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November 16, 2020

“The real world”…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the pure azure skied, golden sun lit, lightly breeze led, cool, casual, quiet comfortable island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE at ‘cha once again on a stupendous Hyannis Monday morning, The Sixteenth Day of November, 2020, another gorgeous Fall day with plenty of that clean, crisp, salty air to breathe in (mask free), combined with those fair, cloudless blue skies, light winds, begging one to ‘venture outside’ and commune with the natural order;

the real world.

Not some insane ‘New World Order’ ,

interpretation of it.

That’s right folks it show time!

“It’s not your friends, it’s show business!”

(credit: the classic film, “Jerry McGuire”, starring Tom Cruise, circa 1996)

So much for sports agents and ball playing all together, or not, as the story now unfolds..

Whether or not Donald J. Trump is successful in gaining another term is up to how the globalist, Zionist, murderous banksters wish to play it out, and it matters not.

Sure, it might be in the play book that CIA’s “Hammer” super computer combined with ’scorecard’ software, along with Dominion software, (mostly used to steer foreign ‘enemy’ elections in favor of U.S. policies), yes, it may be in the “playbook” (created, perfected by nefarious scum bag lawyer/’diplomat’, Norman Eisen, hatchet man for previous Obama administration, who was knee deep in the Ukraine bribery debacle in 2014 with our old pal Sleepy Joe, a senile ancient relic who will be controlled by ‘men’ like Norm Eisen as to when and how to take a leak, ‘come on man!’), that those fraudulently flipped votes from Trump to Biden in Frankfurt, Germany (home of the Rothschild filth), via “Dominion” and “Scorecard”, and then sent back to the States, ends up overturning this joke of an election, creating that mass hysteria, rioting and mayhem needed to lockdown the whole country and begin, again, their quest to turn this once proud and true Republic into a communist state, CONTROLLED and profited by 12 or so real power players in an evil mass genocidal experiment;

a script written by the Prince of Darkness ‘himself’…

So, keep on watching the shills, the accessories, the whores on Fox News, MSLSD, Communist News Network, and so on, indeed immerse oneself in the hor$e$hit narrative, you maniacs!  Continue to put your head in the proverbial sand and buy into the propaganda of a fake virus to go along with a fake climate crisis, smokescreens to usher in,

“The Great Reset”.

The end of your life as you once knew it.

“Your life will never return to what it once was”

(credit: Klaus “Colonel Klink” Schwab, Chairman World Economic Forum/Davos)

Go fuck yourself!


Continue to submit, acquiesce, comply with your own enslavement and ultimate end. Please, for the love of “the Queen”, be a good subject/slave won’t you and simply ignore the fact you are a victim of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (slaves supporting, defending and loving their masters), that you a are blind, deaf, dumb fool, and that you are willing to forgo your God given, natural law rights as free, sovereign human beings, for what the STATE likes to call,

peace and security.

As “Kill” and his/her, husband/wife “Cull”inda (the malevolent one) Gates, stick a deadly needle in you and yours collective arms…

All while sporting that patented, patronizing, palpable $hit eating grin!


The Hegelian Dialect:

Problem: world wide pandemic (fake)

Reaction: panic, submission, timidity, fear, depression, hopelessness, despair


New World Order

…and all the fixins’!

Seig Heil!

Can you say Agenda 21?

“Can you say FEMA camps?”

“Can you say RFID microchips?”

“Can you say messenger RNA, DNA altering vaccines that kill?”

“Can you say mutation?

“Can you say health passports?

“Can you say medical marshal law tyranny?”

“Can you say COVID-21?

Sure, I knew that you could!”

Thanks Fred Rogers!

Or rather the late, great comedy writer/director/actor Harold Ramis portraying on radio in the early 70’s  that rather odd sweater/loafer wearing possible pedophile… An uncannily familiar story being played out today in this insane year of 2020, indeed, a creepy older man on “TV” that liked kids just a bit too much, yes, its on the tip of my tongue, who does that remind me of?

(please Google, if you please),

“That’s not funny, it’s sick”,

only onNational Lampoon” Radio!

How are things going in your neighborhood America?

“While people are saying peace and safety, destruction will come upon them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

1 Thessalonians 5:3

Like the Wizard, in that classic film, circa 1938, “The Wizard of Oz”, this satanic, globalist, corporate beast media system uses all sorts of loud noises, bells, whistles, smoke, lion tamers, jugglers, clowns, bears, tigers, oh my! and lots more smoke with endless black mirrors, head fakes, fear, terror, repetition, patience, persistence, dominance, and anger to convince Dorothy that he has power, and by her ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and AQUIESCENCE to a non-existent force (power), and her surrendering, willingly, of said power–until her dog “Toto” discovers the “MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN”–she did what she was TOLD to do…

Because she “believed” this entity was more powerful than her own sovereign self.

Bears repeating, she believed, moreover, that he, the Wizard did, indeed, via her own experience with all the distractions, deceptions and divisions, have the power he claimed to have, thus she would and must obey his every command.

“Toto,  have a feeling we’re not in Kansas (America), anymore!”

Have a powerful, pioneering, introspective, natural, loving, pampering week ahead folks, staying positive and warm knowing;

you are not alone!



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