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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 15, 2020

Trojan Horses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cool, breezy, bouncy, beautiful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on The Fifteenth Day of June, 2020, a High Noon Monday here on Ocean Street in lovely Historic Hyannis, where people were actually gathering, albeit ’socially distant’ and ‘duck taped’, eating and drinking outdoors on the sidewalks of Main Street, shopping the many adorable gift shops and enjoying some pristine, low humidity sunshine Hyannis Harbor offered up over the week end, bringing a smile to many a faces of many a small mom and pop shop, whose futures are as foggy and slippery as the rock jetties of Hyannis Port…

At this ‘juncture’ most would not believe, nor subscribe to the information about to be revealed, but alas, it is all true. After painful research of non-corporate globalist news, Sea Cape Cod came across a radio interview with one Deborah Tavares, cofounder of ’stopthecrime.net’, interviewed by ‘americanfreedomradio’, in a piece entitled ‘Covid-19 and the Climate Change Agenda’.  Highly recommended viewing, as it might change the way you ‘think’ about the real agenda of the bloody Elite and their quest for world domination.

We all know the weather is now controlled (via H.A.A.R.P. and other technologies), and has been for some ‘time’ now. This hoax of ‘climate change’ and it’s devious crack head cousin, ’sustainable development goals’, trickled down by UN masters to nations, who create, via bribes, I mean grants, all powerful unelected bureaucracies, again, appointed by said UN and other agencies, to oversee this complete takeover of every aspect of local life and how it is to be lived.

Indeed, we all know there is “something rotten in Denmark”, but did you also know that ‘COVID-19′ dovetails with ‘climate change’ in the Agenda 21/30 march towards complete surveillance and control over the world’s population centers?  All going down while the powers that be presently continue to (electromagnetic frequency), EMF you and yours daily. New 5G deadly radiation unleashed upon an otherwise unsuspecting public, who don’t complain or even ask basic questions because they are so drugged by fluoride in the water they lack the cognitive ability and thus will to do anything about it.

Mass MK Ultra like mind control via an endless, relentless propaganda machine via those corporate owned airwaves, breaking down said masses, placing most in a desperate FEAR of anything and everything regarding this planned demic.  Listening intently to ‘wicked wisdom’ of the for profit corporation called the ‘CDC’, ‘center for dis-ease control‘, Yes, most Americans do what this cabal corporation tells them to do, mistakenly believing it Gospel, looking so ’official’, thus one of our trusted sources, guided by dirty little rats like mad ’scientists’ such as ‘Fast Eddie’ Fauci, who stands to make a killing on this coming vaccine and tacking software…

He’s actually not a doctor in real life, but plays one on TV!

Contact tracing is the ‘new normal’ with Google and Apple working on creating sophisticated contact tracing apps (tracking), that will serve as the gate keeper to what you can and cannot do in the very near future.  ‘Active checker symptom app’ is employed on even ‘Google searches’, such as when one types in ‘I can’t smell so good this morning’, or in an email to a friend or family member, wherein, like a jarring flash bang, someone shows up at your door and orders you to quarantine for two weeks or come with them in little white vans to the nearest FEMA camp.  The possibilities are endless, but so is the power of the population who are, by design, completely in the dark about this evil AGENDA coming down upon them, thereby all that much more apt to go along with “it” until the bitter end…


Ultimately, this ruse will lead to most of the population being vaccinated by something nefarious, programming the people towards, grooming them if you will, to get used to the idea of contact tracking of anything and everything you do in your daily life.  If you don’t have the “app”, or some electronic tattoo proving you have been vaxxed, you will not have the proper ‘papers’ to jump on a plane, go across state lines, enter a mall or even step outside of you home.  This will lead to the next step of dehumanization, depopulation;

a  macabre determination of who will live and who will die.

Transhumanism, or the elimination of the human being as we know him or her today. is the ’sustainable development (another Trojan Horse), goal’, wherein the first ‘commandment’ of the New World Order, via the Georgia Guidestones’, “…maintain population at or below 500 million in perpetual balance with nature”,

will have been met.

Don’t believe anything you SEA on TV folks!

It’s a mad, wacky, crazy, insane, kooky circus that leads one down the fabled primrose path;

psychopathic monsters who take pleasure in this deadly, destructive, diabolical Agenda.(21/30)

Trojan horses are defined originally as a hallowed wooden statue of a horse in which the Greeks concealed themselves in order to enter Troy, now, it would seem and is a person or thing (Elite 1/100 of the ONE PERCENT and ‘COVID-19′ and ‘Climate Change’), intended secretly to undermine or bring about the down fall of an enemy (you and me), or opponent (original U.S. Republic?).

Have a conscious, free thinking and being, powerful, eyes wide open week ahead folks!

Don’t take any more wooden nickels!


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