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April 30, 2019

“Realm and Conquest”

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Internal CIA Memorandum 666 from William Montague III, to whom it may concern…

Greetings, this just in from Reuters, via another gem riddle answered in the movies of our ‘time’, thus it must

” … MUST stand to the TEST of time.”

Enjoy the message in a bottle, from the film, “Michael Clayton”, circa 2007, starring the greats George Clooney, Sydney Pollack, Tom Wilkerson and Tilda Swinton, among others who made this make SENSE out of Monsanto’s ‘Round Up’weed killer situation indeed….

“…Michael, dear Michael, of course you, who else could be trusted…, this is not an episode, a manic breakdown, no, this is much deeper, a vision, a truism, a fact.  This is not madness, this is real…

Two weeks ago, I ran out of my building on Sixth Street in New York City, with a car waiting.  I get in knowing I have only 38 minutes to arrive at the airport.  With me is an intern, panicked look on her face as she sits beside me, scribbling on a note pad that would someday never amount to the paper it was printed on.  Suddenly she starts screaming, and I realize we are actually standing in the middle of the street, lights changing, giant trucks whizzing by as it to announce the hour of my death.

In that moment, I realize, as I look up at the tower of power I sit in on the 37th floor of this monument to man, yes, at that moment, I realize I am covered with some primordial ooze, a dirty, radiated film that covers my hair, my skin;

my very being.

At first, I thought, yes, I had been reborn, but no, that joke was on me.   I had emerged not from the powerful law firm of Tuckmann Marsh, TM, but from a giant a$$hole;  an soul less organism whose “sole” function is to excrete defilement even bigger necessary for larger more powerful organisms to destroy the The Miracle of humanity…

“Yeah, did you get that memo?’”

Love and kisses,

William Montague III

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