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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 16, 2011

‘What planet are you from?’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the sixteenth day of September, 2011, little late in the morning I might add, as the managers of seacapecod.net are fairly flexible about sleeping in, and it is yet another stunningly beautiful one on Cape, as a cold front pushed on through ushering in cooler temperatures, with highs only expected to be in the low 60’s with clear azure sky above…Fall has arrived in stye I must say and even with all the storms, all the leaves are still on the trees and those leaves are still green as a bullfrog.  As we ease on into the weekend, reeling from some rather odd and disturbing comments and revelations emanating from the presidential hopefuls in the most recent republican debate hosted by CNN, such as Rick, “I can’t be bought?”, Perry’s continued stance on Social Security “being a “ponzi” scheme and all, the President’s “American Jobs Act” proposal, numbers on the REAL economic outlook for the U.S. (with actual unemployment numbers at coming in at 16 percent, at least, the uptick in the number of Americans slipping into poverty, and the ever growing gap between the haves and the have nots) and finally culminating, at least for this environmentalist, with the 12 ton Elephant in the room, via the real WINNER of the 2000 U.S. elections, Mr. Al Gore, Founder of Current TV, where that fine station wrapped up a LIVE Internet world wide video stream called ‘climaterealityproject.org’ (please Google)– a 24 hour event, where again, last night on CURRENT TV, after 23 hours of presentations from all corners of the globe, Al gave one of his patented ’slide shows’, much like in his great film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, gifting a window into what is REALLY happening to a world that seems to be in great trouble, weather wise that is.  This window allows for one to see and decide with one’s own eyes and presumably own brain, that the REALITY of what mankind’s activity of emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is actually DOING to the only world we have for the moment, planet earth, is mind blowing, while it shines a bright spot light on the naysayers who have a political and financial stake, angle and interest in keeping the status quo alive and well (while keeping the masses in the dark), profit over people if you will, thereby dispelling myths by the truckload as our friends on the right side of the aisle, politically, can only sit back and wonder how much longer they can keep their collective Ostrich heads in the proverbial sands.  As Mr. Gore put it, “we have to stop these big polluters from continuing to use our air, water and land as an open sewer for their ill fated business practices of destroying our futures, our children’s futures and our grand children’s futures.  Congratulations David and Charles Koch, you have been elected to be the new poster boys for our new film entitled (a working title mind you), “Why does Santa no longer where his red suit, opting for cargo shorts, a polo shirt and flip flops…and what happened to his eight reindeer?” I know, a rather long title, but it is followed up with a shorter already shot sequel, “Why we had to BBQ Rudolph.” A rather grim and dark look into what could happen, should the WORLD decide to not take action NOW, across this planet of all of OURS, as droughts, floods, fires, rising temperatures/rising seas, and more powerful and intense storms leave billions without enough food and clean drinking water to sustain their very lives, essentials we ALL take for granted at this late present day.  As Mr. Gore pointed out in this incredible MUST SEE documentary of Biblical proportions, scientists are facing a great resistance from the big mutli-national corporate polluters, who offer up ‘red herrings’, as opposed to the Blue Heron you see above you, or diversions, to keep the masses from the TRUTH.  Both the TRUTH of what their products are actually doing to the planet, as well as the truth in their never ending efforts of clouding up the science so as to introduce doubt, when there is no doubt at all if you are talking to anyone with any credibility in empirical evidence, or FACTS, or again, THE TRUTH. This comes in the form of the republican Muppet show 2.0 who speak to falsehoods, knowingly or not, regarding those scientific FACTS, 98 percent of them anyhow, echoed in that sentiment of scientists from every corner of the globe, who are all in accordance with a solid fact that is akin to the earth being round as opposed to flat and that it does indeed revolve around the sun, not the other way around.  Something the medieval Roman Catholic church attacked our good friend Galileo for so many moons ago… In a word, of the evidence placed before the curious open mind and whether or not we should take some preventative measures now, indisputable, was used uniformly by ALL of them.  The number of scientists who oppose this concept of climate change?…0.  So, with no further adieu, an exercise that will be repeated tomorrow as I conclude this study, here is the best disinfectant in the world, the sunshine, or the LIGHT, as opposed to Rupert Murdoch’s FOX NEWS ‘fun fact’ (fun for who exactly?) television and print offerings, burnt offering if you will, that introduce fear, doubt, and red herrings designed by the big polluters who wish to poke holes in the ‘climate change theory’, because they might not make as much money (basic human greed), as they continue to damn the consequences, much like the Tobacco industry did back in the early 1990’s, as you will recall those shameful CEO’s going on stage at congressional hearing after congressional hearing, stating unequivocally, that tobacco, specifically cigarettes, are ‘not addictive’, thus, introducing the weapon of choice, doubt, a phenomenon that is repeating itself with much greater consequences if something is not done to stop them.  With the ever increasing temperatures on planet earth, that are caused, almost exclusively, 99 percent, by man’s activity on planet earth in his continued use of the dirtiest forms of energy such as oil and coal, the FOR PROFIT OVER PEOPLE models that have made these oil companies the richest corporations in the history of mankind, but have left a giant carbon footprint on our planet that might eventually kill us all, someone may just get hot enough under the collar to do something about it.   For the tons and tons of carbon dioxide that are spewed into the atmosphere daily ARE the reason the earth is warming exponentially, and because carbon dioxide traps HEAT, trapping that heat coming from our star, the sun, much like a common green house does, it is causing the planet to warm significantly, with 2010 being the hottest year ever recorded on planet earth.  This warming of the atmosphere, causes more and more water to evaporate from the oceans, lakes, streams, all bodies of water, trapping more and more water in the atmosphere right above your head, and thus, causing more and more intense weather phenomena–as the polar ice caps melt, Greenland melts, and every glacier on the planet melts, the seas will begin to rise even more, and combined with the more intense storms, will cause monumental flooding, as well as more and more severe droughts, that could spell our collective doom. Raging wildfires following those droughts, resulting in huge tracks of land being wiped out and virtually inhabitable, with food and water shortages rampant, finally replacing all of the ridiculous and useless “thinking’, actions and overall behavior in Washington D.C., as idiots like Senator James, ‘she’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes’, Inhofe (R-OK), infamous maniac pilot and climate change denier, who once claimed, “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the ‘American People”’, a claim current presidential hopeful Rick, “coyote ugly”, Perry, a republican governor from the great state of Texas, embraces as well, as they all try and muddy the waters for their buddies who pull their strings in the pathetic puppet show Washington has sadly become.  Crony Capitalism indeed Michelle Bachmann!  Food and water shortages all around the world will eventually replace these ridiculous debates as we all look back on years like 2011 and say, ‘why didn’t we stand up to these as$holes and SAVE the planet from a greedy, sick few?’.  So without any further adieu, with the rest coming to you sometime this weekend, I wish to quote the real winner of the 2000 Presidential race, humanitarian and AAA rated environmentalist, Mr. Al Gore, in this platinum MUST SEE documentary called simply CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT. org, where he presented one of his patented ’slide shows’, an update, if you will, from the great film, “An Inconvenient Truth’, the story of our home for the moment, a sad story, regarding this little blue rock called EARTH… enjoy. AND ACTION! Mr. Al Gore: “We have chosen to focus on climate REALITY. The key to finding solutions is to start with an acceptance of what the reality is of what we are facing.  The scientific community has told us of resistance to the TRUTH that they have laid out.  We are now seeing in our own lives, over the last 23 hours, in presentations from all over the world, in our world, in REALITY. When a challenge is difficult, it is tempting to push it away and not accept the reality that we have to confront.  This slide show, which in varying forms, the variations being representative of different regions that have hosted presentations in the past 23 hours, is designed to present that REALITY.  It would be tempting to pretend that we don’t have to face up to this.  And actually somewhere, there may be a world, much like earth, where the temperatures are not really getting hotter, and people are not really suffering the effects of the heat waves.  Somewhere, where the rain storms are not getting bigger, and destroying communities and destroying lives.  There may be a place somewhere, where bigger floods are not wreaking havoc and destroying homes, businesses, and killing people and whole cultures.  There may be an earth SOMEWHERE, where deeper and longer droughts are not killing crops, animals and people, driving up food prices and causing people to leave communities that they had called home for many generations.  There may be a world where fires are not spreading wildly and burning hotter, more intensely and longer.  There may be a world somewhere, where the winds and the storms are not getting more destructive, raising costs for disaster relief and reconstruction.  Somewhere, there may be such an earth.  BUT, its not THIS EARTH. Here we have to deal with reality and think, for a moment, about the reality that has unfolded for us in just this last year alone.  In Pakistan (August 2010) in the devastating floods, we all saw and felt the suffering of those who were caught in those incredible floods (that covered almost the entire country)–20 million people were affected by this flooding, further destabilizing a nuclear armed country. The poorest of the poor were the ones most devastated by this flood. This week, this picture (showing a picture of a man in Karachi, Pakistan up to his neck in water) was taken two days ago, it hasn’t received too much notice, but 5.5 million people have been affected THIS WEEK in Pakistan’s devastating flood.  In Australia, last January, an incredible flood that covered an area as large as France and Germany combined occurred.  And just six weeks ago (in Seoul, South Korea) this mudslide reached the fourth story of this (to see image~ Google “The climate reality project”/Al Gore/Current TV) high rise building…”  Stay  tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of this MUST SEE documentary of Mr. Al Gore’s, via commentary on seacapecod.net, that should change even the most hardened heart regarding the most pressing issue facing the human species TODAY–the warming of the earth’s atmosphere via mankind’s Ostrich like attitude towards using the atmosphere, as Al Gore puts it, “…as an open sewer”, that WILL continue to cause disasters of Biblical proportions if we do not change our collective ways… May you and yours have a wonderful weekend and may the ‘force’ be with you. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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