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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 12, 2009

Will there be swans?

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Swans?  Swans are possible.  Probable actually, as this morning at about 6:30 a.m., with the sun rising in the east and a stiff southwesterly breeze warming the temperatures on the ground, high above me I watched in complete awe, 2 swans flying a thousand feet above.  When I visited Cape Cod, many years ago, I recall seeing these great birds and wondering, “could there be anything more beautiful?”  Until I saw one in full flight.  Today was another one of those days.  Much water has passed under the bridge of time, and I have left many people behind me.  That is the sadness I carrry in my heart.  For as I walked alone this morning, I was not alone, for I carry all of the Love I have ever shared with this world and the beautiful people who live in it.  I honor them all and mabye, just mabye, by seeing those swans today, not with my body’s eyes, but eyes that come from a different place of the heart, I was able to forgive.  Not really defining what it was that I was forgiving, I simply allowed the healing touch of the divinity of forgiveness to flow through me and out of me, leaving me with deeper peace and clarity.  I often forget that and it is in the remembering that the true beauty of the human soul abounds.  Without thought, I walk and wonder how those souls are doing, out there in mist.  Bittersweet, yes, as many of them I shall never see again, and yet as I watched those 2 birds of majesty fly effortlessly into the sunrise, so high above the rolling green of the lonely golf course, I prayed a simple prayer of thanks that I even knew them–for they were a gift to me, a gift I noticed not long enough.  Love is eternal and it is in the remembering of that, that makes it real, undying and everlasting.  They all have in common one underlying, undeniable truth–that I love them.  Let not the smallness of the thinking mind, cloud the beauty and bliss of the love that exists in your own heart, may it soar and share it’s gift to the world.   Peace M

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