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June 16, 2009

Yeah, right.

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With all of the mud being slung in Washington D.C. these days over the 3 most critical  issues of our time– health care, overhauling the corrupt banking system and our ENVIRONMENT– not to mention the side issues of Iran, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, the intensification of corporate dominance globally, with the effect being the elimination of socially moral programs like feeding and caring for our brothers, and of course the lack of Faith in something infinitely greater than our collective ego, leaves one with the attitude represented in the facial expression of this Maine Coon kitten.  Moreover, this cat is tired of drinking the cool aid that is being poured out everyday by the corporate media.  How much horse, you know what, is the American public supposed to take…?  Of course, the answer to that question lies in the question itself.  Until the TRUTH is exposed about everything and we look honestly at our civilization as we know it, until we REALIZE what we are doing to planet EARTH with our own activity, most Americans will stay in the dark and Madison Avenue will say, “depression, what depression?”  “By the people, for the people”…is this not in black and white?  When did we start reading between the lines, or better yet, making it up as we go along?   Have a nice Tuesday.  Peace M

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