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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 17, 2011

Well Dressed Lighthouse

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the seventeenth day of June, 2011, a beautiful day on Cape, as the whole region gears up for yet one more summer week end, full of bbqs, concerts and beach outings.  Tonight, I will be at the famous “Melody Tent” in Hyannis, a musical venue that is actually a tent that folds up in the winter only to be reborn in the spring, with musical and other talented guests flying in from all over the world to perform there.  Tonight, opening for the season, is Chris Isaak, who, if memory serves, played some hit songs in the eighties and nineties, that I may, or may not, recall the lyrics to.  The weather should be a factor this evening however, as we are expecting thunderstorms to hit the area around 4 p.m. EDT, but as the concert is not until eight, hopefully, the show will go on.  Some pretty great labels will be on hand this summer, so “come on down, we’ll leave the LIGHT ON for ya!” A sad ending to a sad tale was brought to a conclusion yesterday in Washington D.C., as you all know, so this reporter will not comment any further, save, this–people in offices that hold the public trust should be concentrating on that TRUST, of the PUBLIC, not of multi-national corporations that are divying up this country even as I write these words.  WAKE UP AMERICA and smell the proverbial coffee. The clear choice, in 2012, no matter how much spinning horse$hit flies around the rodeo ring, remains simple…one side of government or “WE THE PEOPLE”, the democrats, are interested in grandma, grandpa, your children’s futures, clean air, clean water, inspected and safe food, the environment, women’s rights, gay rights, the endangered species act, common sense legislation, and a more peaceful world, as we battle the real war that looms ahead–one that will affect us all to some degree or another–CLIMATE CHANGE, with the world getting hotter by the hour whether you stick you head in the sand or not Senator Inhofe (R-OK).  The other, once the republican party, is interested in short term profits for it’s corporate masters, “men” like David and Charles Koch (go frack yourself KOCH INDUSTRIES!), who poison our streams, reservoirs, and rivers with over 750 deadly chemicals in 37 states now, via the “fracking process” used in attaining “natural gas”, killing our people, plants and animals, that WE, as a nation, i.e. the EPA, cannot test, as those powers were stripped in 2005 by the Cheney administration, via some cooked up loophole in Wyoming where it all started.  Yes, these are the fellows that will steal your wallet and help you look for it, all while calling you a “bum” because you can’t buy a job, and you can’t find a job, of course, because all of the decent jobs were shipped overseas where the labor market is much cheaper (i.e. child labor, now being introduced into this country–google that one!), hence a bigger bang for their buck!  The only ray of hope I heard yesterday was from Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) who said that we DO have a revenue problem and we need to address it if, “we are to get our fiscal house in order…”  The choice is so stark that it would take less than a one celled amoeba to figure out the critical thinking on this one–assuming, that is, you are a TRUE patriot, or a MAN who really walks his TALK, regarding the true words of the Faith his party rallies around.   Take in a great week end folks, wherever you may be and remember that those people on “tv” are just that–people, not your Lord and Master.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~!M

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