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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 11, 2020


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, milder, calm, comfortable, casual island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on another beautiful Friday morning, dock side, here on Ocean Street in historic Hyannis, this Eleventh Day of December, 2020, shore birds fed, check, cats fed, check, Comcast bill paid, check…

Did I forget anything?


There’s a peace beyond all understanding when one simplifies one’s life, for it must be exhausting trying to cover up all the naughty, naughty, naughty deeds Sleepy Joe and his family may have committed with our most dangerous rival,


It turns out, the real powers that be don’t really care who ‘governs’, rather, they care about the supply and manipulation of currency, the bottom line, the MONEY!



Here’s a new item just out, manufactured in said Communist China, for just $6.66! it’s a lovely 2021 picture calendar with all your favorite “COVID-19″ super spreader stars on the cover of each month, just like they used to have in greasy car repair shops, sexy pin up girls laying on top of cars, as an example.  That’s right folks, get ‘em while they’re hot!

Below deck if you will, are said pin ups, complete with a rather long and ominous “hash tag” of prophetically planned EVENTS to come, ushering in a tyrannical, Marxist, communist coup de tat of America in the fateful year of 2021:

“Good Luck, we’re all counting on you.”

(credit: the fine comic gem, “Airplane!”, circa 1980, starring Leslie Nielsen, Peter Graves, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Stephen Stucker and of course the AI, real “hero” of movie, the auto pilot, “Otto”).

“Shana, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into, I say, let ‘em crash!”

Our dearest “Brothers Grimm” fairy tale plagiarizing, Medieval dystopian visionary leader of the nefarious‘WEF’, ‘za Vorld Economic Forum, “Colonel Klink”, I mean ‘zee “honorable” Klaus Schwab, W.H.O. is making life decisions for you and yours as these words are being created on tiny pixels, yes, the man about town in Davos, Switzerland, is dangerously drunk on power, dancing and singing on top of mountain, high  in the Alps, with a wild, crazy, bloodshot look in his EYE;

akin to a Director’s cut scene from “The Sound of Music” with Julie Andrews who just dropped several hits of acid…

“The hills are alive with the sound of music…”

Beethoven’s Fifth perhaps?

So without further adieu, seacapecod.net offers you a look SEA into the future!

Disney’s “Tomorrowland” if you please!

According to the UN, WEF, IMF, The Bilderberg Group, CFR, The Club of Rome, The Knights of the Round Table, Biden/Harris Administration, Zionist banking scum, you know,

“The Usual Suspects”…


New World Order Plan 12/20-12/21

December 2020–set up field hospitals in each county.

January 2021

This month begins with a full lockdown, all jobs stopped, all businesses closed.

(pinup of infamous epidemiologist “Father Fast Eddy” Fauci, sporting that evil grin, wearing a little league outfit, masked up, standing in all alone in center field without any other players in an empty, dark, eerie stadium with fake fan noise being pumped in from speakers high above; the beloved ‘doctor’ styling, “Jaws” stitched with love on back of his beloved “Washington Nationals” baseball jersey, really sweet stuff…).

February 2021

Reform all benefits

(image of ‘doctor’ Deborah Birx in a two top bikini, fold out in the new Sport’s Illustrated swimwear edition.


March 2021

New infection of COVID-21, different strain (much deadlier than the first).

(photo of “Kill” and “Cull”inda Gates riding waves crashing upon the beaches of their privately owned islands, complete with Oculus virtual reality goggles, both wielding long cotton swabs they wave maniacally about, all leading to that FINAL SOLUTION, a diabolical plot to ‘put needles into arms’ of every last “diseased” human being on Earth).

April 2021

Hospitals unable to cope, COVID-19 vaccine now widely available.

(pinup of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton all ‘rolling up their collective’ cabal sleeve to take the placebo and assure/fool/deceive/divide/disinform/manipulate most of the general public into taking this life ending poisonous transhuman leading mRNA, chalk full of fresh fetal cells, nanobots, ADE, and microchips to track and trace you for the rest of your life, which will be short after the second dose!).

May 2021

Government sets up pay structure for workers.

(photos of burned out cities, long food lines and mass protests world wide)

June 2021

Shops running out of supplies commonplace, local protests common, army checkpoints set up in each town.

(image of a stumbling, drunk, depraved, disgusting “Speaker of the House”, Ms. Nazi Pelosi, handing out GMO scraps to starving homeless babies on the streets of San Francisco, overheard cackling, ‘let them eat cake!’)

July 2021

National civil unrest takes off, local governments start pulling out, ‘COVID-21′ vaccine “development”.

(stunning picture of a well tanned, buffed, and quite beloved California Governor (drunk with power), Gavin, “what an a$$hole!”, Newsom lounging pool side at a private, exclusive, luxurious country club in Bel Air; with complete with scantily dressed female models serving him cocaine, martinis and shrimp cocktails, not to mention some other activities… just ask Hunter Biden, he’ll tell ya!).

August 2021

Early plans for new government structure (UN/WEF/NWO), first full vaccination rolled out of COVID-19.

(pin up of Chinese students, like democrat congressman Eric Swalwell’s bang, bang, “Fang, Fang!” Yep, all 350,000 of them, giving America the finger!)

September 2021

All debts cancelled if you get vaccinated against COVID-19 & COVID-21, and follow all subsequent “COVID” protocols forever!; new law cancels/prohibits all property ownership, passes it to government.

(image of ‘Georgia Guidestones’ in a lightening storm)

October 2021

Introduction of COVID passports in digital and card formats, only those vaccinated can work/travel.

(another image of ‘Fast Eddy’, dear ‘Father Fauci’ and his business partner in ‘crimes against humanity’, “Kill” Gates, and this time the little rat is all dressed up in black tie attire, sipping Cristal in crystal champagne glasses, dawning devilish smiles…)

November 2021

COVID-19 & COVID-21 vaccines become mandatory (by law).

December 2021

“COVID passports” change name to “Health Passports” and become accepted as ‘normal’ life.

(final image is of “Kill” and “Cull”inda looking into the camera,
“Kill” sporting his iconic soft, fuzzy, new world order purple sweater, “Cull” lookin’ real butch, both with their patented, pathetic, satanic smirks, holding up some eggnog, adrenochrome, to ‘celebrate’ all of the death they created!)

Please consider purchasing one of these fine, made in China, 2021 “”Rona!” calendars before they run out of stock, like the balls on American males these days!

Check the ‘time’ folks!

It’s ‘time’ to stop ACQUIESCING!


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