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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 3, 2009

White Light

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Recovered from the fierce winds and sleet that pounded the coast yesterday, with winds up to 50 knots.  As mentioned yesterday, I am heading back up to my town, Boston.  I love that city with all of my heart, and there is nothing better than walking around the city on a cold March morning and taking pictures…God does that sound like a tourist.  Why is it that word has become synonymous with annoyance?  I have never, ever been a tourist–for the best way to find a city is to get lost in one.  Some of my friends and family might say I got lost in more than one.  Living full time on the Cape has it’s advantages, like today, where I am going to Boston seemingly for the first time.  Many people who live both here on Cape Cod and on Cape Ann, where I lived before I lived on Beacon Hill, have never been over the “bridge”.  The 2 bridges here that connect us to the mainland are the Bourne Bridge, coming from the Falmouth Route 28 direction and the Sagamore Bridge, the most heavily traveled.  The body of water the bridges span, is the Cape Cod Canal, built after WWII, allowing seafarers to sail right through Buzzards Bay and into Cape Cod Bay and right into Boston without going all the way around the end of the peninsula where Provincetown lies.  So, when someone who is local says to you, “going over the bridge?”–they are simply saying, have fun on the mainland!  Peace M

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