the election away from our fine President Barack Obama (God Forbid), just like they did in 2000 when “W” ‘defeated’ Al Gore, becoming our 43rd President of the United States of America.  A man who brought this country to where it stands today, deeply in debt, mired in controversy and impotent in doing anything good for the common man, woman or child, caring nothing about ‘them’ because they don’t really matter.  ‘They’ are the ‘little people’, as bp’s chairman put so eloquently during his visit to the Gulf last year, a region his horrible company destroyed for generations to come…  So good LUCK Mr. Barrett and God’s speed!!  WE all have your back! Have a nice day folks and remember to tune out FOX NOISE– it makes no real sense and only interferes with your ability to SEA the TRUTH! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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