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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 23, 2010

Vinyard Innocence

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Good to be with you, as always, on a very windy, warm and wet day here on Cape.  The Cape and islands embraced a soaking rain the past 24 hours, much needed rain, but that was not enough to keep our President off the links for some much needed R&R on one of the many fine golf courses Martha’s Vineyard has to offer.  I hope, for his sake, he is able to get in a few more holes before his vacation is over in five days…before returning to the Lion’s den of Washington D.C., where it is all too clear now that old cliche, “if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog…”, is becoming truer by the day.  The Sunday morning talk shows, “This Week, with Christiane Amanpour”, and “Meet the Press, with David Gregory”, actually showed me something yesterday, as both moderators of those venerated news magazines, shined in a way I have not seen in quite some time.  They were highlighted by two clowns, clown 1 and clown 2, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) and Senate minority leader and “Dick” Armey (former republican congressman from the great state of Texas), and were only outdone by the fine work of Michigan Governor (D), Jennifer Granholm and Katty Kay, the outstanding broadcast news anchorwoman for the BBC who systematically shot down these two hypocritical idiots of the highest order, with the help of David Gregory who exposed “the mouse” for who and what he IS, a conveyor of misinformation and blatant lies, designed to fool the followers of the p.o.h.n.  I know, “judge not, lest ye be judged,” but in this case, I think I’ll take the chance.  Before his soliloquy on how the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, who some might say, had everything to do with the current downturn in our economy, due to REAL insider trading, and the scrapping of the regulatory system of checks and balances on Wall Street, that rewarded the biggest banks and richest Americans, while leaving the rest of the country high and dry, but did have the courage to tell Mr. David Gregory on “Meet the Press”, August 1, 2010, concerning the Bush Tax cuts of 2001, 2003, (unpaid for, just like the Iraq War that totaled 1.5 Trillion dollars, thus far, and, if kept in place, will cost the American tax payer, according the CBO, congressional budget office, an additional 3.5 Trillion dollars in the next few years), when asked the question, “should these tax cuts remain in place if they are not paid for?”, his answer was a simple, “no”–Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell could not answer David’s straight forward question, “how can you be for balancing the budget, but not pay for these tax cuts for the richest of Americans?”  Tax cuts that do not create jobs and actually will hurt the economy according any credible economist and the CBO.  As he stammered on about, “David these tax cuts are already law,” failing to recognize that the “law”, that was bullied into being, was only temporary, to be reviewed, i.e. NOW, and could not answer the question of why he speaks out of both sides of his mouth, it became clear that we were seeing the end of the a talking point, the death of talking point #401, if you will.  To repeat, he could not answer the simple question of keeping a tax cut in place for the top 2 percent of us, raising the obvious conflict of the p.o.h.n.’s talking point #401, “we must stop spending money we don’t have.”  The man is a walking, talking contradiction in terms–so many terms that one needs a doctorate in political science to keep up.  However, as the interview was winding down, Mitch did make an effort to redeem himself, offering this, and I quote, “I’m sorry David, for my behavior on your show today, with my lame answers and obvious lies, I am currently on medication, preparation H, because I’m an as$hole.”  Fiscal conservatives, in name only, as they continue to pull the wool over, “The American people’s eyes,” whom they claim to represent and speak for…those “American People”, they really speak for, account for only 2 percent of the population, and some of those, I am sure, would not care to be spoken for by a greedy, little mouse of the highest order, a “mousehead” by the name of Mitch McConnell.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people of the Bayou, the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may creative intelligence save your shores! Have a great Monday folks!  Peace~M

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