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February 6, 2015

Weak Tea!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the very cold, calm, and quite sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on this Friday morning–LIVE at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s)–this sixth day of February, 2015.  A happy one to you and yours, with most looking forward to the week end after another grueling week immersed in the perpetual 24 hour news cycle; most of the fine journalists at MSNBC taking a break from the daily grind of fake outrage, horrible acts of violence, or the usual condemnation of anything and everything OUR 44th U.S. President Barack Obama does, says or thinks.  And please don’t forget to mention the scary out of control measles outbreak! For the love of God, could we talk some more about vaccinations and the amazing controversy therein?

Please sir… I beg you sir!  May I have some more measles coverage?

We all know 2016 is a long ‘time’ from now, however, be it known that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is all about this rather foolish attempt to eliminate TRUTH from his dismal record in said blue state where he was elected Governor during that horrible ‘tea party’ revolution in 2010.  A fake grass roots effort funded by the likes of billionaire plutocrats, e.g., Koch Brothers of Kansas, who have an EYE on the WHITE HOUSE.

Make no mistake about it folks, for in that pivotal year, SCOTUS ruled in favor of “Citizens United” (a case targeting the FEC by billionaires, folly that ushered in vast sums of monies (forever) into our electoral process, tainting it permanently until there is a Constitutional Amendment banning that sort of corrupt practice that only acts as an agent to DESTROY democracy with that little letter ‘d’–one that believes, per OUR original U.S. Constitution–that ‘one man (or woman) still equals one vote’.   NOT one giant corporation with the most money takes the White House, no sir!

When that ruling came down, 2016 could be the result, especially if a Republican puppet is elected, God Forbid!  A Corporation becoming KING and placed into that highest and most powerful position on the planet.

If my predictions are correct, and I think that they are, the Koch Brothers and others will put this man (Walker), ahead of a ‘moderate’ like Jeb Bush, a much better choice for the GOP, as he would not be bought by one or two men who plan on the destruction of the environment by eliminating the EPA completely… Also, to keep the masses in the dark, simply take away public education.  In fact, they plan on taking away any and all consumer protections, while simultaneously repealing the newly passed “Dodd-Frank” (common sense financial reform passed after the 2008 Wall Street meltdown that caused the ‘Great Recession’ of that same year, many saying it did not go far enough, claiming the 1933 Glass-Steagall ACT, signed into LAW by then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; a law preventing banks and investment banks from doing business in the same building as it were, should have been in the negotiations back when they had the chance in the early Obama years…), LAW, thus creating more and more risk of another financial crisis with the ‘too big to fail banks’, forcing the “American People” once again, to pony up dough to save those ‘important institutions’ as they watch their collective 401(k)’s shrink to O.  All while the international markets tank big time, along with our own, another ‘SHOCK’…

The only person(s) not affected being people like the Koch Brothers and their ilk, who, let’s be HONEST, care little to nothing regarding the poor or the democracy (that afforded them their WEALTH in the first place…); or the environment apparently, as the temperatures continue to rise and seas follow suit in earnest…

Do people in America SEA the TRUTH?  They keep electing idiot boot lickers who only act in the best interests of their masters‘–the ‘man behind the curtain’–the donors who pull the levers of power in this great nation.

A nation that was built on integrity, courage, fortitude and grace; not greed, selfishness, narcissism, cunning and criminality.

Be warned dear U.S. citizens that ‘Citizens United’ has nothing to do with you or yours.  Unless, of course, you are one of the Koch Brothers reading this blog right now, a very good possibility.  Tell me kind sir, do I exaggerate?  This whole thing has always been about suppressing the TRUTH, the vote, or the rights of people to organize and create a union; indeed to stifle the voices of average American people (mostly blind to what is really going on in a political landscape of double speak and innuendo), via some Heritage Action think tank, that leads to some other lobbying office leading to yet another now common crooked elected official in Washington D.C., who has become nothing more than a human puppet– bending to the WILL of the .001 percent who rule this nation now much like an Oligarchy.  Ironic, considering where we came from as a people, a people begging for LEADERS to stand up to these ‘titans of industry’ and say enough is enough!

A good example of this white washing of TRUTH is our pal Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who recently cut 300 million from public education, including one of the best public university systems in all of America, ‘the University of Wisconsin’, for on top of the financial cuts, he also wished to cut out the word “truth” from the school’s charter, attempting to make it just another employee of the KOCH BROTHERS who wish to privatize the whole of the nation, including it’s citizens, making them less of that word than it appears, for by the soon to be abolished minimum wage (if Republicans gained back the White House in 2016), the SCOTUS gutting of the Affordable CARE Act in June, God Forbid, and the ongoing militarization of police forces all around the country; some finding it difficult to comprehend what the ‘end game’ is for these guys?

Or is it?

Oh, I know, it’s POWER, beginning with the banishment of FREE SPEECH, as they gut the rest of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, culminating in a nightmare scenario of a real dictatorship in this great land, for like GLOBAL WARMING, and the devastating consequences therein, this is all happening very subtly; millions distracted daily by stories on “Morning Joe” or “FOX & Friends”, regarding President Obama’s speech yesterday at the annual, “National Prayer Breakfast”, apparently angering old Joe Joe, claiming those on the left are making false equations with radical Islam and the behavior of early Christians, say during the bloody Crusades, 1095-1291.  I don’t know Joe, I would say that religion has played a significant role in the deaths of millions of innocent people throughout the centuries, with “Islam” as a faith, facing an existential and very real identity crisis, with so many interpretations of the Koran at play.  The vast majority of Muslims not being all ‘that religious’ anyway.

So as we debate that, the threat of the death of democracy and economic FAIRNESS, along with social JUSTICE is at stake; all while more of the world’s glaciers melt away today…

Have a great week end folks and remember that this whole thing, this life, is really only a movie… And like ‘they’ say, if you don’t like your movie, you can always switch reels, or parties!  This is not Nazi Germany, at least not yet!  Give that ‘fake grass roots party–ruled by members of ‘the Heartland Institute’ –a chance! Hell, with Chief Justice John Roberts in charge of the Supreme Court of the United States, anything is possible!

Sprechen sie Deutsch?


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