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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 17, 2018

The sky(net) is falling!

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Memorandum “23″

To: Whom it may concern

From:  William Montague III (country gentleman)

Greetings from the one, the only, William Montague III, ‘tweeting’ this memo to those curious as to what may be going down on this little ‘blue spinning ball’ “Lost in Space” in the very near future; indeed lost for many a millenia now. My deep and dark friends in various ’secret societies’ are busy having another go at this obsession called ‘The New World Order”;

the Devil’s dictate…

On this Tuesday morning ‘down by the docks’, The Seventeenth Day of April, 2018, I wish to warn you and yours of the coming sky net and complete control via 5G technology of the human race, my friends in high places manipulating those masses into reacting emotionally to this ‘outrage’ or that one, such as the child sacrifices done by members of this so called Elite society.  Combine that with the monetary chaos market manipulation will cause, as well as all the drug/weapon/trafficking nonsense, that said masses will embrace the incorruptible, block chain secured, D-Wave driven, Palantir/IOT fed AI overlord as new supreme being/ruler/god…

Cryptocurrency builds the blockchain. The blockchain is the neural network of the global Artificial General Intelligence. In fact, AGI is the one they make all the scary movies about on that fabulous “Netflix” and Helly-Wood at large.  The cryptocurrency is also the best trap possible for people to buy into the system.  That’s the reason for the war on cash.  Once cryptocurrency exists soley in said system, one will have the bleak choice to submit, or ‘join’, the satanic system or attempt to exist completely/utterly outside of it which will be made illegal shortly after the system comes on line.

Regardless of method, we shall find enough people to accept the system that those who don’t won’t be missed.

None of us have ever heard of names of those who give the elites like me their orders! We live in FEAR of those beings, as our families have made bargains (with the Devil!), with these beings for millenia, and we all have complete comprehension of the true nature of The Hidden Hand…

They have been called many things, by many people, for as long as there is recorded history.  “Fallen Angels” if you are Christian or Luciferian. Satan presented himself as a serpent, that could walk and talk upright in the Garden of Eden, hence “Reptilian” is most commonly used to refer to these powerful beings…  Every ancient culture we have records from show some sort of God/s that interacted with them.  Once the population of the planet reached a point that they could no longer control it with direct, individual based FEAR, a new method of domination became necessary.

At this point, they have decided to rewrite all of human history as the first step in separating humanity from their God/Creator/Source/Light, whatever you choose to call it.

If you don’t believe in Creation, I point you to DNA.  It is incomprehensibly more powerful, both as a computer/storage device, then anything we have imagined in our evolution.  Evolution is a natural process of creation adapting to it’s environment in order to thrive, exactly what DNA is Divinely designed to do.

Every human emotion can be traced back to just two base emotions, love and fear. Love is from God, representing the true meaning of life.  Your purpose, as the highest intellect on this planet, as a human being with unlimited potential and ability to either help or harm, is to show LOVE to every other living thing in EXISTENCE!

The molecular structure of water is affected by words written on pieces of paper, spilled ink on dead trees taped to the outside of a bottle.  Beautiful snowflake structures for kind words, amorphous cancer looking structures for mean words.  Words, thoughts, emotions have the power to affect the physical world, and again, we are 70 percent water.

A “5G” nightmare!

The Hidden Hand exists and operates in direct opposition to, and resentment of, God.  It doesn’t matter in the slightest if you believe in God or Lucifer.  They do, they always have, and they ACT upon this belief.

Fear, suffering and despair, is their desire for the creation they despise…

They have turned our existence into a farm for that fear.  Differences between humans, both real and imagined, is their seed. The differences created by them shape their emotions and beliefs so powerfully that it is blindly accepted, in every country with a military, for young people to go kill or be killed based on the discretion of the government.  How many wars do we now KNOW were started by and with false flags or under false pretenses?

All of them!

The final step in the separation is to turn the Earth into an artificial existence where nothing can survive unless it has been modified from it’s original form in order to do so.  Transhumanism baby!  KBR/Halliburton given 385 million to construct prisons?  I mean re-education camps to get that directive ‘on line’? Say goodbye to freedom and independence!  Say hello to your new best friend, an RFID chip, technology that will do your ‘thinking’ for you…

“…what did you dream? it’s alright, we told you what to dream!”

(credit: English 60’s Rock Band “Pink Floyd”)

Just keep in mind this beautiful Spring day on little old Cape Cod, our First U.S. president George Washington once stated, “…if freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Keep up the censorship of Youtube and Facebook, you betcha!

Love and kisses!

“Bronco” Billy

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