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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 23, 2009

Winter’s Path

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The winter air is sometimes still and I remember what peace there is in stillness.  “Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there is in silence.”  I read that a long time ago from Desiderata, as I am sure that the spelling is off–I don’t think “spell check” goes back to the 15th century, or I am too lazy to get up, walk down the stairs of my loft, go into my living room to my extensive “library” and find the unknown author’s one page of wisdom that, if applied, can answer all of your many questions about how one might cope with what is going on in this grand illusion called life.  There really is nothing wrong with Life and the creation therein.  God created us with perfect Love and Joy, our natural states of being, and whether or not that is clear to you is the truly good news that you won’t find on the television.  You have as much right to that which you are as the people you see on television getting awards and being congratulated for being themselves.  If that is what you aspire to then more power to you, for on Oscar night, you will need a little extra ego to fit in the door, and that is understandable.  I love the movies, as they are an escape from the realities of the world that we see around us.  Most would agree that movies are not made with the same craftsmanship and love that they once were.  The same thing that brought down Wall Street seems to be taking the tinsel out of Tinseltown, and selling it for scrap.  Some of the actors and actresses are really solid in their craft, like Dustin Hoffman in “W.”, the film by Oliver Stone depicting a bumbling, semi-bright (rote memorization smart) oldest son whose Dad is into politics and is surrounded by snakes and should have stayed with the Texas Rangers and kept old Roger Clemmens out of trouble.  Dustin Hoffman plays Dick Cheney, and the mannerisms must have scared even Hoffman.  The manipulation of the highest office in the land was clear without the movie and even boasted about by you know who right up to the end of the Bush Whitehouse.  The level of deceipt and corruption that lined the walls of the White House for 8 years was disgraceful and should be investigated fully–unless you like your conversations being listened in on by the federal government.  Wiretaps, illegal wars, corrupt contrators, blackwater, yeah, if you have any doubts as to why you voted for our President Barak Obama, who showed more courage in his first month in office then George “W” Bush ever showed, think about this…The failing of the banking system happened on George W. Bush’s watch, so logic would dictate that the likes of Paulson the ex-Golman Sachs CEO lined as many pockets on his way out of Washinton as he could, companies who didn’t even need the money like Haliburton.  Most of the Republicans in the House wouldn’t bail out there own grandmother, so the lack of human decency is not that shocking, nor is the racism that emanates from the former.  Thank God above for right mindedness, coming from a source other than ego.  The country, although in a deep hole, is not only resilient enough, smart enough and has the heart to stand up for what is really right–education, healthcare, social security, all of the entitlement programs, food for all of our people to eat and warm  homes for our people to live, but it has God on our side.  Did you really ever ask the question, why did the Soviet Union fail?  Godlessness is the answer.  Say what you will about the United States, but one thing is clear–our belief in a being greater than ourselves is what will pull us out of the ditch we are in and allowing some devine order to clean out the lies and deceipt of a failed administration.  What are we doing calling ourselves a nation, if we don’t pick up the ones who need help the most?  Why don’t we just call ourselves a quasi-corporate-entity whose metamorphosis is not complete yet.  Who have we become if buying the next “thing” at Best Buy, supersedes feeding the homeless?  As President Obama stated, “the climb will be steep”, but is it not time for us to really and truly live those words that still echo from the Capitol building in Washington D.C over 49 years ago by our late President Jack Kennedy, whose words still ring true today, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”   Making that climb with a brother and sister and lending a hand along the way will make all of the difference… Peace M

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