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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 23, 2009

The Lightkeeper

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I thought I might give the men and women who are filming the movie “The Light keepers” down at Dowses Beach a sunrise that is perhaps “overexposed” on my blog, but what the heck, anything for Hollywood right?  Am I right?  I had an opportunity to view the set and actually introduce myself to some of the lighting guys and such, and because I am not a column gossip and that is not the function of this “blog”, I will not say who I bumped into and yet am honored to meet, as his work has inspired a lot of the passion in me about many of issues facing this world and the people who are living IN IT.  Not just one loud mouth who is putting this country in danger because of his FEAR mongering, and again I will not name any names, but we all know of whom I speak.  Putting it in perspective, say Dowses Beach for example. there is an area of roughly 9 billion grains of sand.  Lets say each of those rocks of sand is a person.  Take one of the pieces out and separate it from the rest.  How powerful is that single sand?  So, have a great day at Dowses crew, cast, villagers, residents, fisherman, and all of the wildlife, and to all Happy Memorial Day to all!  Have a blessed day.   Peace M

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