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March 17, 2016

Wild Irish Roses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, calm, colorful and Celtic island of Nantucket! This humble reporter prays all ye lads and lasses have a safe and festive St. Patrick’s Day! It is a another magical Thursday morn’ down on the docks of Historic Hyannis Harbor, The Seventeenth Day of March, 2016, broadcasting LIVE on the still frigid waters of this hamlet formed by an Ancient Ice Age some 11,500 years ago…

Many memories of this day from the Redwoods to the Gulf Stream Waters…

New York’s 5th Avenue drunken parade, Chicago’s green rivers and faces, foggy conditions in Lower Downtown Denver, San Francisco’s wild cable car rides, Destin’s leprechaun white sand, South Boston’s “original” blackout, Dublin’s Guinness factory, lo, many a pint raised on a day honoring a Saint who drove out the snakes? on that fair Emerald Green island of Ireland…

What was it that Frank Sinatra once said?

“Whiskey was invented so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world.”

Perhaps that is the reason for this holiday, but who really knows this Patrick character, and what was he really up to?

According to author William Federer (”St. Patrick”), was not Irish, but English.  He never drove out snakes from that most beautiful island from the Ring of Carey to Belfast, Cork to Dublin, always check ye facts lad; this island never had any of those creatures, save some slimy politicians/plutocrats/patriarchs… He did however, find Ireland, “…all heathen, but left it all Christian.”  He had a rough start, kidnapped as a boy, enslaved for six years, miraculously escaped only to return at the behest of a vision/dream, prompting him to go back to face his fear. By his death in 461 AD, he had founded 300 churches, baptized 120,000 believers, and his followers re-evangelized Europe. It is well known that Patrick was one of the few figures in recorded history directly responsible for the completely non-violent religious conversion of an entire nation.

Not a bad day’s work, “when the green, dark forest was too silent… to be real…”

(credit: Gordon Lightfoot, singer/guitarist/songwriter/poet; “Canadian Railroad Trilogies…”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ye fine, fine people!


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