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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 3, 2010

Winter Lifeguard

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At the bottom of “Faith Hill”, as seen in the foreground, this little lifeguard stand sits all alone, frozen in the snow and ice on a cold Cape Cod morning… As we look back on the decade that was today– on talk shows such as “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”, or “Meet the Press”, who will undoubtedly have pundits of all shapes and sizes giving their viewpoints on the past decade and the decade to come, we may feel informed…although many on those shows will not have the courage to go quite that far.  We will no doubt hear of the nation’s woes, worries and wants…offering up the problems with fire and brimstone, but giving no real solutions as to what we should really be thinking about on this cold and snowy day here in Osterville, Massachusetts, or in Washington D.C.  The insanity of war will undoubtedly be on the forefront, as terrorism, or the threat of it, via extreme radicals who have some kind of vendetta against the freedoms this great country has to offer, will take center stage, and rightly so.  The tragedy of terrorism, however, is that it takes on a dominant role in our collective psyche, and in doing so, takes our attention away from the millions of people in this country who are without food today, without warmth today, without hope today…millions upon millions of people in this great land of ours have no real way of getting healthy for they have no health CARE and their children are lost in the shuffle as “adults” make bad decisions about the future of a country that should be focused upon true reform…reform of our banking industry, “health care industry”, our foreign policy on wars that serve no purpose other than to continue the “military industrial complex” that President Eisenhower warned us of back in 1960, and perhaps the biggest reform ignored of all being–HOW TO FEED OUR PEOPLE! Faith without works is dead and the “powers that be” (at the moment) were elected BY THE PEOPLE to take their lifeguard position of pomp and circumstance seriously and literally–not just figuratively.  Faith Hill in Osterville is a mountain that cannot be ignored.  It represents the truth, for all the world.  It is a metaphor that will stand the test of the elections of 2010 and beyond…and the true leaders that tackle the real problems this country faces– hunger, health care, a crumbling infrastructure, foreign wars, threats to our homeland from jihadists, the vanishing manufacturing jobs that seem as though they may be gone forever, and our insistence that global warming is much like the tooth fairy, i.e. that it does not exist, hold up only a stronger light as to what needs to be done.  Before we start another war against an enemy that we cannot even see, let us look to the poorest of the poor in places like West Virginia, where this morning a mother will wake to look at her sleeping children and wonder how she will feed them for another day, let alone for this breakfast.  May your NEW YEAR be filled with all of the blessings this great country has to offer, and while receiving those blessings, say a deep prayer for those who are not as fortunate as you or I…for they need those prayers as much now as they ever did. Have a blessed Sunday!  Peace~ M

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