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September 12, 2010

The Other Wave

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket. In the immortal words of late, great comedian, not in the physical form, Dennis Miller, of SNL fame, “hi there folks, what can I tell ya’…” Dennis’s comedic career ended when he became a frequent commentator on FOX NEWS, where it must be difficult to be a comedian, for the only way it’s really funny is if you are looking at it from the proper perspective, i.e. from the sane point of view, although I have to admit, I met one of the nicest couples on the whale watcher, the best whale watch boat you can catch out of Barnstable Harbor every summer and early fall day, at noon, the sunset tour at 4, one of whom worked for FOX in New York and he could not have been nicer, a very wise man, and she was a wonderful person as well, so there, I’m human after all.  Yesterday, of course, was 9/11.  It was chilling to watch the video tape of the haunting images of the two towers falling from the sky line of Manhattan. Many interesting points along the journey back in time, remembering exactly where I was, Denver, Colorado, and watching the whole thing Live, just as it “appeared” I was watching it yesterday. That kind of time travel is only available to you, seemingly, if you pay attention to it. There is no doubt in my mind that dangers exist in this world…and if you listen to any news lately, it would seem that it comes from the sky– Chicken Little Syndrome. I think the fear factor, the real life series, started directly after the attacks on the towers and continued for the next nine years, and if you buy into fear mongering, you too can live the rest of your life in fear. Not a pleasant way to look at it, you know, this miracle called LIFE. I can only say this, if we want, as a nation, to go backwards and relive that misery, that constant “vigilance” of the unknown, as if monsters existed under our collective beds, by all means vote republican in the fall. If you want to visit the prospect of privatizing social security, in other words, giving the bankers, the crooked, dishonest, thieving bankers, the keys to your safety deposit box, raid it, by becoming the middle man, with “egg transfer fees applying”, and gambling, literally gambling with your money, and possibly losing it to another predicted financial crisis in this country, then, again, by all means, vote republican in the fall. If you want to see more oil spills in the Gulf, Alaska, and points not even on the map yet, with unregulated “fracking” going on (hydraulic fracturing of shale rock going on in 37 states to obtain “natural gas”, not regulated, via the 2005 Halliburton Loophole, pouring 596 chemicals into the earth, thus the water, affecting tens of thousands of wells, rivers, inlets, i.e. drinking water, all over the country, causing all sorts of health issues), please vote republican in the fall. If you want to see “second amendment remedies” go into effect, i.e. crazy fools taking their guns and following the phony politicians’ words literally, like they wanted them too, and “taking out” members of Congress like Harry Reid, then, again, vote republican in the fall. If you want to see the repeal of the health care LAW, that has been attempted, and now passed, for 70 years by 5 different Presidents, then vote p.o.h.n./tea party in the fall. If you want to see more exclusion, a reduction in Civil Rights, a reduction in women’s rights, gay rights, and a complete breakdown of our environment, from continued pollution to the very real threat and reality of GLOBAL WARMING…then, please, pretty please with sugar on top, VOTE FOR THE GOP in the fall! I am so excited to hear what the “pundits” have to say this morning on the Sunday talk shows, although the moderators of both ABC and NBC, Christiane Amanpour and David Gregory, are doing a splendid job, bringing some LIGHT to the table, getting at the truth behind so much FOG. It is fun to watch the talking points roll off of the Senators’ tongues, one after the other, it is as if you were stranded on a desert island, like Tom Hanks was in the movie, “Cast Away”, and the antique record player that you just happened to have on your airplane, along with some vintage LP’s and “45’s”, made it to shore with you, intact. The good news is that the record player works, the bad news is that your record selection is limited to one record, a ‘45, that contains the magical words of the late, great Ronald Reagan, who goes on and on about how social security is a communist plot, or something to the like, and as you listen to it, over and over again, searching around for a gun to kill yourself, an epiphany takes you over. You realize that every single talking point uttered by the politicians of the right wing in this nation all speak the same jargon, over and over again, like a montra of some kind. Brainwashing 101, and thus, I implore you, even if you are a republican, to LISTEN to the words, and understand that behind the words is the real message, “we want to take this country over, abolish the rules that don’t apply to the gaining plutocracy, i.e. rule by the wealthy, and tell the rest of the population, you are all on your own. Then, by gaining the power, all of the work done by great men of the past, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the late great Teddy Kennedy, will have gone to waste. The spirit of this great country does not lie in it’s capital wealth, i.e., money, it lies in the people themselves and the words and values of the founders of this country, that ring of true freedom that translates into expression and thought, and the right to live in peace. The words of our fathers spoke of compassion and Love for our fellow man, not the raping and pillaging of our people, our environment and our sovereign spirit. We were destined to all be here, and we better make the most of it while we are here, for if not, we commit the greatest “sin” of all, not reaching our greatest potential. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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