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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 31, 2022

“The Rockford Files”

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and misty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that foggy, balmy, dreary, delightful, delicious island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Thursday, a little past Noon, The Thirty-First Day of March 2022, just back from a brisk walk ‘about town’ in ye ‘ole Centerville, past ancient trees with promise of budding spring to come, drifting by old New England White Steeple churches, elegant magical evergreen forests of White Pine and Norwegian Spruce, nestled next to “Our Lady of Victory”, wherein suddenly the bells began to ring all the way home, crescendo Ing with those hallowed bells playing “Ave Maria“, for the whole world to hear, moreover, feel.


I sure as heck fire hope your week is going well, thank you for tuning into this simple ‘message in a bottle’, no longer of rum, dissecting the wheat from the tares as the ‘Best Show on Earth” goes ‘found and round’, and rummy tum tum!

“What part of the circle of trust don’t you understand GREG?”

(Credit: Robert DeNiro in the classic 2000 film, “Meet the Parents”).

Indeed, where the hell is the trust these DAZE? It sure as hell ain’t in the mainstream hog wash media most attain their ‘knowledge’ and “news” from; brought to you buy Pfizer!


100% JESUS baby!

That’s the only ‘way out’, is through, and in this case, through the living God as you walk His talk. It sure ain’t through picking sides of a made-up false flag war (again!), architected by ‘the Elites’ so as to usher in some crazy conspiracy ‘theory’ called “The New World Order”, per “The Great Reset”.

It’s tyranny for everybody folks!

“You ‘vill own nussing and und like it!¬† Seig Heil!”

(Credit: WEF founder and Davos, Switzerland’s “Man about Town”, Herr Klaus Schwab!)

Let’s upload our minds so we can live forever in Matt Zuckerberg’s “Meta” world! And just like the Roach Motel, once you check in, you can’t check out! I think it says that in the Bible somewhere, that men will long for death, but it will not come to them. So, keep on getting them boosters’ baby, black goo graphene¬†oxide surprise! Packed and packaged with the Devil’s lies.

“Welcome to Canada!”

Where supporting another country’s freedom (Ukraine), makes you ‘virtuous’.

Yet supporting your own makes you a racist, misogynistic and a fringe minority, not to mention a domestic terrorist!

@The Bradford file, not be confused with “The Rockford Files”, made this profound observation recently, “The President of the United States has a crack smoking son who was laundering him cash from Ukraine while still VP under Obama, and the FBI knew about it before the (s)election. Now America is sending the same corrupt mafia state of Satan billions. How is this real?”

Russia can at least boast it has not started wars in Syria, Somalia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yugoslavia, Laos, Libya, Cambodia and now it’s own people, why is Russia so aggressive?

Here are the sacred ‘Ten Commandments of War Propaganda”:

1. We don’t want war
2. The opposite party alone is guilty of war
3. The enemy is the face of the devil
4. We defend a noble cause, not our own interests
5. The enemy systematically commits cruelties, our mishaps are involuntary
6.The enemy uses forbidden weapons
7. We suffer small loses, those of the enemy are enormous
8. Intellectuals and artists back our ’cause’
9. Our ’cause’ is sacred
10. All W.H.O. doubt our propaganda are traitors.

~Arthur Ponsonby

Have a super rest of the day folks, joyfully holding the LIGHT and keeping the FAITH!


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