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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 29, 2020

The Loch Ness Monster!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, cloudy, misting, marvelous, magical, magnificent, soon to be raining cats and dogs island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on a gloomy Thursday morning, The Twenty-Ninth Day of October, 2020, broadcasting LIVE as always at our “global’ headquarters here on famous Ocean Street in the heart of Cape Cod’s hub, hilarious Hyannis, ‘wear’ it in now mandatory to dawn a mask on Main Street! All fitting quite nicely with all the other zombies walking about waiting with baited breath the next holy utterances from our favorite infectious diseases high priest, “Dr.” Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci.Oh, Father Fast Eddy Fauci, won’t cha save US dear lad?”


Yes, give it up for our dear savior in ’science’, good ‘ole Father Fast Eddy Fauci, W.H.O., along with his partner in infectious diseases criminality, scarfed Scarlett “Dr.” Deborah, “…are we really on TV?”, Birx have done yeoman’s work whipping up ever more dread, fear, phobias, paranoia, mandates, terror, restrictions, neurosis, hopelessness, isolation, and worst of all;

cancelling Thanksgiving and Christmas…

With all due respect doctors, and I think I speak for US ALL;

go fuck yourselves;


This scamdemic (“CON”-VID-19(84), the brilliantly evil and quite nefarious unprecedented smokescreen has provided mass psychological conditioning and a rather large and comfortable cushion for the Elites to work with, for most of the world’s roughly 7.7 billion souls have NO idea what is about to happen next.

“Operation Dark Winter” is that very idea…

Please SEA table top exercise, circa 2019, dubbed “Event 201″, foreshadowing our current ‘pandemic’, dovetailing with yet another table top exercise in 2001 that provided key world leaders a chance to iron out any wrinkles in the depopulation coup de tat of humanity, yes, the former will create such CHOAS and mass death, food shortages, civil unrest, power outages, the masses will be begging for a SOLUTION to all of these seemingly random ‘Acts of God’…

351 pages of reading, and comprehending, is all one needs to in order to truly KNOW what the CABAL, the CULT, the .0000001% have up their collective sleeve.

Agenda 21 is a global, detailed, demented, warped, wicked PLAN for ULTIMATE CONTROL over everything and everyone for the 21st Century.

An Agenda that does not have you or yours BEST INTERESTS in mind.

2020 was the kick off, with most of the transhumanistic, eugenicist, genocidal crimes against humanity wrapping up and put in place by 2030.

2050 at the latest…

Now, with this looming ‘Dark Winter’, mass censorship has ironically kept most in the dark of what fate has in store for them;

be it a PLANNED bioweapon attack, combined with an EMP, attacks on the power grids, food and water shortages, riots, looting, burning of cities, 5G kill zones, the Loch ness Monster, who knows?

All future death certificates rubber stamped with a “COVID-19″ as the ‘heroic’ health care workers continue to dance in otherwise empty hospitals corridors world wide…

Want more proof of never ending attacks on our collective subconscious, via predictive programming of this fake virus?  Look no further than the opening ceremonies at the 2012 London Olympics, where an empty stadium looked down onto the field with what seemed like hundreds of nurses pushing children around on hospital beds with wheels, the giant spiked circle of spinning gurneys looking like that fake, never isolated “COVID” virus we SEA plastered on “TV” 24/7. All while creepy cages are being wheeled about with people in them, blaring crazy music and wild pandemonium, creepy monsters crawling about looking again, like what this ’scary’ fake pandemic would look like to a a child, yes, all culminating with a giant puppet figure in the center of this swirling dervish madness,

holding a giant syringe with a ten foot needle in his wicked hand as that insane ceremony,


That was in 2012 folks;

this mass extinction EVENT has been planned for a very, very long time…

No one gave this performance a second thought, just like no one will give a second thought when it comes to taking a vaccine that will alter/destroy what it is to be HUMAN.

One thing is for sure, 99 percent of humanity is already in said dark winter, mentality, AQUIESCING to the ORDERS and COMMANDS of these so called ‘powers that be’ (presently), who only have said elusive power because of people’s silence, their complicity, their sloth, their complete and utter compliance, their refusal to question authority or the ‘official narrative’, indeed their sad, pathetic, unconditional surrender to a murderous, malevolent mad plot;

dictated from,

‘On High’…

If sleepy, creepy, pedo Joe, “the big guy”, Biden, and his insane token running mate from hell, Kamala, “ugly and unlikeable”, Harris, win in five days, or whenever the unrest dies down long enough to render a victor;


as we once knew it,

…will be no more.

Sooner than you may think, UN blue hats will become the norm for restoring “Law and Order”, a new law and new order to go along with a new normal New World Order, with lockdowns going into effect until further notice. A real, draconian militarized police state enforcing Marshal Law globally, forcing citizens to be tested with bogus PCR tests proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they are useless in detecting any infectious diseases, per it’s creator in the 80’s, and forcing it’s own citizens to be vaccinated or hauled off to a FEMA camp, a detention center that will act as not only a quarantine, but also as a death camp…

Here’s a question for ya, why did the U.S. government order 30,000 guillotines from China less than a decade ago, and millions of blades from Mexico during the same ‘time’ period?

Because they want to KILL U.S.!

This is just one example of thousands of how the Elite plan to depopulate the U.S. and most of the world.  By the year 2025, four years from NOW, America will have less than 100 million souls still breathing in the heavy metal, the chem-trailed toxic air.  This happy news, not seen on ‘ABC’s “World” “News” Tonight, forecasted by the U.S. company Deagel.

Deagel.com forecasts other nations populations shrinking by 80 percent or more in this same four year period.

The UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, this Satanic ‘Green New Deal’, was inspired by weather warfare, this man made “Climate Change”, the ultimate smokescreen designed to get people off the land, stack ‘em and pack ‘em into mega cities where they can control them, surveil them and slowly cook them with lethal 5G microwave radiation, like a frog in a pot of warm water on a stove that is turned up only slightly;

“Senor froggy” never the wiser…

Until it’s too late!

Enjoy every MOMENT folks!

Live like today is your last day on Earth!

Be kind, gentle, patient, generous and compassionate to your fellow Man. Be ONE with the great wilderness; whenever you CAN! Commune with the animal, plant and mineral Kingdoms, for even though they, like you, are being attacked by lunatics’ hell bent on death, power and control;

they cannot take away that LOVE we hold in our hearts for all that is good, decent, pure and righteous in our lives now and beyond this mortal plane of existence.


that the love you make is the love you take…

Our souls are eternal.

Not for sale.

God Bless you ALL!


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