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April 7, 2011

Wing and a Prayer

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday morning, another nice one on Cape today, here in little old Osterville, a mere football toss from the fabled town of Hyannis Port, the home to the late, great thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, Jack Kennedy, and his beautiful wife, Jackie.  Well, today is the day when we finally find out what Republicorp’s, ooops, I mean the republican party, specifically the puppets who were manufactured by said Republicorp in the form of tea party freshman, real goal is here–to shut down the federal government, that could undermine this fragile recovery as it leads “men”, I’m sorry, Mr. “young gun” himself, or “Bronco” if you prefer, congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the point man in this vicious attack on medicare and medicaid, not to mention the EPA, public education, planned parenthood, and any other social program that helps the majority of “the American People” in this great land of ours.  Mike Pence, another clown representative from the great state of Indiana, republican of course, has the same insane position of possibly holding up passing either another continuing resolution, keeping the government afloat, and open for business, or actually passing the more than half way compromise by the democrats, offer of cutting $33 billion from the federal budget, yes, our pal and fellow humanitarian Mike Pence, a virtual clone of Scott Walker, looks as if he is going to stick by his Glock in that position held by almost every republican in the union–stripping everything from Planned Parenthood, a vital resource for poor and middle class women to seek mostly help with women’s issues, as he continues to contend that Planned Parenthood is actually the largest provider of abortions in the country.  He is LYING through his teeth, as he claims, once again, without any  FACTS to back him up, that tax dollars, by the truckloads, are funneled into this organization to fund the countless abortions that happen right there on the doorstep of that important resource for women all over the country.  That is what the republican party IS, a bunch of cheats and liars who wipe the bottoms of their overlord corporate masters, better known as “the man behind the curtain”.  Planned Parenthood is, again, a vital resource for women all over this country, mostly poor and sometimes abused women, who really do not have any where else to go, in the gathering darkness of a cold and heartless world–headed up by “men” like Pence, who offers the cold coming from his dead heart.  Joan Walsh, from Salon.com appeared on the most excellent ‘Hardball, with Chris Mathews’, only on MSNBC, who showed a clip of Savannah Guthrie, co-host of another fine MSNBC show, airing every weekday at 9 a.m., EDT, “The Daily Rundown”, a much wiser choice than anything you may see on FOX NEWS, including the infomercials, who was speaking to, or rather attempting to have a conversation with ‘the crazy lady in the attic’, Michelle Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, who could not answer a straight forward question of what her major malfunction was when sticking to the FACTS.  Her brain has been thoroughly washed, scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected, as she launched into one of her many nonsensical and childish talking points the republican strategists like Frank Luntz put out there for her.  When I look deep into her eyes, I swear I can see Russia…there is no one home…it is like talking to a robot from an episode of ‘Lost in Space’. Bravo, Savannah! You are an excellent reporter and interviewer for not bowing down to these playground bullies who are figuratively, and more importantly literally stealing the American people’s lunch money.  Joan Walsh was also on the show with Chris yesterday and basically said this in response to planned parenthood and it’s demise, and I paraphrase here, “It is horrible what the republican party is attempting to do in order to have jurisdiction over women’s bodies.”  OK, she did not say those exact words, but the sentiment is there, for truth be told, anyone who knows anything about politics KNOWS that abortion procedures do not define the ‘mission statement’ of this noble group and their great work with women all over the United States–again, in a cold, mean, uncaring United States, where poor working women have no where else to go.  Many of these women are out of a job, or out of a home, or lack a good education, and are therefore at the whim of sick and seditious politicians like Mike Pence of Indiana.  What a dirt ball.  This issue represents one of the “riders”, jargon  used when describing language that is not familiar to the average bear, such as the jargon spoken in my former life as an insurance executive, where we would place a ‘ryder’, called ‘policy ryders’ on insurance products, that are attached to insurance policies for our group clients, not the whole of the American culture to which they are most clearly going after, a culture we all signed up to live in via our voting power of “one man equals one vote.” However, as stated in yesterday’s very long narrative, this has become a culture war much more so than a ‘concern’ about our kids and grand kids futures in the way of long term deficits.  The main goal is to take over the country, and turn back the cultural clock to the early part of the 19th century.  Another ‘ryder’ is one that attempts to kill any attempts to curb GLOBAL WARMING, as that  was once tried and it failed miserably by way of the ‘cap and trade’ bill, laughed at really, by the big polluters out there, such as Halliburton and Koch Industries, whose main goal is to glean as much profit as they can from our natural resources, by way of ‘fracking’, the process of attaining ‘natural gas’, via 596 deadly chemicals that are seeping into our clean water drinking source (a commodity that will be worth more than oil or gold in a little less than fifty years), as they give nothing back to our society at large, in fact, they are killing it, one cancer victim at a time.  These ryders that are attached to a BUDGET bill, where a social ryder has no business being, especially at this critical mass, go even further, in their war against equality for gays, minorities, women in the workplace and the evil condemnation of an entire FAITH, namely the Muslim faith, where over 1 billion people call home, home in their heart.  99 percent of which are peaceful, honorable people who are far more intelligent than the likes of anchor personalities over at FOX NEWS.  And finally, of course, it is the unions that they wish to break the backs of, (although with the recent win in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Justice race, where the republican was leading, prior to the whole Scott Walker fiasco, by 30 points over a Ms. Joanne Kloppenberg, the democrats claimed victory, as Kloppenberg WON by 204 votes late last night, a tremendous backlash to the corporate sponsored plan to destroy public unions and their ability to collectively bargain for fair wages, safe working conditions and a VOICE in the democracy, via organizing to collect money to go up against the Goliath named ‘Citizens United’) and they believe, by doing so, in such a devious way, using the disguise of “balancing the budget” while they turn around and give huge tax breaks to corporations that set up shop in their state, while they take away programs for the poor, the elderly, cut teachers, cut firemen, cut policemen, and cut anything that does not help the bottom line of REPUBLICORP, they can break this democracy, and simply call it a democracy that is not worth the paper that it is printed upon.  That sacred 236 year old document, made of paper, called the Constitution of the United States of America, spelled out quite clearly the importance of ‘checks and balances’, especially when it came to the Supreme Court, a court that was not meant to legislate from the bench, rather interpret the laws in an impartial and wise manner, bringing all of our experience as a nation, in previous Supreme Court decisions with it, not bringing a tan from the recent ‘all expenses’ paid trip to the KOCH brother’s retreat in Palm Springs, California, where one of our “justices”, Clarence Thomas spent four days and nights with the sponsors of said event, you guessed it, “the brother’s koch(can you say ‘conflict of interest? Sure, I knew that you could…’ credit the late, great Fred Rogers of PBS).  With Citizens United now on firm bedrock with no one, seemingly, being able to do anything about it, as billions of dollars will find their way into the pockets of nincompoops like our newly elected manufactured tea party freshman, who could not find Afghanistan on a map, the people of this country must be educated somehow to what is really going on, thus, VOTE accordingly, while hopefully not, as in the rampant Stockholm Syndrome that I spoke of yesterday, against their own best interests.  This is why I say our country has been hijacked by big business, evil business interests, who don’t give a damn about what the republican puppets keep referring to i.e., “The American People” WAKE UP AMERICA! These policy riders did not just appear out of thin air, nor were they the ‘idea’ of freshman republican morons, no, these are the a direct result of sophisticated republican think tanks, such as the Mackinac Group, out of Michigan, who use actuaries, accountants, creative, albeit evil, intellectuals, like Rove and Luntz, and consultants to determine the best course of action to attain their ultimate goal of really, really BIG government for the masses, and really, really small government for the Plutocracy, that will one day run the government, hell, what am I saying, there won’t really be a government, nor a United States any longer, only on paper, paper, again, not worth the ink it is printed on.  The powers that be at the moment wish to buy every politician in D.C., every Supreme court judge in every state in the union, not to mention the highest court in the land, every congressman, every Senator, every governor and every state and local district judgeships, for then, they will be in the position to say, “it’s legal.”  If scumbag governors, like Rick Snyder or Rick Scott of Michigan and Florida respectively, get their way, they will bankrupt their states, and, in Snyder’s case, will just dissolve say, Michael Moore’s hometown of Flint, Michigan, turning it into dust, after it takes everything of value from it.  This again, all being done in the name of the ‘budget’, which is a smoke screen, a ruse, all while saying, “we have to think of our kids and our grand kids”, whose kids and grand kids do you speak of sir?  We will see all of this go down in a pile of ashes, this great country of ours, if someone does not stand up and break this mold, this rut we have found ourselves, collectively as a nation in, while we watch our cities, towns, roads, bridges, schools and churches, fall into disrepair and crumble into the sea–much like our collective spirit, while the extremely wealthy, want even more, and that, being to destroy mother earth, in all of her glory–all for the glory of the Almighty dollar, spurred on by ‘men’ like Donald Trump, whom everyone seems to look up to.  How sad is that? We will have no one to blame but ourselves if we allow this trend to continue.  So don’t just sit there and think you can do nothing about it.  I am here to say you can. This is still a FREE COUNTRY, and it is up to us to stop the bullies on the playground and bloody their nose for a change, for that is the only way to deal with bullies, shame them into submission.  God’s continued speed to the great people of Japan, we here at seacapecod.net and all of Cape Cod and the Islands are still and always will be with you.  Have a wonderful day folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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