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May 29, 2020

The voiceless…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, mild, dead calm, sultry, sad, sexy island of Nantucket! Good to be with you and yours on this Twenty-Ninth Day of May, 2020, a misty, murky, memorialized Friday morning down here on Ocean Street, in lovely historic Hyannis, whose ancient prescience offers better times ahead;


South Minneapolis is still on fire as these words are channeled.  Last night, the third MPD precinct was lit up like a Christmas tree, with many businesses torched during what many consider to be a repeat of Lake View Terrace district, LA, circa 1992, when Rodney King was beaten badly by police, and filmed (for the first time), for all the world to SEA!

George Floyd, may he rest in peace, was murdered by four ‘officers’ of the ‘law’ on Monday night, with no pending charges being filed against these scum bags. One, Derek Chauvin, took nine minutes of direct pressure applied via his knee on Floyd’s (handcuffed and cooperative), throat, to effectively steal his life from him in front of everyone.  Lo, an unarmed citizen begging and pleading for the rabid animal to get off him, gasping, “I can’t breathe sir!” Bystanders filming the whole horrible scene, and Floyd, before he passed this earthly plane, called out for his deceased mother,

making this even more heart breaking.

The fact the other three little men with a little power did nothing but taunt Floyd to get up when he clearly could not, make them accomplices to murder one.  There is no grey area here.  The prosecutor dealing with this case in Minneapolis should pass to someone who gives a $hit. He explained the reason these ‘officers’ were not behind bars was due to the ‘fact’ there was ‘other evidence’ that would prove this a lawful and just killing of an unarmed black man in broad daylight in a city few would cite as a place of police brutality.

Just like Nantucket!

A happy place where NPD did a number on this reporter, almost losing his life in the long, painful process, thankfully lucky enough to be able to write a book about it.

“Taking Fog to Nantucket”…

This can happen anywhere to anyone and it is naïve to think otherwise.  For just as Joy Reid stated on “Morning Joe” this morning, “…we feel like we are being hunted, just stop killing us, stop killing us!”, clearly on the verge of tears. 

Reverend Martin Luther King once said of riots,

“…they (riots) are the language of the unheard”.

The voiceless…

This is how most black folks, and many other folks, mostly poor Americans, in this country feel today, yesterday and most likely tomorrow.

When “DJ” Trump “tweets” in the worst taste, “looting starts, shooting starts”, proves this man’s base, inhumane, pathetic character, a sad, sick, shunned excuse for a human being, let alone President of the United States.  He yearns for his fight with ‘Twitter’ who now has flagged his ‘work’ on the social media platform as questionable, inserting ‘fact check’ pop uts, ironically, as many in that same cyber world feel the constant sting of mass censorship, especially the big three, Twitter, Facebook, Google, with Instagram  thrown in for good measure. What’s this First Amendment you speak of dear sir? What Constitution?  What Bill of Rights?  Please…

But I digress.

George Floyd’s grizzly death, flashed world wide, followed by intense reaction to his murder, an unarmed black man, via protests and subsequent fiery riots, serve to echo the anger, desperation, and hopelessness ever present in low income areas (mostly populated by blacks, poor whites, Hispanics and Asians), not only in South Minneapolis, but all around this former Republic.

Slowly turning into a third world nation for 99 percent of it’s citizenry.

Just another black man who dies needlessly at the hands of a troubled cop right?


Combined with the crumbling economy, “COVID”, a horrible president, and a broken justice system, Floyd’s murder will stay with US for quite a while.  Perhaps giving pause to what is really going on in America.


Coming to a movie theater near you soon!

Have a nice day and week end folks!


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