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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 26, 2009

The Long and Winding Road

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That leads to your door…I’m not sure if Paul McCartney wrote that or George Harrison, either way it is a great song.  The long and winding road of East Bay here leads you to Dowses Beach and in a few weeks, the Buffleheads and Brandt Point Geese will head North and be replaced by the Osprey and Piping Plovers–the boys and girls of summer if you will.  The Osprey are excellent fishermen, as their keen eyesight and powerful wings allow them to hover thousands of feet in the air, spy a fish below and grab it with it’s incredibly strong talons.  The males arrive first and begin building the nest, usually in the same spot it was the year before, and much like their human counterparts, need to do some spring cleaning of the nest after a long and windy winter.  So, they spend their days looking for that perfect stick that fits into the whole “round stick” concept of a nest.  So, if it has been a long and winding road this winter, take heart for Spring arrived a couple of days before my birthday and it will only be a few weeks before we are swimming in the balmy waters of the gulf stream.  Peace M

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