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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 6, 2009

White Steeple

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Nantucket has one of the oldest white steepled churches in the whole of New England.  Sitting atop one of the few hills on the island, the church has stood the test of “time” and rests like a mother protecting her small children.  The storms came yesterday with ferocity and as I looked out onto Nantucket Harbor this morning, it once again felt like Christmas…  One note of meteorological interest, however, is this–Houston, “we have a problem”, Texas received 3 inches of the white stuff less than 36 hours ago, while Syracuse, NY (normal annual snowfall of 273 inches) has received no snow as of December 5th, 2009–you do the math.  Global warming is no joke, as I have repeatedly said in my daily dissertation, and as we gear up for Copenhagen, Denmark and the world conference on the “hoax” of global warming, I would ask you to consider the facts…Perhaps the misinformation is not with the scientists who have documented the warming of the earth’s atmosphere for decades now, but with the folks who “own” the airwaves, spreading lies and propaganda daily for voracious appetites who have been trained to crave sensationalism over substance, feeding a vicious circle of non sense.  You cannot blame the electorate for this blunder, only the few individuals who are not interested in yours or my grand children’s welfare…their only interest is in the almighty dollar.  The United States will have at it’s disposal (one of ten republican Senators) Mr. Inhoff, a republican from the great state of Oklahoma!  Mr. Inhoff’s dim view of the world perhaps began when his parents gave him the middle name of “mountain”.  You got it, mountain.  Not only does this “senator” truly believe that global warming is a hoax, he is arrogant enough to travel 8000 miles to a foreign country and display his stupidity to the world…this of course, proves to the world that our country has split into the rational and irrational.  What other conclusion could an intelligent human being make?  The great tragedy in all of this is this–GLOBAL WARMING is very real indeed and if we cannot even be represented, with truth and good faith, in a global conference on the health of a very sick planet, we have truly lost our way as a nation considered by many in the global community as a leader in solving so many of the world’s problems.  It is as if the bullies of the playground have taken over the entire school, from the Superintendent on down, and live only to satisfy a warped desire for money and power.  The good news is that God created the world, even the Senator Inhoff, and that unseen power is infinitely stronger than anything a small minority of thugs in Washington D.C. could ever conspire.  Einstein once said, “God does not play dice with the Universe.”  Have a wonderful Sunday!  Peace~ M

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