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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 19, 2020

Will there be Swans?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly cloudy, cold, calm, calculated island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE from our ‘global headquarters’ here in Historic Hyannis, on famous Ocean Street, on this Thursday morning, The Nineteenth Day of November, 2020, recalling a little girl’s question to her Dad, prior to “CON”VID-19(84), on her first summer visit to these magical shores of the Cape and Islands,

“…will there be Swans?”


“Two Swans whenever possible.”

Quite likely if one is on Cape Cod, however, if in Washington, D.C., or many other mega regions within this once proud, free and fair Republic, one is more likely to experience deep state devilish monsters from “the Black Lagoon”, than a graceful, peaceful, elegant, beautiful majestic bird created by Divine Intelligence. Indeed, not ‘born’ in some maniacal ‘DARPA’ underground D.U.M.B. lab, a man made created horror only Dr. Frankenstein would approve of…

Here are some FACTS you might have missed on your Facebook highly censored and bogus ‘news’ feed, the story begins with a little known Executive Order signed into law by U.S. President Donald J. Trump on September, 12, 2018.

That order, available at  Whitehouse.gov, is entitled, “Executive Order on imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a United States election.”

In that Executive Order, which almost no one has covered since the day it was signed, President Trump declares a National Emergency.

That emergency is still in play today, and the 2020 election was conducted under this state of emergency, which is a crucial point to what’s coming next…

Many are claiming the election is over (corporate media hookers), that sleepy Joe is ‘the president elect’, yet some are questioning why this is relevant due to the obvious massive voting fraud carried out by democrats and the deep state,

i.e. the Cabal.

Because the voting systems used in the 2020 election cycle in the U.S.–computerized and synchronized by the CIA--“Dominion” and “Scytl” are both foreign owned corporations, based in Canada and Spain respectively.it seems plausible that “Dominion” based election theft is a foreign interference issue…

This is what big tech, fake news and fake science gets you.


You can smell it a mile a way!

A stolen presidential election under cover of fog from a planned fake pandemic.

What people are missing is that Trump’s 2018 Executive Order gives authority to the DOJ (Department of Justice), to seize all assets of individuals and companies who were complicit in aiding or,

covering up;

this foreign interference in U.S. elections.

That would, of course, have to include practically every CNN (communist news network) or MSLSD ‘news’ anchor, every big tech CEO, in fact all journo-terrorists, like shill ‘writers’ on staff at the New York Slimes, or Washington Host.

They are all COMPLICIT in gaslighting America and covering up the massive voter election interference from foreign nationals…

Five “EYES” in the sky right boys?

Just as there are only 5 GLOBAL corporations who control what you SEA on “TV”!

It’s a miracle we are not all brainwashed, but give the Rockefeller & Co. time,

say a prayer for the owl ‘they’ found after cutting down his/her home;

hope you have a wonderful life in New York “Rockefeller”!

“W.H.O.”!  “W.H.O.”! “W.H.O.”!

(five companies own all content on television and the internet and most all information via papers, movies, books, magazines, games, virtual reality oculus content…)

Go find that Swan!

Have a super supreme Del Taco kind of day won’t you?


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