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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 9, 2009


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Morning Star is a Cavalier, I believe called a King Charles Cavalier and if I am wrong I will make amends in my next blog.  The morning star, as I was told by a wise woman who gives love and attention to this unique breed of dog, is the star in the horizon that shines the brightest, as it can be seen even as the sun rises.  Giving a bridge from night to day.  Looking at a star is a fascinating “thought”, as it not the star itself we see, but the light that emanates from it.  In fact, the light we perceive and define as a star, has traveled millions, perhaps billions of “years” to reach our physical eyes.  As our perception changes to really SEE reality as it is, one cannot but begin to be grateful that we ALL are a part of IT, that which IS.  How can one feel alone, when to know that even this small twinkling beam of light, so obvious in the dark of night, yet invisible during the light of day, is somehow connected to you and me.  That to KNOW that about oneSELF is to know the truth that we never, nor will we ever be alone again, that there is a divine order and to surrender to that fact is the most freeing feeling in the world, so to speak.  If you LOOK hard enough, without effort, you can see it in Morning Star here, and in the heavens above.  Peace M

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