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February 20, 2015

“…where is the LOVE?”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, frigid, calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this February 20th, 2015, a Friday to be sure, as the eastern half of the United States remains in a cold lock down, with temperatures dipping below zero in many locations around New England; the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront temperature readings outside of the Sea Cape Cod studio rings in at 2 degrees Fahrenheit, with more snow and cold in that much maligned local forecast, seemingly with no end in sight…

Although it may appear on the surface counter-intuitive, January was the second warmest month (world wide) on record, so what you SEA on that surface may not necessarily line up with what is really happening on the ground–in reality. Just ask our old pal from New York, former Mayor of said city, Rudy, “blah, blah, blah, 911″, Giuliani, who recently told the world, “…yeah, you know, I ‘tink dat dirty rat Obama don’t love his country so much.  He don’t love you and he don’t love me… I don’t know, maybe he just wasn’t brought up ‘dat way, you know?  Must be some kind of Kenyan ‘ting or somethin’… But I’m sure our young friend here to my right, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, would agree with me when I say, ‘dat Obama character, he don’t love America so much and I know he don’t love me so much either…”.

The niceties and nobility displayed by then presidential candidate Senator John McCain of Arizona in 2008–when a confused woman got up at a rally and asked the man what he thought of then candidate Obama, “…can we trust ‘em? ’cause he’s an Arab”, to wit McCain (presidential) responded, “…no ma’am, he’s not a Muslim, he’s a good man and Patriot; he’s not a Muslim.”–are obviously long gone.  The soon to be here 2016 U.S. presidential race, beginning with those 2016 elections, and all other races therein, will look more like a junior high school playground than a session at the UN.  Fraught with bullies and bushwhackers, bandits and band leaders, this 21st Century ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ will, (instead of new ideas and inclusiveness), attempt (via the $900 million plus poured into said race via ‘the Koch Brothers’), to pull the wool over said ad naseum “American People’s” eyes once again, hopefully (fingers crossed!), electing a complete, whole and perfect puppet in the form of the pliable and not too bright Walker of Wisconsin, who will complete the coup of the U.S., turning it into a complete plutocracy disguised as a democracy…

Make no mistake about it, this high theater was by design, for who was in the audience that day but men of great wealth and even greater POWER! Men who wish to change the whole concept of ‘what it is to be an American’, bringing forth the plantation concept once again and shunning anyone who dares question authority, let alone military actions overseas.

All while the nation watches Walmart congratulate itself on giving a ‘raise’ to it’s base employees (earning a non-living wage via the national minimum wage of $7.25 an hour), bumping it to $9, with ‘hopes’ of reaching that elusive $10 dollar and hour level by next year!  Bow Wow!  How much money has Walmart really made over the past two decades?  More than I can count.  Just like Koch Industries and ExxonMobil, or any of a number of large, multinational corporations that are poised to take this country over and destroy what is left of our fragile environment.  Tune in to “The ED SHOW” week days on MSNBC, five sharp p.m. sharp, to show you what I am talking about, i.e., what a global oil company did to the people living in and around the Gulf of Mexico; and all of the Wonderful Wildlife therein…

That is YOUR future America if you listen to protagonists like that now sad clown, Rudy Giuliani of New York, whose only function in life now is to spew hate like carbon, feeding the crazies who follow the money, dovetailing with that fake grass roots ‘think tank’ called “Americans for Prosperity”–funded by David and Charles Koch…

I only hope that our friend John Oliver, host of HBO’s very funny “Last Week, Tonight”, does a segment on Rudy Giuliani. You know, the “Why is this still a thing?” segment?  Please? It’s a very funny segment where John and his writers ask the all important, fundamental questions of our time. Such as, “…why is this over the hill politician (with little to no relevance to today’s political power structure), speaking out about OUR fine President Barack Obama, questioning his “Love” for this nation and all?”. 

Where is the love Rudy?

Why don’t you just drink your “Ensure” and play some shuffle board or something, really!  Your hateful queries are not helping and are rather outdated, just like you and your boring 911 story.  How much mileage have you gotten from being “America’s Mayor”? I ‘tink it might be time to cash in your chips, get on a plane and sit by the pool in Boca Raton, perhaps the Marriott?  I know from experience that they have a beautiful pool, a nice work out room, a sauna, a steam room, as well as a well stocked bar, where you can imbibe as much of that 21st Century GOP Kool-Aid you want, leaving the rest of US in peace; not forced to listen any longer to your nonsensical gibberish…

President Obama is doing a better job than your hero, former President George W. Bush, “at this juncture”,  knock on wood, no major attacks on Obama’s watch.  The right wing “extremists” in this country will just have to wait until the plutocrats STEAL the election (God Forbid) come 2016, for they are not in a moral or intellectual position to question the human, patient and intelligent approach this president is taking in the Middle East against violent/extreme hate groups that have used the religion of Islam for their own ends, using beheadings and burnings alike; justified as a means to an end, represented by “the Apocalypse”, ‘praying’ they pull the Americans back into the swamp one final time.  Third time’s the charm!   Fighting men who have hijacked “God” or LOVE in the name hate/death/destruction.  Those two ‘things’ do not mix.   LIGHT and LOVE always triumphs over evil and hate.

‘Twas always thus and always thus shall be…

Have a nice week end folks!


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