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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 22, 2014

Water Watcher(s)…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, crispy cool, silent island of Nantucket! Great to be with you yours early on this Saturday morning, the twenty-second day of March, 2014.  Yet another beautiful spring day, yes, SPRING DAY, hello there!, here on the mainland of this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  This past winter has certainly felt as if it may be returning, but alas, it is but an illusion…I have taken in the power of this most sacred of places, Cape Cod and the Islands, come visit this summer!, by simply walking the paths of our forefathers, namely in the light and footsteps of the Kennedy legacy, strolling past the Compound in peace and silence, with no one anywhere to be seen, only the occasional Cardinal, Great Blue Heron, Blue Jay or  common seagull.  They keep the secret that is little known–real power comes from within...you are a whole lot more powerful than ‘they’ would have you think.

Here WE all are.  No matter where you might be at this particular moment in ‘time’.  Be it Ukraine, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Harlem, Florida, or at the ends of the earth searching for souls who should have come home long ago.  The sad fate of Malaysian flight 370 remains a mystery for all the world, as the fated plane never made it’s destination of Beijing, vanishing somewhere, presumably, 1500 miles off the Australian coast.  This is unprecedented in aviation history, at least of this magnitude, and the reporters’ thoughts and prayers are now with those lost and those mourning, may they find closure and some sense of peace.

Of course, this story is a sideline to what has happened in the country of Ukraine.  Crimea is no more, becoming part of “Mother Russia” only a few days ago, begging the question with tens of thousands of Russian troops amassed on the border with a country that is torn between the old and the new, “what is the former KGB’s end game?”.  Many have piped in on this one, including our neocon friends here in this nation, opting for more war and less sanction.  President Obama has few options, and one of them is NOT war.  Eventually “the Putin” will take his medicine and realize that isolation is not pleasant (e.g. North Korea), for the world has long ago let go of Czars and Kings...or have they? Here in this country, David and Charles Koch, of the giant Koch Industries (shamelessly polluting the earth since their daddy gave them their fortunes), look to Vlad as inspiration.  Hell, if they can buy Congress and maybe even a President to hopefully not be named later, why not buy an army and take over the U.S. altogether?  That is really what’s going on with the voting day restrictions, voter ID laws and voter intimidation, not to mention the 24/7 voter psychological warfare, as these ‘titans’ of industry, real heroes, flood the airwaves with millions upon millions (Koch related Ads via fake grass roots outlets like ‘Americans for Prosperity’, or as the kids call it today, “AFP”, spent over $400 million in the 2012 election alone, wait until November and 2016…) of dollars aimed at swaying uneducated voters, mostly white males and their mates, to vote against their own best interests, making sure they work for non-living wages in the very near future, competing for jobs against workers in foreign lands such as Vietnam and dare I say Malaysia (vote NO on the “TPP”).

But the Koch’s are not alone in poisoning OUR waters with their frack, frack, fracking fantasy pitted in an ideological insanity, no sir, they are joined by ExxonMobil and the majority of oil/gas/coal corporations, none so glaringly as of late than Duke Energy whose cozy relationship with North Carolina’s environmental agency is a joke and under the ‘leadership’ of that great state’s governor, Pat McCrory, a republican of course.  It’s just another great example of big corporate puppetry, as the 50 billion dollar company, Duke, drains one more coal ash pond into another river.  This time, it was caught on tape, with a helicopter taking a nice 3×5 glossy of the man pumping that dirty, poisonous waste water into the Cape Fear River, a water source for many just a few miles downstream.  There have been 23 subpoenas targeted to the Governor’s administration, who have turned a blind eye to this outrageous practice by the bloody coal industry, a real cancer, literally, on this nation, an industry that put their former employee of 29 years in charge of letting them destroy one of the most beautiful states in this country, destroying yet another clean water source all in the name of buck.  Shame on our elected leaders who are not going after these bums.  Time will tell the tale when the clean water we enjoy now is not available to our beautiful grand kids and great grand kids.  Shame on them ALL.

Please take this week end to step out and greet the new Spring.  We as a species have a lot of big changes about to happen and if your soul is not in sync with nature, your life is out of balance.  Like the environment we have all allowed big corporations to decimate, perhaps forever, all in the name of that almighty dollar (as they profess to KNOW the WILL of God–HA!), we as a people have become UN balanced.  We are so engrossed in the glowing light of the I pad, I phone and soon the Google glass that we miss out on LIFE itself, REAL LIFE!  The ultimate reality ‘TV’ show.  Just ask the gulls you SEA above, I’m not kidding, just ask them!  Like Jesus said of the Lillie’s in the field, stating emphatically, ‘they do not spin, nor do they toil’, going on to say, if God loves them so, imagine how he, or she, must Love you.  Believe me people, God and Love are one, and it is a small number of men, like the misguided, pray for them, billionaire Koch brothers and many just like them who are spoiling our little world for their little gain.  I say little because you cannot take material gain with you after you pass this earthly plane, no.  It is only the LOVE you make that you take my friend and poisoning your brothers and sisters, and their babies, all for lining your mortal pockets does not measure up to God’s WILL and his greatest gift to human beings–Love.   Have a nice rest of the week end and remember that walk in whatever natural setting you can find, it may just catch on.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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