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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 2, 2010

White Lights

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Sometimes the lights shining on the waters of Cape Cod are so beautiful, they take your breath away…  Greetings and salutations from Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On this Good Friday, I hope you are safe and warm wherever this message may be reaching you.  Good Friday is, of course, the day that Jesus was crucified on Calvary Hill, just outside of the city border of Jerusalem.  What does this mean to Christians and non-Christians alike?  “Pick a card, any card”, George Burns stated in the 1979 movie, “Oh God!” starring the musical genius John Denver and the afore mentioned George Burns.  The scene was at the very end of the movie, where George plays the part of God and shows up to save his messenger (John Denver) from the law suit brought on by some of the more zealous members of the Christian faith.  “God’s personal quarterback”, self described statement by an evangelical preacher who looked more like a linebacker, was the plaintiff and the complaint was that there was no way in heck John Denver had actually seen God, let alone having had an actual friendship with the Almighty.  In this scene, the elderly Burns takes the stand and asks the judge to “pick a card”, any card.  He then makes the cards disappear.  The judge then states that he has seen people who had a good “slight of hand”.  Burns then responds, “good, now have you seen this one” (in response to the requests for a miracle) and with that he stands up and vanishes.  All that you can see, is what you hear…the sound of squeaky shoes and George Burn’s voice.  “Why is it that you people can believe in the devil when watching movies like the exorcist, but you can’t believe in God?”  “I know how hard it is for you down here, and even if you don’t believe in me, perhaps it might help that I believe in you.”  “You can either destroy one another, or love and cherish one another, it is your choice.”  Move camera to the judges chambers and the court reporters tape recorder, whereupon the voice of God is absent from the recording.  Denver, the “quarterback evangelical preacher”, the judge and others ask the obvious question, “maybe someone erased it”?  The judge then responds, “no one erases tapes anymore.”  John Denver then pipes up, “don’t you see, he said it’s up to us, he has given us everything we need, we can make this world a better place, if we choose the latter over the former, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, as I have loved you…”  The world was just as “scary” in 1979 as it is 31 years later in 2010.  Our problems may “seems” insurmountable, but not impossible.  The fundamental message of this classic movie is this–God exists within us ALL, our saviors are our brothers and sisters, even the ones we don’t particularly care for. If you open your heart, leave judgement behind, along with attachments and resistance, the world will begin to look different, less scary, less hateful, less violent.  We were not put on planet earth to hate others, we were put on earth to love and cherish eachother–that is praising GOD.  Have a blessed Friday folks and a great week end!  Peace~ M

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