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March 9, 2009

White Sand

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Good morning, albeit a soggy one here on the Cape, and welcome to Monday!  After Mass on Sunday, I watched “This Week with George Stephenopolous” on ABC and listened with great interest to what the pundits had to say about the financial hurricane we are in right now–globally.  The problem that we as a nation have right at this very second is confidence.  The “round table” was chaired by the conservative elite voices of George Will and David Brooks of the New York Times, both of whom felt that the stimulus bill that has just been passed is filled with “earmarks” and wasteful spending, such as putting in new track for America to run on (green technology and rebuilding our crumbling schools)  you know our future…Brooks said, “normal fear turned into terror”, and as I watched the unemployment numbers to the tune of 600,000 plus jobs lost in the past two weeks alone, you can see what the fear is based upon.  Cokie Roberts of ABC News, brought up “Saturday Night Live” and the skit where someone dressed up as Treasury Secretary Bill Geitner, and said, “we are putting 420 Billion dollars aside and we will give that to anyone who can fix the current economic crisis.”  In other words, even the banks, the “banksters” who acted like mobsters in taking this first bailout (TARP) and popping for Crystal and parties at that lavish hotel in Monarch Beach, in Orange County near Newport Beach, where I lived on and off for several years, do not have a clue as to how to fix this “Great White” problem.   Let me tell you, that hotel is about as lavish as one can get in the Orange County area.  So, the crisis in confidence is all over the place with little good news to be seen.  The republicans complain of big government, when in truth Obama is increasing the size of the government by only 2%, and most of that is health care–this is not socialism.  The morons in Washington who are providing a dis-service to their constituents back home by lying to them  and putting the fear of God into them, should forgo their “leadership” positions.  God does not deal in fear, that is ego and these far right wackos who follow the likes of Rush Limbaugh, the comedian, should be ashamed of themselves.  If socialism is to come, it will come in the form of a wheelchair, because by the year 2013, the baby boomers will have completely retired and will be looking to the government to take care of them (entitlement programs such as social security and medicare/medicaid).  The big issues, the “economy”, entitlement programs, the budget, the deficit, two wars, health care, education, energy, GLOBAL WARMING, and the ongoing problem of confidence in this country are all trillion dollar price tags and all need (as Obama is advocating) to be addressed simultaneously–much to the chagrin of the fine senator from Alabama, who’s name is Shelby? it escapes me, who appeared with Chuck Schumer, a democratic Senator from New York.  Mr. southern drawl had this mean scowl on his face that basically said, “I oppose earmarks but I have a bunch of them I would like to see go through that “I” put on whatever bill I was talking about at that moment.”  Hypocrisy.  This is what the American people are sick of.  A bunch of wealthy Senators sitting around with the men and women who put them in office (the lobbyists) wondering what lie they can come up with next and blame the other guy for it.  Washington, if you can hear this please listen…cooperation and compromise, checking the ego’s at the door and getting things done for the American people, for whom you work for, is the only chance you have to save your collective soul.  That is the real revolution that we need to be talking about.   Does Lindsey Graham, the fine Senator from South Carolina really care about anything other than his Bentley and what’s on the “agenda” of the financial elite in this country?  Lindsey does not take orders from the poor in rural South Carolina.  His earmarks are for Myrtle Beach and the state-of-the-art international airport and conference center for the wealthiest 2% of this country who can afford to take a golf outing with the sales team from AIG.  There is a disconnect here somewhere don’t you think?  No one will tell you this on the commercialized corporate brainwashing spam commercial called the NBC Nightly News with my good buddy Brian Williams.  Why the disconnect?  Because Brian and Lindsey play golf together.  Socialism?  We should be so lucky.  The truth is,  we rank around 47th in the world in education, and our rank in the world in regard to healthcare is plummeting faster than I can write this sentence.  After watching as much as I could stomach yesterday, I cleansed my soul with a special on PBS that featured “The Priests” from Northern Ireland, a trio of real priests who sing, intially for fun and now all over the world–healing people one song at a time.  God Bless them and you.  Peace M

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