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October 8, 2015

Watch out!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sun laden, cool, calm, very comfortable island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a sunny Thursday morning here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s)–the 8th day of October, 2015–another good day for a bike ride on this early October morn’, peddling past Kalmus, beyond the illusions embedded within the many forms of communication man utilizes today, much of it ‘lost in time’, casting most into a walking coma, plodding along, day after day, step by step, on a sometimes cruel and unusual corporate treadmill going nowhere…

Making money for someone else.

The Seas of change are granted via OUR folly; whether it is recognized in ‘time’, yet to be realized.

However, the pop corn is warm, buttered and salted, so pull up a seat and join the fun!  The non-stop coverage of this 2016 U.S. Presidential election has just begun in earnest.  Will Joe Biden run?  Can Hillary get past her emails?  Benghazi (once again)?  Likability?  Trustworthiness?  How about that Bernie Sanders?   Next Tuesday will witness an important Democrat debate, crystallizing most, if not all, the epic, pressing topics at hand.  Man made problems of monumental proportion facing the entire planet NOW in the early stages of this 21st century; the masses mostly in the dark as to what is really going down.

Therefore, it would stand to reason Vermont’s outstanding U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders, will open a few eyes, as the country listens in… Whether or not US Vice President Joe Biden enters the race is still up in the air, but as some state’s deadline to throw one’s name into the hat nears, the great VP better make up said mind soon, knowing he has an edge on the head to head match ups with every Republican in the field.  The loss of his son Bo has weighed heavily on his soul, and one must take him at his word when he states, ‘I don’t know’…

One thing is for sure, Joe has a heart.

The loud, abrasive nature of the GOP’s offering continues to broadcast it’s sad message as if in a bubble, oh, wait, it is in a bubble, blasted out to the world via the echo chamber that has become a competitive 24 hour cable news extravaganza.  Some exceptions apply, SEA any number of quality hour long broadcasts that inform (rather than manipulate), only on MSNBC. It seems old Ben Carson, a Republican nominee to become this nation’s 45th president, yes, Ben Carson, the man who said “Obamacare” was akin to “Nazis”, said, of the recent Oregon community college mass shooting (mass shooting of the week, all based on insane gun laws), and I quote, with only a slight poetic license employed,

“…yeah, if I was one of them students, I would have told them all, hey, he can’t kill all of us!  Let’s tackle him!  And if I was armed, I would have just gone ahead and shot him.  I want to plant a seed in the American people’s mind that this kind of thing will happen again, so we might as well go ahead and arm them Kindergartners right away!  Set ‘em up with a nice 9 mil Glock. Too heavy for a toddler?  How ’bout a nice Saturday Night Special?  To cliche?  I don’t know, why not just go a few miles out of town, like they do in Chicago, and buy one at a gun show?  Yeah, let’s check the many (infinite), gun shows all over the nation, slipping through them “liberal” weak gun law loopholes like a slimy, unethical, corporate lobbyist slips through one of many laws designed to curb the corruption of public officials, wink, wink, nudge, nudge…  I say arm the entire school!  Everybody gets a gun!  That way, when we done shot everybody up, we’ll know who the bad guy is.”

That got a lot of play on “The View”, with many in the audience most likely getting sick to their collective stomachs.  At least Donald Trump does not sound like a crazy person.  Brash, pompous and bombastic yes, but crazy?  Perhaps Jeb is waiting for Trump to slip, but one does not get the feeling he will.  Nor will Ohio Governor John Kasich, who looks the most reasonable out of the bunch.  He would be a good VP nod if it were not so scripted by Carly. Florida Senator Marco Rubio also rising, but considered ‘a lightweight’ by front runner Trump.  In fact, the first Republican 2016 presidential bumper sticker on Cape Cod, as witnessed by your humble reporter, had his name on it.

Yet, tragically, the heavy topics of the day–such as Russia’s bold military move into Syria, bombing what looks like ‘Free Syrian Rebels’, creating high tension in the region (what could go wrong?), or the U.S. major malfunction in Afghanistan, with the military killing 22 at a Doctors’ Without Borders hospital, many calling it a war crime with those doctors demanding an independent investigation, or the growing problem of climate change, as evidenced in the wicked flooding (still going on), in South Carolina, or growing unsustainable GRAND CANYON gap between the haves and the have nots in this WORLD–will not be redressed with any logic or compassion, thus, blocking any reasonable solution. All due to policy powered through the government(s), via shadowy interests living in the dark.  Indeed, why would any of these come up in the conversation?  Scarcity is a friend to PROFIT, so say:

The “Corporatocracy”

The people on stage are just that.  ON STAGE.

Have a great day everybody; remembering it’s your Life.



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