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February 21, 2012

Who are you really?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the starry, mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you at this five a.m. hour, February 21st, 2012, a Tuesday on Cape, and, I assume, the rest of the world, coming to you LIVE from Cotuit, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, as you look out onto Brandt Point above, the “Lighthouse with nine lives” on the beautiful island of Nantucket!  Yes sir, this is Michael Mosier, author and creator of seacapecod.net, one of those radical ‘phony theology’ types, an independent, no advertising, long haired, filthy, hippy, a real life tree huggin’ peaceful environmentalist, doing all of this for FREE, a man that does not believe Rick, “I’m for small government, except when it comes to your bedroom”, Santorum, the former Senator from the great state of Pennsylvania, comprehends what the word STEWARDSHIP actually means, as he continues hauling the heavy talking points of the ruling plutocratic class, hauling it like a mule up the steep hill of hypocrisy, bullying, and an overall lack of understanding of what Jesus said over 2012 years ago…(you brought Jesus into this insane republican process Rick, not I).  But, forgetting about the all important ONLY REAL issue facing mankind today, the warming of the earth’s atmosphere due to the continued Ostrich like attitude to the continued FOLLY of spewing tens of millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air daily 24/7/365, creating a greenhouse effect that is making the world warmer, melting the ice sheets (that you can sea from space, you moron!), pumping more water into said atmosphere, creating stronger storms, wickedly more severe droughts and rising sea levels, with dire consequences to come if mankind does not act soon, yes, forgetting that petty “phony theology”, you know, hoping ALL human beings outlast this human folly of it’s own making, yes, forgetting all of that ’science’ or ‘fancy book learnin” for a moment, I have a question for republicans on the wrong side of basic human rights for women, who contrary to some radical republican viewpoints, are completely equal to men.  What part of the year 2012 don’t you understand? “What we have here is a failure to communicate…” (credit the late, great Paul Newman and one of his many classic films, “Cool Hand Luke”). Again, the vast majority of women in this country, three out of four, do not want this ‘daddy state’ (credit the great new MSNBC Saturday and Sunday ‘left wing, intellectual, elite, subway ridin” talk show extraordinaire, following Chris Hayes’ “UP”, which begins at 8 a.m., both days, yes, please credit Melissa Harris-Perry’s “MHP”, on at 10 a.m. sharp both week end mornings, keeping it real, a must sea), and agree with President Obama on this basic contraception ‘issue’, a throwback cultural issue from the 1950’s ’cause the republicans don’t have jack $hit to stand on, and they know it.  This country is not the year 1905 when Teddy Roosevelt, one of my favorite Presidents, due to his stance on ‘preserving the wilderness’, made only one mistake when he made it clear to the country that women NOT getting pregnant was somehow ‘treasonous’, on par with a soldier running away in the face of battle.  ‘We have come a long way baby!‘, and the insanity of the ’sonogram bill’, an incredible over reach (something I thought the republicans were opposed to FUNDAMENTALLY, you know, small government and all) of an overzealous right wing march (President of N.O.W., Terry O’Neill, going so far as to call it rape) that seems to be very interested in population control (slave labor?) and disenfranchising American voters (thanks to the new tough voter ID laws, the real FRAUD), virtually stripping most African American males of the right to vote, and other groups within that demographic, along with students, the poor, the poor elderly, and others, effectively stealing the, God forbid, the election of our next President, Senators and congressman, playing dirty pool with a big wide grin on their faces.  This, of course, is the backdrop to the big story the republicans have successfully buried, the lead story, the day in and day out of the destruction of our environment (i.e., the Keystone XL pipeline, an expose I will be presenting in a week or so) with immoral ‘natural gas’, “I’m sure it’s perfectly safe”, FRACKING, poisoning the air and water with 596 deadly, secret, unregulated chemicals that are killing people and wildlife already in 34 states of our 50 United States–drilling for that ‘cheap’ form of energy, for PROFIT, literally taking away our ‘kids and grand kids futures’ (republican talking point #337), all in the name of the plutocratic platitude “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE“, a mantra that has been very effective for over thirty years now, yes, continuing on with this VERY immoral rape and pillage of our earth (I too am a Catholic, big time, RICK!, WALKING my TALK), to which much explaining will have to be done ‘in the next life’ (credit the classic film, “Midnight Run”, starring the incomparable Robert De Niro and very funny Charles Grodin), that is, of course, and I have to take him at his word, if Rick Santorum truly believes in the TRUE word of GOD, yes, all of this nonsense, unnecessary nonsense will have to be explained to future generations as the world heats up to the point of no return.  Question two Rick, how is being a steward of the earth so that our kids and grand kids can have the same earth to play and explore in, how is that unchristian, or part of some ‘phony theology’?  Further, who the hell made you POPE?  This year of 2012 is a shakedown, an expose if you will for the soul.  Have you noticed how republicans have nothing more than talking points, “points” that, upon closer scrutiny, reveal the deep cracks in the double talk and standards defined in hypocrisy, hypocrisy and blatant, rather obvious to the trained eye, MASS HYPNOSIS ? (credit FOX “NEWS”). Thus, keeping that status quo represented in the GRAND CANYON metaphor of the HAVES and the have nots, a gap that is widening everyday.  For what else could be the answer to this insanity around reproductive choice?  Person-hood?  Who the hell is anyone on planet earth, save Jesus himself, who, if you truly believe in the Son of God, will be paying a visit fairly soon, yes, who the heck can say he or she is qualified to make that distinction?  Especially when those decisions are being made by older, middle aged, uniformed, or just plain ignorant, dare I say stupid, white, for the most part, men who use religion as a weapon more often than the LOVE for which it was intended.  Jesus once said, “Those without SIN be the first to cast the stone.”. Remember, this new Virginia law boils down to forced birth.  Women of America unite and stand up for what is RIGHT and what is most clearly wrong!!  Bullies back off when their noses get bloodied.   Have a nice day folks and keep on keeping on, this is going to be one heck of a year!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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