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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 11, 2009

The sun will rise…

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Another beautiful morning on East Bay drive, as the temps are finally melting the glaciers that have caused a few people to slip and fall.  January was a very cold month for the Cape, so at 5:28 am with my coffee in hand from the local shop, I am happy to be sitting in front of my computer for a moment to write this important blog.  Of course, I am kidding, as I probably have my niece and maybe a really nice Aunt out in Long Beach, California or my mom in Simsbury, Connecticut being the only people who read the words that come out of this blog, and what you may ask yourself, is a blog?  Perhaps, in this 2 second attention span society we live in, it is a quiet reflection of what the heck is going on around us, from Long Beach, California to Long Beach, Cape Cod, officially Craigsville, Beach, Massachusetts which is really a village of the town of Barnstable.  I have been keeping my opinions to a low roar, as not to offend, and as a gentleman and a scholar (self-proclaimed) I will do my utmost to use the king’s English and refrain from vulgarities, gossip, sadism and general hate.  There is just too much of that stuff in this world and my mission is to create alternatives for all explore.  John Wayne said, “the new day starts at the moment it is a second past midnight.”  We know, as the corporate media points out to us everyday, what we should be worried about, what to buy for that worry and what to wear for the worry you will certainly face today, oh and what to buy to alleviate all of the pain from the worry.  As I have said before, taking a step back at what and more importantly who told us we need this or that, or should be this or that, are the essential building blocks to change.  As my good friend Hank Henderson, who created my website said, “it is just a matter of managing change.”  A very wise man indeed.  Dig deep and build your house on the bedrock, not the sand.  The specifics mean nothing, it is how you feel in your heart that matters.  It could be as simple as the way you greet the new day, with a new routine.  Instead of complaining about the cold, put on those old beat up sneakers, looking at them as if they were just purchased at Macy’s and go out for a run!  If you can’t run, walk.  The point is, experience the wilderness, even if it is a public park in a big city.  Nature is the great equalator, and by being “IN IT”, without distractions, you cannot help but feel 100% better!  No, this blog will not be a spin off from the John Tesh show, although I think his work outstanding, it is just not my kind of programming.  The point is to really seize, grab, hug, smile, and love the day, pull everything you can out of it, for it will never be here again.  Peace M

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