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November 6, 2015

To have give all

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, foggy and quite mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this soggy Friday morning, this Sixth Day of November, 2015, and here’s hoping all is well wherever this simple ‘message in a bottle’ my be reaching you and yours…

Perusing the ‘internet news’ on the old ROKU streaming device of late, this reporter stumbled once again upon a wonderful ’segment’ (or ‘clip!’), of a politician from the great state of New Jersey, namely 2016 presidential candidate Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, who may have shown US who he really is, a good guy after-all, and, moreover, possessing the required Leadership skills he may still offer this great land in need of such qualities ‘at this juncture’…

His ‘viral video’ shown on the great “TRMS” (weeknights at nine p.m. “sharp”; eastern, only on MSNBC!), this week, displayed his compassion for those afflicted with the dis-”EASE” of a very real disease plaguing this country, namely, ADDICTION.  And, more to the point, the epidemic of prescription drugs flooding the land.  Plus all of the other opiates, such as heroin, destroying so many young, innocent lives…

Addiction takes many forms.  Most “aware’ of the ‘demonized’ ones, i.e. alcoholism and drug dependency, but there are many others, just ask FOX ‘news’, they’ll tell ya! So when he called for a real drug addiction intervention/solution on a big scale, treating ‘it’ as the disease it really is, one must come to the same conclusion that this man may be what the GOP has been looking for all along.  For there is no doubt it took inner fortitude to make those comments on air at a public campaign stop, perhaps having the right stuff and what so many are striving to find in this 21st Century US political landscape–real leadership and the Courage to do the right thing.

His words, thankfully, were not missed on Sea Cape Cod, and will be duly noted.  Perhaps as well by this current 2016 GOP field and the donors therein…

In a book entitled, “The Other Voice”, one may find some clarity and answers to all of this current noise echoing across the canyons from sea to shining SEA!  A Monetary induced, capitalistically charged and overall self serving US political process filled to the brim with mostly talk past you nonsense WE all must, with great vigilance, endure at least every four years.  Well, at least those who have not been already politically disenfranchised from said process because of their race or social status in this great society… The process was, of course, intended as such.  However, one thing the Founding Father’s did not intend, was for so much of that ’special sauce’ in a democracy created with that little letter ‘d’ coming in the form of a rather odd assertion that “corporations being people too”, e.g. the pure folly of SCOTUS’ 2010 “Citizens United v. FEC”! Your betcha folks!  Corporations having all the benefits of being a real live human beings.

…without the liability of course

“…you have chosen, for now, a world of illusion.  And you have chosen it for the purpose of imagining what it might be like to be apart from God–which you cannot be.  The lessons of the Holy Spirit are the lessons which shall bring you back to the awareness That you are not apart from God, Or apart from anything that it is, And that you cannot be so.  And that awareness shall be your freedom and your joy.”


“Truly that is the opposite of the way the world thinks, And to find the truth of what you are, You must learn to give, And know that it is in giving that you shall truly receive.  Because the only gift you can give is to yourself.”

Good Luck Governor Christie, and thank you echoing the truism…

“But for the GRACE of God, go I”…

Have a great weekend everybody!


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