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April 3, 2021

the memo?

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, big white puffy cloud led, bright, brilliantly deep cobalt blue skied, beautiful, breezy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you after wrestling this watery essay back from the Devil himself, quite a struggle;

…as many of you may know.

“GUTFELD!” (new show debuts Monday night at 11 p.m. eastern, only on FOX), was right, it is tough being a ‘free thinker’ these DAZE…


It is The Third Day of April, 2021 and it is a chilly Saturday morning here in Bass River, congratulations to all of my fellow former corporate colleagues still making a ‘buck’ in that dark, cold, callous, seedy, soul less world.  In fact, this reporter’s newest book, “A Corporate Moment” will be appearing, like magical mRNA ‘vaccines’, soon, in digital format of course, for free, why break precedent? on seacapecod.net as soon as the highly paid technical team can get around to turning it from a PDF to a JPEG.

Just like turning a human being into a Luciferian lit, purple neon nanoboted Newt!

“I got better?”

(credit: Michael Palin from the classic 1975 British film, “Monty Python und zee Holy Grail”, starring many other greats, including the late Graham Chapman…)

Risk v. Benefit is all one needs to weigh, or at the very least give somecritical thought to’, soon to be another illegal activity…

Seig Heil!

When in comes down to this horrible, unbelievable, insidious, occult.

A small group of men in high places of power, wealth and distinction, creating a diabolical, ‘global’ CONSPIRACY to cull 90 percent of the world’s population of human beings;

a fait accompli by the year 2030.

That was how one was to interpret all of the readily available white papers, documents, legal briefs, patents, money trails, you know,

the memo?

“CON”VID-19(84), a decades in advance well planned, (“Lockstep” white paper Rockefeller Foundation, circa 2010, or “Event 201″, circa 2019), fake pandemic, complete with MK Ultra 6.66 mind fucking on steroids, an experimental social engineering conditioning of the masses, i.e. social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines, MASKS, isolation therapy baby!

Yes, as this hor$e$hit world wide Xerox copied, like the mRNA spike proteins/viruses being manufactured in many a human body as we ’speak’, scripted play continues to roll out from March of 2020 to NOW, today! with virtually no resistance 14 months ago, beginning with, “…just two weeks to flatten the curve“, or “you don’t want to kill grandma do you?”, more and more have adopted it as ‘that’s just the way it is” and we must ‘trust the experts’;

In Science we trust;


For prophets of dark mold man with clay, like the for profit CDC say!

“Come on Man!”

Like infamous ‘immunologist’ and Holy Saint, Father ‘fast eddy’, Tony Fauci, (Wanted! internationally, along with his business partner Bill Gates, for crimes against humanity),…, whose deeds have been noted for the Akashic Records.

Good Luck.

It was nice knowing you.

“Ore”, as the Big Bad Wolf states, along with Mika Brzezinski, of MSLSD infamy, cohost of that horrible, nasty propaganda “TV” ’show’ called, “Morning Joke”, stating ,

“…that’s our job”!

To roll out the real deal, with zeal, zee final solution, zee ‘vaccine’ a coming to steal! W.H.O.’s only benefit’ v. risk (a .0001 percent chance you might die? of a sniffle? Don’t fear ‘death’ in these media death cults in a death cult culture!), wherein people W.H.O. have already taken zee “JAB”, have been busy removing their skin, keeling over left and right in nursing homes, and no one reporting on this very real murder in broad daylight.

I mean come on man, what about grandma? What about the children they intend to hit next, as thirty and forty year old young men and women, vibrant and healthy, wearing masks with tiny robotic worms inside of them, yeah that’s a FACT too!, getting that JAB then dying left and right;

‘nussing to SEA here folks!

“Hogan!  Hogan!  Hogan!”

(credit: “Colonel Klink” from the 1965-1971 American sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes”)

Isn’t that right, David, “I ‘vant to suck your blood!”, Muir of ABC’s “World” “NEWS” Tonight?

You still have not given back “The Adams Family” wardrobe you stole from Castle Rock Studios in L.A. you dirty little vampire you! Indeed, turn on the famous shill for only thirty seconds and you will get a nauseating peak into what is quickly turning into George Orwell’s book, written in 1949, four years after WWII concluded and all ‘zee Nazi’s were on American soil, “OPERATION PAPERCLIP”, “1984″.

A technocratic tyranny with no bounds, for it will be inside of you, just like a Microsoft operating system, “…it’s on the inside!”, credit: “Kill” Gates and Co., yes, this mRNA high tech Frankenstein gene ‘therapy’ gone wild’, this experimental biological procedure, will be forced upon ALL, hence the RUSH for “Health Passports” so that you may ‘regain’ your God GIVEN rights, freedoms, sovereign selves, and once again live like you did only 14 months ago…,

“Hello, McFly”, is this fucking thing on?

Your mind?

Indeed, as this horrible “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, circa 1978, takes over via these satanic led ‘vaccines’ for a virus that was never isolated, well, what can you say?

Game Over.

So please, take off your masks, hug your friends and family and be in Mother Nature.  Breath in the salty air, for it is that connection, our individual breath of clean oxygenated AIR we breathe in directly, that connects US ALL to the very real DIVINE within and without, above and below, for the Holy Spirit, wherein ALL the answers lie, resides within


And that is what they want to crush.

Your eternal connection to God, the Divine Infinite, Creation itself.

Life. Love. Frogs…

The greatest teachers that have ever lived were those who showed you what you already knew, for the answers will come, if your own house is in order.

This is what Jesus brought to the table.

For at the ‘end of the day’,

you can’t take anything physical with you after you go, except one thing,


The love you make is the love you take.

It’s a poor man W.H.O. can’t give a blessing.

Have a nice day everybody!


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