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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 16, 2016

traditional indoctrination?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the pure blue skied, brilliant sun lit, wicked windy, quite chilly island of Nantucket!  ‘Tis truly good to be with you on this blustery day on a little sand bar that ‘time’ forgot.  It is The Sixteenth Day of May, 2016, Monday ’round this ‘big blue marble’ spinning at incredible speeds, yes, that same one, and of course, the truisms that are kept hidden will also reveal themselves on some happy day to come…

So how was your week end?  Did you connect with the great outdoors?  Or was it mostly ‘time’ chained to an electronic collar?  The same one you are reading this ‘message in a bottle’ presently?

Hypnosis is real and working whether you accept that fact or not.

Propaganda is as well.

So is compartmentalization.

What of some other more sinister plans that will not be uttered here?


However, it would behoove one to drop the whole contempt prior to investigation thing and investigate dag nabbit the LIFE they are actually living.  Only then, when that LIGHT does finally go on, you will SEA with new real eyes; hopefully seeing with your heart, not a programmed, conditioned, fear based, knee jerk reaction mind that was not of your making in the first place.

A mind conditioned for decades now by ‘the men behind the curtain’, brainwashed, whitewashed and now ‘plugged in’ at such a young age; molded by evil tainted seeds, ‘traditional indoctrination’ sown so many moons ago…


Sadly, few will hear, but if anyone out there in this ’series of tubes’ (credit the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens) is actually listening, there is good news!

Who was that guy who had no angle?

Enjoy your life, moreover, be kind to others, especially the least of US;  for this is the only real purpose of living for a brief moment in ‘time’.  In a life that is akin to a flash of lightening traveling quickly down a steep mountain face, this life on a deeply dense plane holding little enlightenment, let alone the LOVE that moves Mountains, don’t make the mistake of not caring.  For that is where the answer lies.


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