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January 27, 2011

Winter Dunes

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this snowy Thursday morning here in Osterville, a town that has seen, as all of New England, as well as New York City and Washington D.C., more than it’s fair share of the white stuff this winter.  Boston has received over 60 inches of snow thus far, where it normally receives 34 inches in a “typical” winter season.  As evidenced by the weather patterns during the past 10 years alone, we have seen record heat and record snow fall, the extremes, reach unprecedented levels, thus, once again, proving that the earth’s climate is indeed CHANGING.  You can be one of Michelle Bachmann’s mindless drones if you will, or follow the folly of Senator James, “she’ll be comin’ round the ‘mountain’ when she comes,” Inhofe, the right wing nut job out of the great state of Oklahoma, where he said, famously now, a few years ago, “climate change is the biggest hoax ever played upon the ‘American people’.” Your choice, my advise to you, buy an electric car if you can, for ‘peak oil’ is just around the corner.  Speaking of Michelle Bachmann, the fine congresswoman from the great state of Minnesota, Michelle is receiving rave reviews for her avant garde rebuttal, the “tea party’s official response”, to, of course, dovetail, although I’m not sure that is the right metaphor, with the “main stream” extreme views of Mr. Hammock himself, congressman Paul Ryan, who gave the “other” response to President Obama’s official “State of the Union” address, that occurred only a day and a half ago.  Michelle, in her infinite wisdom and grace, in her overflowing KNOWLEDGE of the history of this great and rather fragile nation, gave us all, as her eyes could not quite catch the logic of actually looking into the camera while the red light was on, an amazing history re-write of slavery in this country and of the ‘forefathers” “tireless” work on ridding the nation of the “stain” of slavery, citing John Quincy Adams, for one, who, as previously mentioned, worked “tirelessly” on ridding the “scourge” of slavery, all while simultaneously launching into a thesaurus-like montage of said word, “slavery”, such as “stain”, etc., just to drive her fact less, irresponsible and quite insane claim, that yes, our forefathers’, many of whom owned slaves, and actually wrote into the Constitution that blacks (done for deriving the number of people who lived in a district, via the census, so as to determine the number of representatives to be allotted) were three fifths of a person and should be counted as such–again, yes, Michelle, in her infinite and God given wisdom continued to drive home her quite insane assertion that our “forefathers’” were instrumental in driving slavery from our shores.  She claims that those same forefathers’ who heroically conquered a tyrannical king from across a mighty ocean, yes, those same forefathers’ who wrote, drafted and implemented the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, and, although not perfect, was a document called “the great American experiment”, that would transform the world, and, in many ways, has become a Beacon of LIGHT for other nations to follow, yes, Michelle Bachmann claims that those same men also drove out slavery, which of course was not even addressed until long after most, if not all, had already gone, our forefathers’, to their heavenly home in the sky.  It was not until 1861, when Lincoln received a letter from the south calling for succession from the union, that the country fell into it’s worst war, a war that pitted brother against brother.  In that war, a war that was fought primarily, if not in it’s entirety, on the premise of the abolition of slavery, took over 600,000 lives and ripped this country apart, taking it to a place where it never should have been to begin with.  It was another 100 years before the era of “Jim Crow” was dead and buried, and the birth of men like Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and the king himself Martin Luther King Jr., took up the cause of CIVIL RIGHTS for real, and by the time 1970 rolled around, the country could begin to see the LIGHT–that bigotry and hate had no place in our country, a country of immigrants, and that the color of one’s skin has nothing to do with the content of one’s character. We now see that Michelle has been shy about telling us of her new achievement of receiving a PhD from Beck University, as she claims that these men who worked “tirelessly” to save us from the “scourge” of slavery, her math only off by about 70 years, pushing it off the factual historic road map, and onto most text books being produced via the wizards over at the Texas board of Education, forever, gives us pause to reflect on our mistake and prompts us to consider an apology to the fine congresswoman, for her vision of the future is as clear and straight as her presentation was, that was filmed live by CNN, during her rebuttal of the State of the Union on Tuesday night.  What, with her eyes focused on some way off point in space, as opposed to the traditional, ‘looking into the eyes of the viewer’, you know, looking someone square in the eye, we can see that we are dealing with a brilliant woman, a woman of vision and KNOWINGNESS.  There can be no doubt that her FACTS are right because not only is she a Christian tea party right wing extremist, but she has a warm and charming side to her, akin to a rattlesnake, who, if you make any sudden moves, will bite your head off.  Later, she goes from that fantasy land into a real acid trip, bouncin’ down the bunny trail of the talking point, no, rather, the new brainwashing formula, chalk full of chemicals provided to ya’ll from our ‘friends’ at KOCH industries, called w.a.l.m.a.r.t. number 2. Word is she will continue touting the newly revised historically correct definition of said forefathers’, who, next week, Bachmann will reveal, hated Catholics, namely the Irish, intellectuals, you know, those “fancy book learnin’ folk” who think they are above it all, Jews, Muslims, blacks (a slight contradiction that some other confusing talking point will rectify) and most of all poor people, oh, yeah, and also anyone who speaks, knows of, or TELLS THE TRUTH, especially when “they” reveal her strong and unhealthy paranoiac state of mind, bordering on schizophrenia, and running into problems with her giant bubble like head…  (credit Chris Mathews of “Hardball”) well, so much for civility, huh?  However, if telling people the TRUTH and calling out LIARS and nut jobs whose intention to re-write history, thereby dumbing down American citizens whose only “news” outlet is the mindless propaganda machine called FOX NEWS, and whose children, because of a lack of funding for EDUCATION in this country, now score 17th in the world in reading and 31st in the world in math, while Chinese children are number one in both categories, yes, whose children will be even less informed than their parents–if telling people the TRUTH about their intentions is uncivil, then hallelujah, there is still hope.  You can see why Michelle and her pals are trying to re-write the very fabric of our flag, coloring the sky, in their twisted minds, green, and calling it so, for by doing it enough, “belief” will replace the TRUTH, for a belief is not reality, only reality is reality.  So, I will say it once again, if calling all of those people, like Michelle Bachmann out on all of this crap is uncivil, then sign me up, because it will be a cold day in hell, when I allow these monsters, these snake oil salesmen to dis-credit the brave men and women who fought and died to preserve this nation FOR ALL, not just for some, and WE will fight on to keep the TRUTH alive and well, for in the end, it is the TRUTH that shall set you FREE! We have a choice that will be coming up, and that is simply this–do you believe the republican party is just a puppet on a string for the mult-national corporations who have seen record profits this year, while the poor in this country are gaining in numbers, tent cities popping up all over the country filled with the likes of homeless accountants, mom’s, dad’s, sisters, brothers, your friends, your neighbors, your fellow parishioners?  In short, your brothers and sisters that make up the 308 million people in this great country of ours.  When I think of what Paul Ryan said of the “safety net for people who cannot fend for themselves,” and then his snide follow up remark about “we don’t want that safety net to turn into a hammock”, I saw red.  For I was homeless once, after suffering from a blow to the head, an assault that rendered me paralyzed with PTSD.  I can assure you, that when you are homeless, with NO support from anyone, the world is a far different looking place.  There are no real safety nets, save the “Jesus Saves” shelters such as the one in Denver, Colorado, who cannot give as much as you might think, perhaps a warm meal, and a cot for the night, a cot you waited in the cold for for over 3 hours to “attain”.  Is that the “hammock” that you speak of Mr. Ryan?  Before you go shooting your rather large and obnoxious mouth off once again, why don’t you add another routine to your “workout” that you are so proud of and go visit some of the homeless in D.C., look deep into their eyes, for in the end, they are no different than you, and you should count your lucky stars that you are among the lucky ones, who did not fall between the cracks and end up in an ally, with no hope, no light, no food, no water and no “safety net”, let alone a hammock.   Have a great day everyone and may the grace of GOD be upon you ALL, even Michelle Bachmann, for I have learned, via some hard lessons, “Love thine enemies”, giving one pause to comprehend what a man who walked this earthly plane over 2011 years ago said this to that point, “it is easy to love those whom you love and love you, what credit is that to you? Loving your enemies is where the REAL credit lies.”  A little Agape LOVE goes a long way!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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