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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 24, 2010

Winter Lifeguard

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At the bottom of “Faith Hill” here in Osterville, sits a lifeguard stand awaiting the warm summer sun.  Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands!  I hope you and yours are doing fine on this star filled morning.  The small specks of light were out in full force this morning at Dowses Beach and Nantucket Sound was calm.  I left before the sun rose, as it is still dark outside, but I was told by someone, somewhere, the sun will rise again.  It was a tough week.  Many people in Haiti will be helped by the artists, musicians and people of good will, who aired a telethon, televised by all of the major networks this past week, and from early estimates, a whole lot of money was raised to help those poor souls in desperate need for some real help in rebuilding what was once their home.  More than 100,000 people are living in tent cities now on the island nation of Haiti, with the need growing every day.  However, evidence proves that there is still heart and soul still left in this torn country of ours, even though the outlook upon this country’s future is still littered with an epic battle of it’s own–the battle of the have’s and have nots.  The main stream media will not tell you the impact that the “Supreme Court” had on this country in it’s tragic decision to allow corporations, who are worth more than 23 trillion dollars (Obama spent 800 million on his presidential campaign), to give unlimited monies to campaigns and will use the power of that money to buy and sell policy makers like apples and oranges at a market.  Like an Ostrich who puts his head in the sand, the “powers that be” hope the average American citizen will sprout flightless wings and stay in the ignorant darkness that is gathering.   But, on this Sunday morning, I pray that we will somehow fly above, that the better hearts, minds and souls of this beautiful nation will rise above this mistake of monumental proportions and place it’s people once again beyond the prophecies of profit and “power”, see these individuals for who they really are and take back the country that is and always will be– “By the people, for the people and most importantly of all–OF THE PEOPLE”…  Have a blessed Sunday!  Peace~ M

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