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August 30, 2009

We Love You!

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On a sad day here on Cape Cod, especially around these parts, Ted Kennedy was be laid to rest with his brother’s Jack, Bobby and Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., yesterday, on a solemn afternoon, with all his loved ones, whom he knew and did not, said good by.  The gray clouds are giving way to a soft, cool mist as the town of Boston, recovers from the many well wishers who gathered at the JFK Library in South Boston and the Mass that was held at the “Mission Church” in Roxbury, offerings the symbolic appropriateness that Ted would have wanted, as he was and always will be a champion of the disenfranchised.  No voice spoke louder for the down trodden and no soul cried louder for their cause, the one we all live by, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…”  Thomas Jefferson would have been proud to know him, and in those hollowed halls of the United States Senate, perhaps one day, another will emerge to continue the good fight that the Lion of the Senate embodied, that the American citizens who do most of the eating, living, laughing, crying and dying on this soil and the lands overseas, sent there to protect those pricipals that we hold so dear, will not only live on in our own hearts, but will inspire a new generation to rise up and take what is ours, to take back the freedoms that we as a nation have fought over 12 wars to preserve.  As he is laid to rest this Saturday morning in our nation’s capital, let us pause to know the TRUTH and not to give in to the illusion of FEAR.  Let us embrace the LOVE we all are, and banish the hate whose only function is to tear us apart from, NOT to be a part of, let us embrace the JOY that is our natural state of BEING and reach out to our neighbors in need, with a kind word and a strong back.  Realizing once and for all, that GIVING and receiving are really one and the same, and our purpose on this wonderful planet that we ALL hold so dear is to do just that.  Goodbye, sir Lion, and God’s greatest speed, propelling that yar sailing vessel, with a poweful wind to where you wish to go…always.  Peace M

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