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March 19, 2010

THE Office

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Since the Office of the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, “Teddy”, ironically with the same nickname of the great man by the name of “Teddy” Kennedy, the Last Lion of the Senate, have we seen a President in these same United States hover on the brink of bringing this country closer to an historic form of health care re haul that is somewhat on par with the rest of the progressive, industrialized and civilized nations upon planet earth… The vote will most likely take place this Sunday and we will all be effected one way or another by its historic passage.  The truth will prevail. In other words, the lies that have been promulgated by the P.O.N. or “p.a.w.n” if you like poetic justice, is not in fact, a “government takeover of health care in the United States…”  Quite the contrary.  The pawn party has deliberately lied to the “American people”, whom it claims to love so much, and what one must ask oneself is this, when are lying and love synonymous?  “Point of Parliamentary Procedure”, to the truth, the CBO, (congressional budget office) concluding last night that this plan will save billions of dollars in the first year of implementation alone, shooting up to 1.3 trillion dollars in 10 years– making the lies of the party of pawns even more laughable.  Comic genius. I can’t wait for Alan Funt to jump out of the halls of the Capitol building and startling Mr.,”I’m not a mouse”, McConnell (R-KY), and minority leader of the Senate, that he has been on candid camera the whole time…and that the American people await his complete and utter apology.  However, we live in reality, and so one must compare the truth with the lies that the pawn party would have you believe.  These are the truths of the bill in, perhaps their most important order. Children will be covered, regardless of pre-existing conditions within the first 90 days of the passage of the bill. The benefits will then extend to 30 million Americans suffering at this moment without health care implemented within the next 90 days.  Restrictions on health care CEO’s, who are inextricably tied in with Wall Street, will no longer have the freedom to gauge the “American people”…  And perhaps more to the point, Mr. Stupak  will have to answer to a few (59,000) nuns who have endorsed passing a decent health care bill in the United States of America…who’s side are you really on Mr. Stupak (D-M)?  Further, let us look at one of the more glaring lies told by one pawn, two pawn, three pawn, well, you get the idea…(I think Dr. Seuss endorsed the single payer system, quite frankly)…  When the pawn party speaks of deficits let us look at the facts.  President Ronald Reagan ballooned the federal deficit by a whopping 189 percent in his eight years in office, President George W. Bush increased that number by 1.3 trillion with the 2001 “Bush tax cuts for the wealthy” and then added to it, via the “sleazy reconciliation” (used by the GOP 15 times in the past 10 years), thereby “jamming down the throats” of the “American people”, i.e., the prescription drug “part D”, effectively giving big drug companies free reign to reap enormous profits that went right back into Wall Street, pharmaceutical executives and the insurance cartel–keeping the broken system intact, all in the name of “leaving no child behind.” (namely the true AMERICAN PEOPLE who are as helpless as a child, the children we all are to begin with)!

To quote a scene from one of my favorite  “t.v.” shows called, “The Office”, I wanted you to know just how ludicrous this all really is. I too worked in an ivory tower in several cities across this country, for 17 years, selling this same brand of unethical insurance logic (Marsh Inc., Aon Inc., Johnson and Higgins Inc., and the Prudential… among others– all fortune 100 companies where I was an executive and “encouraged to sell at all costs to bring up the “bottom line”… bringing me to the point of jumping ship in order save my own soul)– I again, thought you might like the dry satire that, by definition, brings truth with a cutting sword.  That is exactly what is being offered by the “Pawn party”, and so without further adieu, I offer you this levity..  courtesy of the cast and genius behind the “The Office”, thanks Ricky Gervais!

Scene: Steve Carell, a.k.a. “Michael Scott” and his side kick, “Dwight Shrewt”, are rummaging through the largest landfill imaginable looking for leads that were given to them by their new “parent company”, “Sabre”.  As they fight amongst themselves as to the plight of their lives, the pathetic actions they are taking in order to find some, perhaps, worthless leads in a garbage dump, and more importantly screaming and throwing trash at one another, even going to the point of trying to kill each other with said garbage, they sit down amongst the refuge and realize a few profound points about their own lives, the state of the Union and most importantly the state of the friendship they have with one another, despite the insistence of greed over good…


Dwight:  “You know it’s amazing, no other animal on this planet could do something like this (referring to the miles of garbage strewn across a beautiful Pennsylvania landscape).  Well, maybe a Beaver could…no, not even a Beaver could do this.”

Michael:  “You know what would be great here, a single flower, sitting alone in the middle of all this garbage.  It sits there representing hope… Hope, in the middle of a dump.”

Then you see the very next scene with two of their co-workers who are helping in the effort to find the missing leads, standing a few minutes later in said dump.  The shy boy looking cold and is handed the girl’s coat, he is with and likes, although has no idea how to show it.  Then, seeing him shivering, she unselfishly says to him, “don’t worry, I’m warm blooded,” and hands him a white coat that she herself was wearing.  He turns to her and says without reservation, “You are the nicest person I have ever met…”  As they look into each others’ eyes and realize nothing else matters, no longer the smell of garbage, no longer the “leads”, and disregarded human unwanted consumption all about them, they embrace and then…..     they kiss.

A flower of Love in a dumpy desert, once devoid of hope.  Michael Scott’s prayers were answered. May your prayers also be answered Mr. Keith Olberman– God Speed to you and your Father, dear Sir!

Have a wonderful week end folks and may God Bless you ALL!  Peace~ M

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