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March 5, 2015

Unconstitutional Practices

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, heavily snowing at present island of Nantucket! Great to be with you, an almost blizzard like afternoon on the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), as the region is experiencing more of what the English call “snow”, with Boston very likely to break the all time record of 107 inches…

2 “Unconstitutional Practices” are up for national debate once again (one real, the other fake; let’s see which one it is shall we?), as the great outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder gave perhaps the speech of a lifetime, exposing the Ferguson Police Department for who and what they really are, and more to the point, what the community of 67 percent African-Americans have been putting up with over the past decade at least, some would say a lifetime.

Statistics (numbers don’t lie), crunched via the official data taken from police records in Ferguson, Missouri, reveal these numbers, the damning percentages therein:  95% ‘jaywalking (black), 94% ‘failure to comply’ (black), 92% ‘peace disturbance’ charges (black), all culminating in 93% of all arrests, 85% of traffic stops, and 90 percent of tickets; adversely and cruelly (directly), affecting the African-American community as a whole, with this powerful AG going so far as to surmise that the reason behind these outrageous numbers all boils down to revenue. In attaining said ‘revenue’ the police violated Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, be they black, white or polka dot.  The First, Fourth and possibly the Second all under the microscope in this case.

Plus, “let the record show”, prove rather, that the department is fundamentally racist and again, proves it, via the vile emails compiled over the past few months with FPD officers, brass included, comparing the President of the United States to something that does not deserve to be dignified with any more attention, putting our elected leader in unflattering terms that will again, not be uttered here. Same said about the nasty words used against our equally great First Lady.  For to stoop that low and still claim to be ‘an officer of the law’, a ‘man’ with dignity and honor, is a little absurd, don’t you think?

The fact that the U.S. Justice Department could not bring itself to clear that very high bar that must be cleared to bring a Civil Right case to fruition against someone who obviously had “no choice” but to gun down an unarmed teenager in cold blood a few months back, killing him at point black range, leaving his body to rot in the street for four hours, yeah, we are all on board with you fella!  It was a good one that choice not to attempt to reopen that old wound.  Even though the seven to ten real eyewitnesses, did just that, “witness with their OWN eyes”!  You can make up your OWN mind about that one!

The other bombshell item that is offending our U.S. Constitution (at present), once again is apparently something that is helping save millions of lives, the dreaded “Obamacare”, to wit is once again under attack and being called unconstitutional, this time, because of a simple error in wording, these words specifically: “…established by the state’.

You see, when the bill was being written, back in the dark ages of 2009, the Affordable Care Act was supposed to be embraced by individual states to set up ‘their own insurance exchanges’ (places to buy health care on line).  But only a handful did, initially, therefore prompting the “Federal Exchanges” to pick up the slack.  Health care coverage via the ‘big, bad government’ offering subsidies to those who can’t afford coverage at all, costing US all in the long run (hence the concept to begin with!), just like those ’state exchanges’ (all same monies as it were), meant to be front and center .  All 2000 plus pages of the bill point to subsidies for poorer people who can’t afford coverage, hence the lower premiums by insurance carriers who are increasing the size and health of the overall risk pool, a win-win for both carrier and customer alike. One getting the health care coverage it needs, the other doing what insurance companies do-make money!

But here come the Benghazi raiders from hell, fresh off their little war pow-wow with Mr. Netanyahu, the much talked about lately Prime Minister of Israel, who needs a new ’schtick’, ’cause we have all heard this bit about sending boots into Iran, or Iraq, or both; back in 1996 and again in 2002, was it not “Bibi”? 

Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” onto something–does this guy age?

Yes, so the war hawks want more blood and guts and now so do 67% of ‘the American People’ (with less than 1% of those “American people signing up for ‘the army sir!’). And while we are at it, why not mess up the only thing going right in America today!  Why not bring it to the sometimes questionable (wink, wink, nudge, nudge! i.e.,”Citizens United”?), Supreme Court of the United States?  With some bogus ‘citizen’ law suit designed to throw sand in the gears of social progress when it comes to health care in this country; the delivery of it and the way we all consume it.  This ’subtitle E’, part 1, sub part A, Section 36B, ‘established by the state’, tiny, tiny oversight, a glorified typo, can not be the end of this much needed and sensible approach, at least for now, we could do better with “medicare for all”, but for now, reasonable insurance solution, a solution no one has topped with a better one thus far.  Moreover, one that is sustainable over the long haul (medical inflation).  But, to those Republicans whose ‘idea’, “Obamacare”, it really was in the first place (please Google “Heritage Foundation”/”Romney Care”-early ’90’s), the thought of Obama winning this historic win is just too much to take. You and the rest of those filthy liberal swine!  No, they would rather shoot themselves in the foot for 2016 and beyond (look to immigration), then to ever bend to reason, the ‘time’, the law, history and just good common decency!

Have a nice day everybody!


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