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September 29, 2014

“Whose Land?”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the delightfully cool, calm and star lit morning of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on another early Monday morning, before the sun has risen, around six-thirty a.m.–‘that’s insane man…you should sleep later, it’s better on your Constitution’ (credit National Lampoon’s, written by the late, great Harold Ramis, comedy album,“That’s not funny, it’s sick”, circa 1972), this twenty-ninth day of September, 2014, the start of ’sweeps week’ over in Iraq and Syria as the bombs continue to fall…Did you pick up the kids school supplies at that new Walmart yet hon?  And keep an eye out for that tree that fell on the barn from the tornado the other day–’ member, we got them hornets!

Speaking of hornets, how ’bout all the ’stuff on the news lately huh?  I live for the Sunday talk shows, for therein lies a treasure trove of lies, innuendos, subtle exposure of corporate agendas, and the beating heart of the human ego, alive and well in our political ‘friends’ that grace the sets of “This Week” (ABC), “Meet the Press” (NBC), “Face the Nation” (CBS), not to mention our pals ‘ore at FOX, whose idea of an idea is someone else’s idea, namely, a very, very rich man’s idea, whilst he be sitting in a mansion somewhere on Nantucket right about now, telling ‘us all’ what’s up and what’s not.

Listening to the dribble emanating from John Boehner’s (Speaker of the House of Representatives, and proud NRA card carrying member of the Republican caucus) boozy lips yesterday, lookin’ fresh as always, I thought I would convey his words for posterity’s sake, you know, for the REAL history books to come…

“We have focused like a laser these past three and a half years on jobs (lobbyists, big oil/gas/coal ‘jobs’) and the economy (Wall Street ’shareholder’ profits), with over 40 bills sitting in the U.S. Senate (bills written by the conservative shadow branch of the U.S. government, A.L.E.C., the American Legislative Exchange Council,…brought to you by Koch Industries and the like, ‘manipulating and poisoning America since 1987!’–please Google), let’s get those bills passed!”

That’s right John, F the working poor.  Is that why you cry all the time?  Because your soul is screaming at you to buy it back?  You know, with some good deeds?  You like golf right?  Be more like Carl Spackler and help out by helping out some rich guys rid themselves of gophers on the golf course?  Is that really what Carl was saying here John?–”…so I jumped ship at Hong Kong, made my way to Tibet, got on as a looper, you know caddy, pro jock… Who do you think I get?  The Dahli Lama himself, you know, twelfth son of da Lama.  The Lama’s a big hitter…long” (credit Bill Murray once again and the classic 1980 film, “Caddyshack”, also starring the late, greats, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield! Rent it at Blockbuster tonight!)–eventually gaining what we are all looking for on the earth– pure bliss, total consciousness? So you got that going for you?  Which is nice?…

But you don’t want that peace and love stuff, no sir.  So your next comment is long in the tooth only on that fine ABC Sunday news show coupled with a fine U.S. Navy commercial showing off their newest member to their ‘team’, the ironically named aircraft carrier, ‘the George H.W. Bush’, the third. It seems it needs that bit of tradition at the end of it, ’cause it just might start, God Forbid, World War III.

But, please, continue John, what’s that last thing?  “How about the Keystone Pipeline?  Broad bipartisan support (not true) in the House and Senate…”. By all means Mr. Speaker, let’s give the green light to the biggest polluters out their, who have doubled their vast chemical company wealth from 50 billion to 100 billion just in the past couple of years, literally, all due to a complete LACK of regulations (via the “Halliburton Loophole” of 2005, a Dick Cheney special!) on all of those fun chemicals in the fracking process and other stuff, killing off all kinds of living things in the Rifle, Colorado area…   Just ask the REAL residents who live there!  They’ll tell ya!

If that horrible pipeline is approved–if the fine President of the United States, Barack Obama,–allows a Canadian company to build a pipeline that goes directly across the most vital aquifer in the land, the Ogallala, pumping all of that dirty, the dirtiest form, and most dangerous, of oil across that  fertile soil belonging to us all (especially Native Americans, whose land this all really IS anyway if you think about it rationally, logically, ethically and spiritually) exposing the land to inevitable spills, it may be the worst thing to ever happen to this great land of ours, a true rip off of the American People…  For we ALL KNOW that the Lion’s share of profits coming from this shady deal will be going to said Kansas Koch Brothers, who stand to double that 100 billion if it is approved.

Of course, proponents like the Speaker of the House will tell you differently, like it will bring ‘jobs’ and all.  True estimates, hundreds, maybe. Plus, he really, really hopes it will won’t leak.  But when it does inevitably do that very thing as they all do eventually, rest assured ‘they’, Keystone XL won’t be there to help ‘clean it up’…   Just ask the folks affected in the bp oil disaster of 2010, you know, the fisherman who don’t have any fish to catch because they are all mostly non-existent or filled with oil?  Yeah, John, tell us ‘dumb American people’ all about how destroying yet more of our precious water (worth more than GOLD soon) sources is a good thing?  Just like THEY do with the FRACKING all over the country now.  Lovely spent fracking water ponds, just lovely… glow in the dark lovely.   Coming to a town near you soon, i.e. YOURS.

Let’s not kid ourselves John, you know, about who you work for and all.  The gigs up.  And WE are on to you and the agenda this 21st Century GOP, moreover, who they really work FOR.  It is not ‘the American People’, no sir.  Well, technically it is, only the number is slightly less than 333 million.  I was told there wasn’t going to be any math, let’s see, what’s .001 of that number?

You SEA folks, if that dirty, oily, tar sands/sludge pipeline project is approved–a pipeline built for the explicit purpose of exploiting U.S. lands (who take on all the risks with none of the rewards) from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico; a pipeline that will carry this highly toxic sludge from those tar sands pits of hell to the Gulf to export out to the world markets–the earth is in big trouble.  Reminding ourselves the fact that NONE of that oil remains here, ‘for the American People’, as it drifts out to it’s new home, that being the home of the HIGHEST BIDDER.  Money talks and bull$hit walks ‘ain’t that right John?  Except the Bull$hit is emanating from people who don’t give a damn about the real majority of those American people you and yours claim to love so.  So with this election coming up, save us your gravitas and fake bravado, and know that as the seas continue to rise, storms get stronger and stronger, fires rage on in the West, temperatures go up and up and up, you will know the meaning of the words coming from REAL climatologists who warn the citizens of planet earth, and I quote (regarding the unearthing of those tar sands, chalk full of carbon dioxide, via the Keytone XL Pipeline and what it will eventually do to our planet), “…will spell lights out for the environment.”

The problem is crazy people don’t understand logic, or FACTS–they just live in their own deluded minds while the weak are exploited en masse, as our children and their children’s children pay for their ignorance and greed.  Tisk, tisk, tisk Mr. Speaker, aren’t you in over your head?  How many masters do you have?  No wonder why you drink so much.  The big question is how do we secure the ‘border’ of sanity from the 21st Century GOP?  Whose hijackers are destroying democracy (with that little letter ‘d‘) from the inside out, i.e. ALEC, answering only to that WILL of the big polluting plutocrats who lust for more and more profits coming at the expense of more and more people. “Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack!” (credit the classic 1988 film, starring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin, “Midnight Run”).

Have a great day and week ahead folks and be kind to the little things, those who need protection. The true blessing of POWER. For we are really all the same and we are not alone.  The Light shines through the darkness.  Always… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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