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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 1, 2022

The Line

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(Please click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, sultry, sexy, seductive island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on The First Day of August 2022, a quiet Monday morning here in lovely Centerville, where the bunnies hop, and the Osprey remain on top!


Such is the world today, upside down and out of focus, or perfectly clear, depending on one’s affiliation with the grand illusion being peddled as truth.

For it does not take a sleuth to real eyes what, W.H.O. and why these monsters are doing what they are doing to Man, like a flash in a pan.

Ever documenting what these so-called Elites ruling the world presently are up to collectively and individually, rock solid evidence for future reference in the Nuremberg 2.0 trials to come. Moreover, why they have been so successful, thus far, in pulling the proverbial wool over the common man’s eyes, culminating in the psychosis of a satanic death cult, complete with mass suicides…

Think Jim Jones and Kool-Aid on wicked steroids, coming in the form of a deadly mRNA Frankenstein injection, culling the herd by 90 percent at last recollection…

Take a break folks!

UN-plug for a week or two, immersing oneself in natural reality, OUR birthright, condemning the ‘things of man’ such as the latest, ‘The Line’, wherein one would live in a ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ prison where all are tagged and tarried by waves of electronic frequencies designed to strip the sovereign self and replace it with the ‘natural selection’, a damaged, brainwashed, ‘vaccine’ injured pawn, slave, peasant, with no future, save his/her digital I.D. and a virtual ‘reality’, imprisoning them for all of eternity…,

with no objection?

These simple words of fate, destiny, prophesy will most likely fall on deaf ears and melt away like tear drops in the rain.

For if you are not angry at what the likes of Bill Gates, Herr Klaus Schwab and Co., via the WEF, WHO, UN and all the other interconnected secret societies, have done to humanity already, i.e. killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes/operating systems, and what they plan to do, e.g., mass famines, more bioweapons, ‘climate’ lockdowns, then you are already a goner.

Embrace cannibalism world ‘leaders’ decry, like a doomed member of ‘The Donner’.

It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled, Mark Twain once said, to wit, bring on the bread, bugs and circuses, for this ‘ride’ is just getting warmed up!

Have a super week ahead folks, keep joyfully holding the light, because ‘at the end of the day’, or age, there will be a RECKONING! ~


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