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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 7, 2010

Wind Power

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, surf and sun of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  It is good to be with you on this beautiful Monday morning, a four letter word with six letters to some, as the sun has made it’s return to the Cape with a spectacular sunrise just a few minutes ago… The week end brought more bad news to the residents of the Gulf however, as the cat is out of the bag regarding bp and the fact that “facts” don’t really mean all that much if liability is in play.  Since the beginning of this monumental oil disaster, bp, the company responsible, has LIED to the American people.  They lied about their ability to contain a “spill” if it occurred, they lied about the amount of oil being spilled each day into the Gulf waters (now estimated by credible scientists to be as high as 84,000 barrels daily gushing out of the well head), and they lied about the damage being done (as their goons keep photo journalists away from dying Pelicans, Dolphins, and other sea creatures, not to mention the marsh lands themselves) to the environment as a whole.  Bp is synonymous with LYING! Again, the question was posed to “Thad” Allen, the Coast Guard Admiral who seems like he would rather be eating a bologna and cheese sandwich than answer any more of the media’s questions, regarding the idea of “supertankers” (used in another oil spill in the Gulf of Arabia in 1993, cleaning up 90 percent of the oil in that Gulf) to suck up the invisible oil as it reaches the surface.  His response was too quick and left a lot of room for doubt.  Doubt that he even knows what the hell he is doing, and whether or not he is a pawn for the oil industry.  I would tend to lean towards the latter.  The question of “dispersant” in the “clean up effort” by bp raises many more questions than the “solution” offers.  First, these chemical dispersants are highly toxic, having been banned in the U.K. for over ten years, and can actually CAUSE more damage to the environment than leaving the oil to “degrade” in the water by itself–making cleanup much more manageable.  The chemical dispersants, the only thing bp did with a sense of urgency, causes the oil to be broken down into “micro-carbons”, virtually invisible to the naked eye, and thus, make the water “appear” to be cleaner than it actually is.  This is a win-win for bp, for on the one hand, the liability (bp’s main concern) of the giant oil company will be lessened– for what one cannot see, must not exist.  On the other hand, the more “invisible oil” in the Gulf means less visible oil on the pristine beaches of Destin, Florida, one of my favorite beaches in all of the world (the Emerald Coast).  Therefore, bp has gained the upper hand in the spin war that is now in full gear along one of America’s most beautiful shore lines–the Gulf coast.  Tony, “I just want my life back, and could someone pass a scone”, Hayward (CEO, bp) was splattered all over the news this past week end, as the public is finally getting some hardball board room bulls$%T, leaving the transparency of Tony up to the viewer at home.  I have been in plenty of board room meetings and I can assure you of one thing–when this “accident” happened, the powers that be at bp went into high damage control gear, with the battle cry being, “save our stockholders, save our stockholders, save our stockholders!”–a.k.a., S.O.S.! So here we are, at day 49 in this epic battle of man versus oil, or better yet, man versus himself, as we spin on into another week of finger pointing and lack of competence.  We will see more of God’s creatures dying needlessly in the waters of the Gulf– from one of our “shining seas”.  We have allowed a foreign company, who seems to own the Executive, Legislative and Judicial, to rape and pillage our land–and all for what?  So that bp’s stock price could go up a quarter of a percent.  That is the real reason why the rig blew up to begin with–GREED.  Profit over People is not just an American trait anymore, and it is certainly not for breakfast anymore either.  It has become the norm as we become complacent as a nation and just say, “hey, we tried.”  We did nothing of the sort.  We allowed another big corporation to run rough shod over  good people who have been taking it for years under the happy guise of corporate logos all lit up in the neon signs of the times, flashing– “Buy Now, Save later”.  When it should have read, “Save now, buy later…”  GODS SPEED to the Gulf, and all of the people, plants and animals therein… Have a wonderful week folks!  Peace~M

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