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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 4, 2010

“We the People”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  At the risk of sounding like a cranky old weather man, overweight and angry about the fact that he can’t get his forecast right– it is going to be another foggy day here on Cape Cod–the third foggy day in a row.  Dowses Beach, as pictured above, will have to wait a few more days before the sun comes out, for the weather forecast for the week end appears to be of the wet variety–no worries however, for every drop of rain is a blessing and the flowers on my deck will just need less watering… I sincerely wish I could say the same about the goings on in the Gulf.  My stomach turned a full 360 degrees, when I viewed one of the few photos available to the general public yesterday.  It was of a Pelican, soaked, literally soaked in thick, brownish oil, screaming out to anyone to help him.  It was so painful to look at, I have a difficult time writing about it.  The latest in the bp crime scene is the fact that bp has hired thugs, claiming they are “police”, to keep photo journalists like myself, from reporting the TRUTH to the American public and indeed, the world.  This is where I blow a gasket…  These scumbags of the highest order must BE STOPPED!  Who gave bp the blanket authority to stop true scientists, engineers and environmentalists from accessing the situation and helping in the effort to keep this oil plume away from our coastal wet lands, (40 percent of America’s wet lands are in the Gulf region), WHO?!  The Obama administration has allowed bp to literally run the show regarding the “efforts” to stop the oil from gushing out of the disabled sunken rig, as this is paramount to getting Tony Hayward’s (CEO–bp) “life back”.  The fact that they have not done so, dragged their feet in telling the world the extent of the damage, and now have made efforts to intimidate mild mannered scientists whose only goal is to help, not to mention photographers who have THE RIGHT to take as many pictures as they wish of the land in which they are citizens of, is now suspect.  Suspect in the sense that we are being fed “talking points” produced by the oil and gas industry that appears to be much more powerful than the President of the United States.  This is a national emergency and we should be treating it as such.  Get the lead out Mr. President.  Fire bp, send them to the moon, take them into receivership, but do something, gosh darn it!  This massive oil spill, this environmental catastrophe is heading to Florida and as soon as it gets in the “loop current” will make it’s way around the tip of Florida and head up the east coast, taking the goopy mess all the way to bp’s home in Great Britain…  This environmental “accident” may not be an accident at all.  Have you ever considered that?  What better way to shut down a President, than to call upon a former Vice President who lied to us all about weapons of mass destruction, drew America into a war with a Middle Eastern sovereign nation, (all for the chess game whose prize is black gold), then exploding a rig in the Gulf designed to RUIN the economy of millions of Americans–i.e. fifty percent of America’s fishing grounds.  If we were lied to about the Iraq war, then why would be told the truth about what appears to be environmental terrorism?  Whether or not this was an “accident” or not, is immaterial now.  For it is a now a category five hurricane fore casted to take down this country if someone does not take away the reigns from “big oil”–an entity, cloaked in the faceless, heartless nature of the corporate milieu.  We must collectively realize that bp is only answerable to it’s stockholders, not the American people.  Question authority, for the “powers that be” are not at all what they seem.  Do you really believe that anyone of any power cares for the poor men and women, the poor birds and animals, the poor marsh lands, who are suffering the greatest heart ache of all–losing one’s home and lifestyle, perhaps for generations to come?  If they did, this never would have transpired… The cart is driving the horse in this country and the man behind the curtain that is pulling the levers of catastrophe, with wild smoke and mirrors, bellowing fearful epitaphs (designed to keep fear and hate in place), is laughing all the way to the banking system he owns, while telling you on the airwaves (FOX NEWS), owned and operated by him, that the “environmentalists” are the culprits in this disaster and if you just continue to hate and remain in fear–everything will be OK.  News flash, it won’t be.  There will be a reckoning, and it is coming sooner than you think– with true JUSTICE prevailing in the end.  For God, or whatever you wish to call God, the divine creative intelligence of the UNIVERSE, has a plan for the world–having nothing to do with the small, fragile ego of man– filled with hate, intolerance for his fellow living co-inhibitors of this earth, and a deep, real fear that his days are numbered.  Keep the FAITH Gulf region and pray for a miracle!    Have a nice week end folks.  Peace~ M

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