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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 4, 2010

Winter Morning

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Another coating of snow fell on Cape Cod yesterday, with the temperatures staying rather cold for this time of year and another big storm expected to hit the area tomorrow…  With the never ending battle that has become the government of the United States, I thought it was appropriate to ask the question, what do the puppets that make up the republican party in Washington D.C. really want?  Cut out all of the bull____ and answer the question, because inquiring minds want to know.  As I mentioned yesterday, the fact of the matter is that republicans, “the party of NO”, want the American people to stay in the dark about everything, follow the manifesto of doom, and to NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS.  Knowledge is something for the members of the House and Senate who have passed the “purity” test, bow to the “powers that be”, and follow a set of insane rules and talking points that serve the top 1 percent in this country.  Men, scoundrels, like Roger Ailes, a large, fat, racist pig who started his “career” as a television producer in the Nixon era, learning, even back then, how powerful a medium television really is and how it can manipulate large populations to side with, in this case Fox News, any anti-knowledge that the corporate owned entity wishes to spew forth.  Perhaps the most frightening figure that I have heard recently is 65 percent.  Fox has cornered the market on excrement, not a problem for anyone with half a brain and a pure heart, but for the rest of America, i.e. the 65 percent of Americans watching a modern day version of Colonel Clink and Stallack 13, not realizing that they are prisoners of the mind numbing lie factory that keeps them locked in a state of fear, ignorance and anger, they are wandering aimlessly through this life truly believing that this country is doomed, that they are not worthy of goodness and grace, and that they should be satisfied with a slice of Domino’s Pizza and a Bud Light for the upcoming “BIG GAME”…are you kidding me?!!!  If you were to tell someone, who truly believes with their whole being in the propaganda that Fox News spits out every day, that it was all a big fat lie and that there was a better way, you would, invariably, be met with cynicism at best, and downright hostility and violence at worst.  This was the grand plan of the strategists who are employed by corporate monsters like Exxon Mobile, Goldman Sachs and ADM.  Keep them down, beat them up, degrade them, insult their intelligence and don’t let them up for air so as to KNOW THE TRUTH!  The strategists of the right wingnut conspiracy have earned their nickel.  They have put the American public in a dark room and have sealed off the sunlight of the TRUTH.  And we have let them.  If we don’t fight for the country that we love NOW, it will be lost forever.  It is up to all of us if we wish to SAVE OUR WORLD, stop the insurance cartels, stop the banking casinos, stop the “military industrial complex”, to stop the lying, stop the lying, stop the lying…  It is up to every citizen in the United States of America to realize what is truly going on and stop for a moment and say, hey, “I don’t have to take this anymore!”  Have a great week end!  Peace~ M

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