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October 8, 2009

Water Vapor

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When I look to the sky and allow my spirit to soar with these magnificent creatures created by GOD, I realize that everything is not as it seems…with all of the information that we fill our heads with on the 24 hour cable news cycle that usually has nothing to do with news at all, but who is “America’s Got Talent” or what is the latest on “Transformers 3, the musical”, coming to a theater near you soon…as the cloud you see in the picture above, is really just the simple element H2O suspended in the atmosphere we live in, you start to see things in a different way.  How can we fix something as monumental as health care in the “greatest country on Earth”, which it can be again, if we continue along the path of using our minds like a simple computer, garbage in, garbage out.  How can we solve a real problem, that was so eloquently laid out by my friend, Keith Olberman, of MSNBC’s, “Countdown”, as he told of his father and his ordeal with hospitals, doctors and, as Keith put it, “the insurance cartel”?  He went on to say that these “overlords”, taking 20-30 percent off the top give nothing in the way of HEALTH CARE, but quite the opposite, they add to the problem by inflating the price of what should be a right in this country and, subsequently, increase the financial burden of most American families, as many go bankrupt and lose their homes paying bills that should have been paid by the “insurance” these thieves are in the “business” of.  So strong is the hypnosis the monopoly has prescribed, most citizens of this country are more confused now than they ever were.  How can the average person listening to the debate, keep up with graduates from the Wharton School of Business and the like, who work behind the scenes with cunning strategists of the most powerful lobby in Washington… who GIVE the orders, not take them?  The whole system is BACKWARDS, it’s upside down.  When we get a clear perspective on the “water vapor” and not the illusion of cloud, we notice that we have collectively been duped by an industry that is getting rich on other people’s suffering.  Is that the America we salute?  Do we salute the United States of United Healthcare?  Food for thought.  Have a nice Thursday!  Peace, M

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